22 Replies to “Kitoko-Aje' 1 month Photo Shoot| Cravings| Postpartum Panties”

  1. Koko is so adorable and yummy. You have such a beautiful family. Glad you are trying to take it easy and going at your pace. Happy 1 month Koko!

  2. Hello T. Girl, Koko is the bomb dit com, ok. I just love her little outfits. You need to have some of her pics enlarged and find pretty frames for them. I really enjoyed watching your video. You guys did a great job so keep up the good work……..love and blessings

  3. Tiara you look great. I can't believe the baby is one month old already. You have a beautiful family ❀❀❀

  4. Why koko flipping the the bird in the thumbnail 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣the pics came out great πŸ‘

  5. Your lil thick self look at you go T bay Koko gave you some thighs hunty Love your bravery! I've seen those undies in Tierra j beauty Blog and I considered getting a pair now you have them so now I'm really considering it. Thanks for sharing hey everybody living their best life lol.

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