8 Replies to “Kay Hagan's Abortion Record is Too Extreme for NC”

  1. I support whatever a woman feels is right for her life and her body. Stupid politicians like Gardner and Gohmert have driven me to vote Democratic.

    At a congressional hearing on 20-week abortion bans, Louie Gohmert, R TX, told Christy Zink, a woman who testified that she had to fly across the country to a blue state to abort an anencephalic fetus at 22 weeks, that she should have been forced to bear the brain dead fetus to term. Lunkheads like Gohmert, who pretend to play doctor, are rife in the Republican party.

    You want me to start listing all the misogynistic legislation coming out of red-held states? I always like to start with the "Women As Livestock" bill sponsored by Terry England, R GA, to force women with a stillborn fetus to go to term with it because by dang, and I quote: "The cows and pigs on the farm do".

    There is a lot of hysteria over late-term abortions amongst the dumb clucks. The Democrats have my vote.

  2. Key words in this ad at 0:16 — "The doctors just come in and say, 'You have a CHOICE' " — and this couple made the choice to try to have the baby.  And it worked.  Great!  I'm glad Mom and daughter are doing well.  But it was this couple's CHOICE!  Not the government's, not the GOP's, not womenspeakout.PAC, not Kay Hagan's, not Thom Tillis's, not yours, not mine.  It's up to the woman carrying the fetus — and that's where Kay Hagan believes it should stay.  VOTE FOR KAY AND PRESERVE A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE!

  3. For those supporting removing contraception for women, it is used in a plethora of health care issues, one of them being ovarian cysts.  Anyone with a brain knows this.  Gynocologists use hormone based therapies for a number of illnesses, so by removing insurance coverage only increases our lapsing number around the world concerning health care for all.  And no, I do not support late term abortions.

  4. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! On Kay Hagan! You Are An Embarrassment To Anyone Who Loves And Values Life For God's Creation.  Shame!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for that courageous video. The pro-abortion lobby is incredibly powerful and supported by the vast liberal establishment.

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