Knocked Up (9/10) Movie CLIP – People Like Pregnant (2007) HD

You’re pregnant,
have been for a while. From my count, you’re right
around eight months. And l don’t know why you felt
you couldn’t tell us. l’m really sorry. This is Hollywood.
We don’t like liars. l iust…
l wasn’t expecting this and… l didn’t know how to handle it,
and l didn’t want to lose my job. l’m really sorry.
It’s unfortunate. lt’s unfortunate
you didn’t tell us because you would’ve found out
that we thought it’s great. Really?
Yeah. So we did some research. And turns out,
people like pregnant. Oh, my God! The bigger you are,
the bigger your numbers. (GASPS) l was surprised
’cause l feel the opposite. We’re gonna do a whole maternity
month on E! Mommy. You’re gonna interview
all the pregnant celebs. Really?
Yes. Scary! You’re pregnant, they’re pregnant,
you can talk about being pregnant. lt iust grosses me out when
l know that people are pregnant. ‘Cause l think about the birth.
Everything’s so wet. And everything that goes into it.
None of the gross stuff. But you know, hopes, dreams,
whatever, it’s gonna be great. Oh, my God.
This is such good news. Thank you so much.
Yeah, you’re welcome. And then,
after the baby is out… JILL: Tight.
…tighten it back up. And please don’t
lie to us again.
Okay. ‘Cause maybe someday
we could be friends. Okay. l won’t. l’m sorry. l just don’t like secrets.

68 Replies to “Knocked Up (9/10) Movie CLIP – People Like Pregnant (2007) HD”

  1. Alan Tudyk and Kristen Wiig should be in another movie together. They're both hilarious! I love how subtly bitchy she is!…. "Tighten!"

  2. I'm sorry, but could Katherine Heigl and Kristen Wiig have just swapped parts for this movie? Heigl has zero talent whatsoever, and at least Wiig can be funny, when she doesn't drag her jokes out for several minutes at a time (take notes, freakin' Bridesmaids!). And yea, I just noticed a minute ago that Wash from Firefly was in this! Nice to see him here!

  3. you're right but she is the one who i wanted the most when i first saw this when it came out. her character prolly wasnt meant to be funny either but man i wanted to tap that azz sooo bad back then

  4. thats what im saying. shes not funny to me at all. i mean hardly. but she was indeed great in the other movie. and maybe if she were the co-star instead of heigl then yeah i can see her being funny.

  5. Kristen Wiig and Alan Tudyk's characters represent exactly what a lot of these rich, uppity, self-absorbed pricks in Hollywood are like today. Unfortunately this scene is a pretty darn accurate depiction of the true nature of Hollywood. If you are an aspiring actor/actress who'd rather not be in this kind of world then I suggest resigning yourself to low budget B-grade films, independent films, or performing on stage.

  6. Lol I think this was wiigs frist role in a movie. I remember her douchebag character but I didn't realize it was her at the time

  7. That's because when you're pregnant everybody starts to act stupidly that's so amazing you realize which persons worth and which ones are shit.

  8. Omg that was Kristen Wiig had no clue at the time she would go on to be in that horrible Ghostbusters cash grab! Also why was she in The Martian and Mother?

  9. Kristen is a precious precious swt gift from the swt bby Jesus for Christmas delivered by a stork in a perfectly folded knapsack

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