if mom says that she doesn't like ben & jerry's ice creams she why businesses is so big thank you and even that's down well that is nothing gay face facts we have the sports what about this ready for this coming rise up girl musket face bad welcome back to the channel today we have got a really fun challenge for the teenager beer versus their here's Siena so guys as you probably know I am currently pregnant I don't know how many weeks singer but I am feeling incredibly preggers I've got loads of cravings going on there's a sickness I'm all over the place I'm a nightmare when I girls yeah I came up a good idea or go to favor for me bringing it back bringing it back we interest grocery shop and challenge and it's going to be the pregnancy cravings Edition okay and their surprise at the end which I will reveal to the girls later on so what are you gonna do is you have to choose 10 items each ten what you think I will ruin what I'm really craving at the moment I have a light said I've mentioned a few times I'm craving but not every single thing keeps changing it changes which makes it even harder this challenge or just excuses and it's not pregnancy cravings at all it's just like yeah this will get to be more junk food anyway when we get back home you've got to show me what you've got and then I'm going to give you a score of 10 so if I got it and want to throw up you get a zero and if I just start eating it straight away and like just completely forget you're filming me and going my own little white eating mode then you get 10 out of 10 and then if you ever gets the most points they win at their special prize are you up this can you be okay telling you go let's go what are you thinking instant can I know what you I'm like cuz she normally always like every time we have a salad and dinner she always gets like spicy sauce and stuff so I know she likes my sister and then she said she likes cars okay another thing six spikes and carbs you're saying in there okay lead the way I am actually already thought of loads and loads and loads of things that I think mum will like summer from her last pregnancy so don't know she'll still be craving them but I feel like at the same time she probably will but we're just gonna say I definitely know that mum is craving is spicy food and in her last pregnancy she really loved pickled gherkins so I found this which is a combination of the bow so it's jalapenos and they're also pickled so I feel like should probably pretty light [Applause] I can see that stan has got the same idea as me I'm saying going over that to get some spicy sauce I quickly get my sauce get one of these so I just saw that yen I've got this and I know that month does like this since we do have it our home and mum does need there but I like I'm gonna get something even spicier because this is spicy enough for me to handle I already get something that is too spicy for me and then I'll definitely know it's light enough for month this is gonna take me forever look how many pots cook this is probably your heavy bottle is enough I can't say anything just about which one needs a bird hopefully she'll be like them I do any kind of fancy little things but she throws noodles and white bread and spicy sauce does look quite nice whenever I have cravings I pretty want that button so I feel like it's probably the same for pregnant women so I think I'm gonna get this almond butter which is my favorite and I know mum does like it raw at least where she wasn't pregnant she like oh my goodness is so big a dual point living well okay I think I know that mom Norway happens I think I probably shouldn't he helped me but I think that these are going to be scored individually so you do have to think what her cravings are like would she crave plain rice but you need to always consider that each thing will be scored individually actually in the oh I just bought it right I really wanna get some chocolate cereal because I feel like that it's kind of like carbs and then also chocolate at the same time so chocolate shreddies these are good okay so what we got here Cornetto regard a Cornetto you got ice cream pasta yeah fastest in Thailand hang on I think pestis Italian really basically uh I'm cheating now but you can't actually get chili baked beans now I'm helping you out sheep don't tell anyone this bank on here cuz the microphones on the camera are broken I think the most important thing is just that mum doesn't hear anyway because otherwise she might deduct your points thank you for helping with that we've got extra hot chuckle ah yeah and baked beans in hot curry sauce I reckon she's gonna like nd you yeah yeah okay so I know in her last pregnancy mum absolutely loved pot noodles and I feel like she is enjoying cars at the moment I feel like like no choice we and our with Chinese chow mein so I she's gonna like the sweet and sour so I'm gonna get this I just I realized she always liked lies calm is cooking and then she just likes sometimes I see her nibbling on them in her baby back so she might like cookies yeah that's true she was actually eating one of those for breakfast this morning when she said it settled her sick feeling yeah yeah like some of those rusks how many things have you got so far though so only three neck then yes you need to think carefully on the way to the left and we spotted this cereal aisle and I think she likes cereal we're gonna get some vegetarians these really good spinach pesto I thought this is a little bit risky because I feel like she does make sausages I don't know she like pesto but I'm just gonna go for I feel like she must do I can't really understand why she would be poor you know the woman mom's new favorite hobby is baking they only get had spelt flour some coconut sugar because I feel like this is just so obvious because she has been honestly making so many cakes at the moment I like pancakes and everything I need to survive fine who asks unfortunately but I hope these will be good tea the rails I hope so I mean they are apple flavored maybe she likes okay final one then what do you think I'm gonna get the final one I can remember last night when we had one of the nights when we had a burger one said M I really love the pickles in it so maybe she is still likes pickles like enough there are magnets here is karma okay so your last thing you want to get pickles yeah okay let's go okay so I've got two more things to get so I need to think we're making us some pastor because that is hard but I have seen mum eating pasta noodles frequently it would be weird she doesn't like ben and jerry's ice creams she like I'm definitely gonna get some rice with coconut jerry garcia caramel almond brittle Wow PB&J cookies I think I'm fit for this long because I don't think we've had this one yet and I have noticed that she has been eating a bit of coconut and this looks like it's got chocolate and biscuits and stuff in it so I mean this is just like a combination of loads of amazing things I am a little bit nervous about the some of them I know for definite we're going to be a ton out back maybe I like chili pickles maybe I should go a bit more on this pregnancy where she likes smelly maybe I should do chili that I don't know okay no I don't know if you like I'm just gonna go for this tonight for the best okay yeah so tendon right let's go and pay and then we'll go home and see what your scores are hey my you with the child minder where did you have a nice time here you just pull in all the washing down guess what guess what Carly hey guess what your sisters both did a challenge yeah where they got loads of pregnancy craving foods we're now gonna see who got the most points you ready you ready are you playing peek-a-boo yeah let's do the challenge if it's fast we have at the school shop here Mia and CNF now we need to decide who's gonna go first [Applause] right so show me I turn around by the way you're going to show the right to number one and then leaves gonna show me how to number one okay that's how we're gonna do it so why don't you do this Hot Chilli pickups now I am really craving pickles and chilli so you did really well at this dinner I'm not sure we've got to eat the whole drop by myself so right okay I do really crave these but it's not me most exciting thing ever so I'm going to give these these might be like super Samet over some cheese it's the fishing you really think about that carefully didn't you well yeah thank you yeah I don't never work what do you think of my Chili's I like you if you make we've got me some of the Mexican ones why they talk to supplies give you seven eight the easier I'm sorry you both did well there but I'll know how to pick a job sorry to pick Swiss chocolate I live in a when I'm not pregnant I always pray cereal I don't really eat this for breakfast so if there's like a super treat especially when it's got chocolate in it I think you did really well but thinking that I'm gonna want some cereal now the only thing of this they are chocolate but it's the Weetabix it just doesn't get a little bit boring and they're like large chunks if you've got me they're mini Weetabix I'd have probably given you a nine so going by that I'm going to give you an eight which is still really really good to see enough I I'm really happy with these they potentially could be a little bit um bland even with chocolate ice why we make a PR I have an idea okay so they're given a high bar because I'm really pleased you got me some cereal I think that you girls might not remember how much they love cereal how about you Dan since you've given her cereal Kaiko shreddies right okay I'm going to give me an 8 for these as well now I'm really prefer to these amazing lot shorter than the Weetabix there are more bite-sized chunks however they don't have chocolate chips in fizzbin so that's why she's not going to get higher in the Sienna because yours are actually just chocolate no chocolate chips so you both get me cool on that I reckon you're both gonna get eight so thank you so much girls and I can't wait to have all of these hopefully me hasn't got this one as well Fiesta Mickey Pete on Drogheda need your advice XCOM Bow Wow so basically got me some spicy noodles instant spicy noodle yeah wow this is really really good and never try these ones either because it's a Filipino ground where I'm really excited for these it hasn't got lemongrass in there as well okay isn't really good fantasy I'm gonna give you you got this really safe flavor in there okay so I'm gonna give them scabbard so good to give them a service okay but thank you so much I'm really looking forward having those got me a pot noodle and I can't tell anything but when I saw her getting this I was really expired so she's gotta be some instant noodles but she got me sweet and sour flavor and I've gotta say it this way – sounds really really good so I'm gonna give to have one action a higher point than that okay so I gave this step and I'm gonna give me an 8 for those weird roaring okay wish me luck Wow spicy pitching-wise beans and a sweet corn Wow I'm gonna give you Siena a 9 okay you don't have a microwave a 9 out 10 that well done that looks amazing yes uncle burns as well if I can be at peace you know this one without the baby you worked all right working well I mean nothing can be better Jerry's ice cream Oh burn injuries and afraid that we love the non-dairy range guys is all vegan and we haven't actually tried the coconut seven-layer Bauer have we in America I can't remember but they've been coconut loads of stuff in there biscuit now you just you know put the video on pause and eat that sorry but I'm gonna have to give me a whole top by screen this Oh Thank You Mia thank you it can go with what jumper six German tortilla soup the vegetable flower Weiss I can put my rice in a tortilla yeah okay right for that then I think I should give you what its own or super sorry but she's headed with that so I'm going to give you a seven for that then so I just I just thought that means it's already knows my reasoning okay when you've got meat so it's a little bit like okay right so what Mia got me was this cuz she thought that I'm into cake mode and I don't like making cakes yeah so she got some spells dry which is really good and that is true I happen to make a cake making the foam or for the sugar I sit a spell another for I do have making that but when you practically got crazy things they need to be instant almost yeah by the cake mix I just wouldn't be put it in with some ready-made Grammys I know you're gonna love this one yes Tabasco brand pepper sauce now I love this guys I'm not putting on where my meeting at the moment no knife but my favorite one is such a big one so you didn't get that one okay so so no now when we got this like the lady at the tills she was like thought about we've got like a grenade she thought it was hilarious easy on an okay and pepper this is still quite vinegar salt of garlic it sounds really good probably the same Aquinas's occur and the Tabasco is a grenade guys this societal community of higher-ups like the talking point of the dinner pie okay don't pack this in your suitcase when you go oh yeah contents moved in holidays okay anyway what I'm doing here right so I stand up for that is at least like not the Chipotle one is a bit little bit tiny unoriginal but if you like a new one they haven't ever tried I'm gonna give you yeah okay then I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you two more points in Santa for that one okay this guy is really cool that makes for love their lives before when you're pregnant have a lot white this coop shucks shucks and look at extra hot Wow what's there in a cancers like gonna be ready made I guess vegetables onions cabbage chillies green peppers tomato vegetable oil spices I don't know what this is but it looks amazing I've never had don't know like what country poverty this comes from Tiger brand I don't know what this is I really expect to try and it's really really good for the originality and get me to something new which I've never tried before I'm gonna have to give you a in the mind that even though the design of sausages I've been crazy hot so today that's really what a hot dog I know within honestly with like mashed potatoes I love my carbs these are really good but these are my favorite sausages that wasn't your fault if they don't have them in there you know which ones that I hadn't filled right yeah but the technically once a good but spinach pesto I'm not sure he made beads and hot curry sauce I've been praying to baby so much you're gonna get time for that man Thank You Man oh I'm so glad you came ya know I'm really happy with this way I love you my whole brain hostas but they help deeply but I'm pregnant I like go on the site where I like want everything to be wide I don't know why I just crave like Mitchell right not too healthy feed on a pregnant so this is that he's felt like it just makes it a bit healthier so well done near for that on it so makes me feel a bit out about eating won't pasta so thank you kiss I love cooking pasta and then happened it with a bit of black pepper on and a bit I'm getting so into this right now thank you so much for that manner I'm going to give you a yeah did you just hit that sooner she said she prefers the unhealthy ones or she's pregnant macaroni style Wow got to cheese the great in top of this I'm gonna give you to stay because me to give me a healthy one which stops you gets the growing baby you know old white stuff so I'm going to give you the same as me and that's gonna be a second you got one yeah okay come on guys cover boys hey time know separately I love anticipation but almonds it to see your bit to you like hold someone notice this ghost beverage I saw butter this distance it's good yeah I like it I like it survive I'm gonna give you 6 for that like what interesting like mine but thanks great team it tastes like they are boys but they're for baby who's just like what a common things is when this was not pregnant unnie yeah the US if you point it does so I've got a pretty sickness when I need you so pretty dry everyone will point them here because this was quite bland the boy to technically that is but that does set my smoker this so I'm gonna give you a second chance okay right we've done at night guys thank you so much for this girls but now is going work out who has won and then you can find out what your prize will be bit me okay wait you ready for this cover your eyes up girl okay Samia got the grand total of 67 out of a hundred okay I see I know I thought it worked it really won it's really really close and you got some things I'm really similar together probably some new exciting things I've never seen before but I've never seen you both like the drawback so for taking part Nia you get to have my jar pickles CNN for your party get to choose where you want a pit selection to have I need to be fair of course I wouldn't let me near join in and you can have some of these little treats as well if you like practice see traffic traffic I feel like we should do another privacy craving video again so that we are like what we did last time it's all gonna have some new classic Ravens and their plus because we're due back right it's notably foods that I have to try to assess can be the end of the video click Subscribe if you're new follow along for the journey cassavetes got loads more pregnancy stuff coming up including finding out exactly how pregnant George is who you don't know yet no idea guys can't wait to find out though but until then go watch this video here this video there I will see in the next hour

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