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– Ughhhh – Can you help me eat this? – No you. – Ohmmmm. – Uh huh. (laughing) – (laughing) You're a pig. – [Film Director] Oh god. (upbeat guitar music) – Hi!
– Hi! – My name is Mia – My name is Isla, I'm Mia's mommy. – My name Milana. – And she is just about
to become a big sister. – [Film Director] Wait, Milana… You're gonna be a big brother? – Big sista! – [Film Director] (gasps) – Today we're going to try the foods that mommy loves to eat because
there's a baby in her tummy. They're called pregnancy cravings. – But I get to eat too. – You get to try it! You get to try all the food
that your sister loves. – You ready to chow Mia? – Uh huh. (mumbling) – Open. (squealing) (laughing) – This was one of my go-to
when I was pregnant with you. I needed kale and Cherios but you were a hungry little sea monkey so you were like (growling) "Give me Cherios and kale!" – Back when mommy was pregnant with you, you told me that I need
to have vanilla ice cream with pickles and bacon. You're a weirdo!. – [Film Director] (laughing) – This is super toasted Cheez-Its with ricotta cheese and cucumbers. Mmmm. What do you think about that? – I don't like the cheese. I only like the cucumbers
and the crackers. – You only like the
cucumbers and the crackers? – Mmhmm. – I think the cheese is a must. – You got it, you got it champ! (laughing) – I don't like the bacon. – Awe! You don't like the bacon?! Fine mommy's gonna eat it. (bacon crunching) Mmmmmm. – Mmmhmmm! Perfect! My compliments to the kale chef. – Oh I do like kale and lemon! – Hmm! Never knew that!
– You've told me. – [Milana's Mommy] Do
you know what this is? – [Milana] Like I can eat Ramen. – You love ramen. When I was pregnant with you, I had to eat this everyday
for like three months. (slurping) (laughing) – I used to eat this all the time and that's why I gained 85 pounds. (slurping) – [Film Director] How many pounds?! – 85. Like I thought she was going
to be this massive baby, she came out seven pounds and one ounces and they were like hmmmm. (laughing) – How does it get in there? When mommy eats it how
does the baby get it? – From the, the chord. – The chord. – Catch it through the belly button. – [Film Director] There's
something else on the table. – What is it? – Chicken. – What sound does the chicken make Mia? Go like this remember? And then you go… (chicken clucking) – Bach. – [Film Director] (laughing) – Bach. (laughing) You know how you really like chicken skin? Back when mommy was pregnant with you, mommy used to peel the chicken skin off and it like this. Look! Look! Look at it! look at it just come off the bone! – There's some stuff you can't
have when you're pregnant. I probably shouldn't tell
you because you be like, "Then I'm not getting pregnant!" You're not allowed to have
sushi when you're pregnant. – [Film Director] Although
I will say, mothers in Japan eat sushi all through their pregnancy. – That's true. – You never know maybe
I'll get pregnant in Japan. – [Film Director] (laughing) – Oh goodness. (laughing) – [Film Director] Milana
which one do you love more: noodles or your mom? – Noodles. – Awe man! – That was your food Meem. That's what you wanted me to eat. I was just a puppet in your games. Did you have fun? – Ah huh. – You did? Do you wanna do this again? – Ah huh.
– Ah huh. – Thank you for watching!
– Thank you for watching! – What did you eat when you were pregnant? I'm wondering.

49 Replies to “Kids Try Their Mom's Pregnancy Cravings: Part 2 | Kids Try | HiHo Kids”

  1. I’m not pregnant. But when I’m on my period. I crave Coke Zero, ice cream, dark chocolate and anything spicy.

  2. My mom hardly ate when she was pregnant with me because she could never keep anything down. When she did eat, she ate strawberry frosted mini wheats 😂

  3. Just sayin, the ad before this was a statefarm ad and the lady was annoying the man and as I'm about to skip the ad, he says "can you skip this please?" 😂😂 he read my mind

  4. Is ilah (I'm.not sure on.the spelling) Kia's Mommy, the same chick from, Speed dating: Truth or drink, where she had to take shots and decide between…I think it was like 4 or 5 dudes.

  5. I love how that one mom is weird next thing you know the kid will be saying, “Mom! Don’t embarrass me.”

  6. So cute.. I never had strange or weird cravings when I was pregnant with both my sons. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. My tia had the weirdest pregnancy craving. She told me that she would crave dirt and that she went to the mountains and just ate a bunch of dirt.😐😂

  8. Popeyes chicken is one of my favorites , also pizza with pineapples from papa Johns or pizza from my favorite spot and ketchup sometimes . Starchy foods is all I craved both pregnancy’s and both are girls , currently 7 months pregnant

  9. Everyone scares people with “YOU CAN’T EAT SUSHI WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT” witch is kinda true but at least tell the that you can’t eat raw stuff. my mom ate sushi when she was pregnant with me so idk

  10. I thought the vanilla ice-cream was mayo with pickles and bacon at first. I would've been utterly disgusted.

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