Keto Guide – Menstruation during ketosis.

hello must will fact that the family and welcome back to the keto kitchens keto guide today we're gonna be talking about how ketosis can affect menstruation or more commonly called periods this is a subject I don't have much personal experience in instead I've done a lot of research as usual and I've spoken to people in the community that have experience with it for sort of their personal anecdotes on top firstly it's important to note that menstruation isn't just a week or so of bleeding periods bring symptoms like cramps bloating bowel issues acne weight fluctuations joint pain headaches fatigue irritability as well as other known emotional changes these symptoms are believed to be because of the sudden change in the hormones more specifically how each Trojan changes throughout a person's menstrual cycle so at the end of a period the hormone estrogen will slowly start to rise and peak about two weeks after the Easter Jim will then drop like a sack of spuds only to then rise again just before your period starts now we gotta give women a lot of credit where it's due their hormones are on a rollercoaster ride constantly just to regulate their menstrual cycle and you know people like me over here basically write in my will when I get a cold now I know any women or person that has a menstrual cycle likely has a very strong understanding of everything I've just said but I think it's important to reiterate because this isn't so much how ketosis affects your period it's about what ketones and fat does to your hormones those hormones affect your menstrual cycle a period is a very delicate thing anyway it's so easy for irregularities to happen so if you're heavily stressed the hormone quarters can be high and that can literally change the length the flow and the timing of your period and they can go one or two ways depending on the person your flow could be heavier it could be lighter it could be a longer period or alternatively your body could perceive the abundance of cortisol as an emergency and put your body into a state where it doesn't want you to get pregnant therefore stopping periods because it thinks there's an emergency and cortisol can really affect your sort of mental well-being as well and the emotional changes then there's medications such as contraceptives blood thinners anti-inflammatory drugs chemotherapy thyroid medication and hormone replacement therapy that can all have a huge effect on your period in your hormones then there's being very underweight there's excessive exercise as eating disorders the thyroid gland disorders there's having an excess of androgen endometriosis fibroids and diabetes that can all change your hormones and thus how your period functions so a lot of the time when you go and see a doctor they will suggest a change in lifestyle so exercise more sleep better take up meditation so that you have less stress and most importantly specifically for this video a change in your eating lifestyle it is already known that sugar can wreak havoc on a lot of things from your hormones through to menstruation so eating high sugar foods including carbohydrates constantly leads you to these insulin spikes that insulin spike is quite literally disturbing ovulation and what it does is it actually prevents hormones from triggering ovulation meaning that progesterone is not created and this is one of the huge things that causes a hormonal imbalance a glucose and an instant spike will disrupt ovulation preventing your hormones from triggering ovulation and therefore preventing progesterone from being created because there's no ovulation and usually because there's no progesterone this leads to a Eastridge n' dominance low levels of progesterone means that not only could your period go on for a lot longer than anticipated it means you can gain weight more easily you could have a higher chance of breast or ovary cancer your libido might just plummet through the floor you may have more water retention and swelling due to the aldosterone receptors not being blocked and most importantly without progesterone you are losing a hormone that binds to gaba receptors and helps decrease the symptoms of many mental health issues another important note is how high-carb affects your body as I've spoken about before if you're constantly eating high sugar or high carbohydrate foods your body cannot hold it all in the liver because there's too much so it will convert sugar into fatty acids to then be transported and stored in your fat cells as fat if you want a better explanation on that I've linked down below my what is ketosis video where I explain all of that and how it works in much more depth now the reason this is important is because fat cells can hold on to and secrete estrogen especially when there's an Eastern dominance because of a hormone imbalance so a more high sugar you eat the more fat cells you have the more each Jun there is held in those fat cells and the more those fat cells will potentially make Eastridge in' meaning again you're causing more of a hormonal imbalance more estrogen dominance then on top of that if you suffer with polycystic ovarian syndrome also known as PCOS PCOS is usually caused by insulin resistance and sugar polycystic ovarian syndrome just adds to the already mass list of things that can make this hormonal time worse so by eating a diet that consists of insulin spikes a high carb low fat diet you're promoting even more negative side effects of something that has so many negative side effects already naturally and this is where ketosis comes in I'm gonna talk about what to expect and things you should be aware of if you're doing ketosis as somebody who has periods so firstly let's talk the positives if you're struggling get a period for whatever reason ketosis might help start it up again but this depends on what causes the lack of said period you should be more mentally stable during periods on ketosis less mood swings the horrible side effects such as cramp fatigue and joint pain should be lowered in severity and in some cases may disappear completely your fertility will increase which I guess you could see as a positive and a negative depending on whether you want children or not your polycystic ovarian syndrome if you have it should lower in severity and after a while of ketosis once your body's used to it you should have a perfectly normal and balanced menstruation cycle if you picked up on that you just noticed that I said after a while of doing ketosis and this is where it's important to look at how ketosis will affect periods in the long run but more importantly short term and this is important because a lot of people will discredit ketosis not just because of like periods but they will discredit the entirety of ketosis because of the negative effects that happen in the first couple of weeks even though they become exponentially positive after that period excuse the pun when you start ketogenic diet all of your hormones kind of just go on this crazy ride because you're so used to one metabolic state which is glucose burning you're changing to a different metabolic state fat burning it's gonna take work and that work requires hormones to get everything functioning properly so yeah you're gonna go on a wild ride of negative symptoms for one to two weeks though you may hear people say that it was a low carb diet that disrupted their period in the first place the evidence from this is mainly anecdotal I've only seen one very very small study on it so the reasons keto initially throws your hormones all over the place in terms of Easter Jim the most important and the biggest one is if you are using keto to lose weight as I said earlier your fat cells secrete ecision if they're secreting east-asian it means they must hold each sturgeon and as I said they can actually make ichigen if needs be if you are losing fat cells really rapidly on a ketogenic diet as it tends to be you are dumping each June into your bloodstream so this will cause a hormone imbalance for a brief amount of time because you got excessive estrogen swimming around and a lot of those in quito say that their periods came early lasted longer jumped a month the flow is heavier lighter it really really does vary from person to person but the one thing that isn't unusual is having this disruption this imbalance in your period when you start ketosis it's absolutely perfectly normal to have these imbalances when you start keto the most important thing is to stick with it let your body do its thing keto does effect your cycle negatively does disrupt it but it's only short-term and your body will begin to regulate your hormones and get things to a good state potentially better than they were prior to ketosis so when you come out the other end your cycle should be better than it's ever been many people in the community say that they got a good regular cycle better than they've ever had about two to three months after starting ketosis along with other positives such as less mood swings less pain better fertility now talking about fertility many people take birth control some people do take birth control to stop periods there is a chance you might stop leading again again perfectly normal will sort itself out after a small amount of time and in reality if it doesn't go back to normal there's very likely another stressor at play here there isn't ketosis so such as too much exercise you're not eating enough you're very stressed you've got hyperthyroidism or you've got a pre-existing hormonal imbalance it's not fair to blame keto for these causes that are nothing to do with ketosis they just happen to Cowen's to coexist beside ketosis in some people I would personally suggest if this is the case and your period is still very irregular that you stand ketosis but you go and see your doctor and have tests done that will help you find out why you're having irregular cycles now let's talk about things that you should be aware of ketosis will not suddenly turn your periods into super passe of happy things like the Tampax adverts there is absolutely a chance you will still gain weight on ketosis when you're on your period weight gain is very very common during this time as far as scientists are aware of there's no actual known cause as to why this is the best thing you can do is expect it don't step on the scales hide them if it's too tempting stay in Nice baggy comfy clothes and just watch what you eat a little bit more until your period passes and it's probably not best not to look in the mirror because you will probably still bloat a little bit bloating again is a common change of just it's just a hormonal side effect during this time you may still experience cravings it's very usual to have cravings of something incredibly salty or incredibly sweet during your period salty snacks are not really a problem for us in keto you've got bacon bone broth pork rinds you know even salt weed nuts are better than many other salted choices out there it's the sweet food that can be the problem especially if you're experiencing negative side effects you might not really be in the mood to search the interfere internet for a recipe and then actually make the recipe likely might just not fancy it like just want something sweep a knife to put the effort in if you know your period is coming and I know that's not as simple as that especially with the irregularities at the beginning of keto but if you know your period is coming I highly suggest you bake something prior and save it for that time otherwise there's relatively low carb ice creams out there things like peanut butter there's dark chocolate as even you know berries that you can have that a super super sweet it is possible to have quick sweet snacks during this time talking about cravings another important thing is hunger you will likely be more hungry during this time again this is normal and it's not necessarily a bad thing providing you make healthier choices in terms of your macronutrients they shouldn't have a detrimental effect to your weight even if you're eating just a little bit more however with that being said there are two things you should take into consideration with all this potential bloating and weight number one is you shouldn't experiment too much when you start something new obviously as you know if you're in Quito you tend to have a lot of digestion problems alongside the other issue because your body has to get used to what it's doing that's new so if you're planning to say give up dairy go vegetarian fast for a few days you want to reconsider doing that if you're about to start your period or you're on your period especially whilst it's not stable in the early days of keto you shouldn't be experimenting in the early days of keto anyway just be careful because this could add to the already grueling stomach problems you might have during your period and number two if you are having a lot of bowel or stomach issues during this time which is again very normal you should think about what you're eating in times in terms of time it takes to digest the food so for example cooked vegetables take about 40 minutes to go from the mouth through to the intestines whereas cooked pork takes about five hours to do the same process some people are more prone to bad stomach issues when they're menstruating protein takes longer to digest especially red meat it's just something to think about if you have a lot of stomach issues during your period and let's not forget about blood sugars this one is only kind of really important to note if you are doing ketosis because you're diabetic having higher or lower results of blood sugars during your period is not unusual once again the reason for this is just massive ups and downs in your hormones if you've noticed a surge or a drop in your Bloods this is a normal thing and it should subside once your hormones go back to normal levels you should however just be a little bit more wary at this time and check your Bloods more often and do the appropriate thing depending on your blood levels and really interesting last little know is that a lot of what I've just says can actually happen when you're pre menopausal or you are entering menopause but that's a video for another day one last thing before I summarize before I forget are a lot of people in this community and a few specialists talking about vitamin K in the fact that you should consume more of it during your period a lot of people swear by eating a few cups of raw spinach a day when they're on their period and the reason for this is spinach has got great vitamin K levels in it vitamin K actually helps clot blood which will make your periods lighter so with all of that being said keto is not a cure-all kind of thing you may still get heavier or lighter periods here and there you might miss periods and in terms of Shark Week keto is there to help normalize it and cramps and other side effects are very very normal keto might just help subside that pain a little bit also keep in mind that your diet might not be to blame at all miss periods can be a sign of a larger health issue genetic abnormalities hormonal imbalances polycystic ovarian syndrome if you lose your cycle ketogenic or not go and talk to your doctor as always I'm not a registered dietician doctor practitioner anything professional I'm just a young man who's been doing this for quite a few years responsibly I have a love for science in Quito and if that deters you I'm more than happy to direct you to actual doctors that will tell you the exact same thing I do that's all for this video likes video if you find it interesting insight for the helpful subscribe if you're inclined if you get the bad it will tell you and I upload any questions any comments any queries anything down below Keep Calm keto on thanks for watching

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen or heard a man casually talk about periods and very well done, might I add.

  2. I think you did a GREAT JOB in this video! Male/Female..doesn't matter who is talking..the information is true and helpful. Thank you! For a woman who has struggled with hormonal issues all of my life, including PCOS, I will say that a Keto diet has GREATLY helped me. I finally got my period back, which is HUGE when I would only get a period once or twice a year. You are right, periods SUCK!! They are painful and you feel like a bloated pig. But it is worth it because you know your body is doing what it is suppose to be doing. Thanks for mentioning the stress factor because I have found that when I experience more stress, it takes longer for my period to come.

  3. The first time I did keto, I got pregnant within two months after not getting pregnant for almost 5 years (no birth control). This time around (while breastfeeding) I didnt start keto until my baby was 3 months old. Until I started keto there was no period whatsoever. Once I start keto while breastfeeding, a week or so in, my period started and has continued off and on for three weeks. I've lost 20 lbs, my joints feels SO MUCH better, my sciatic nerve pain has subsided, and my daughter is doing very well. I say all that to say, I'm okay with letting it find its way to normal especially after not having a period for a year lol

    As far as I've read, many people seem to go through the same thing (the long period in the beginning) but it eventually regulates so I'm waiting it out until my regular doctor's appointment.

    As far as the mood swings, it hasn't been terrible but I've noticed some. The sweet cravings I handle with a Lilys chocolate bar here and there and keep it within my macros or heavy whipping cream ice cream with a three or four cut up strawberries and a handful of Lilys chocolate chips. I don't keep too many ready-made sweet things on hand because I have a history of bingeing.

  4. I have my period right now! And, I'm also in ketosis 🙂 Mentalstration… we are so complex. Thanks for the video. My periods have been more regular since I started keto, and a bit less cramps.

  5. I have to honestly say the extraordinary number of edits in this video makes me feel like you were unsure, and that was probably a good instinct. I'm unsure about this one too. I cringed quite a bit.

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