Koi Spawning Demonstration 3: Artificial Fertilization of Eggs [CC]

Yesterday 9 pm we gave to females resolving injection. So expected time of ovulation about 8 am. So we came here and we see that on the bottom already there are eggs. So some females already ready. But there is may be variability. The time of eggs ovulation may be different in different
females. So now we put individual females in hapas
and check them. And females which are ready to strip eggs
we put in anesthetic. In order to check females no need to remove fish from out of the water. It’s enough to turn female and to press
on abdomen. If female is ready eggs will flow out from
genital pore. This female is ready to be stripped. You see, eggs flowing. So now I put it in anesthetic. We selected here several females which are ready to be stripped. Now we’ll strip eggs from several koi females. Ghost female. Excess of water. Now it is very important to wipe out all water, rag, female. OK. So when female is ready you can see that eggs they flow freely. I press abdomen little bit. That’s it. So you see how injection works. We injected yesterday resolving dosage 9 pm, today 8, they are ready. Sometimes not only in this part but in front
part also. You see. Now it’s done. Ok, now you can put vertical a little bit. This way and kind of massage and after that to try maybe from the front part. You see. That’s it. Now we have sign of blood. It means that’s it. You can see here, large female, you see empty, nothing, instead of big belly. We already collected eggs from all females. Now we will collect sperm from males. The same as females we put fish in anesthetic and now they are ready to be stripped. Usually last portion of sperm is also with small amount of blood. It means that already finish for this male. OK. Good. Now we perform artificial fertilization of eggs. So, you see here eggs, 250 grams. Now I add sperm. Actually in this case sperm little diluted so I put maybe more than needed. From this male, was special cross, this male has very diluted sperm. Now I mix eggs and sperm. And as I said in lecture currently “nothing
happens”. I mean because eggs are not activated without water and sperm is not activated without water. This is simply mechanical mixing. So now we add water. From the beginning it is better to use water and only after that milk solution to prevent clumping, to prevent adhesiveness. Now I will start, and we actually activate eggs and sperm. After 2 minutes I will add, little more water, after 2 minutes I will start adding milk. A little earlier, this is 1.5 – 2 minutes. Because I saw that eggs start clumping. So this is the main procedure. Actually milk is now commonly used for common carp. Before we used tannic acid and other stuff but milk works pretty good. So now, as I explained in lecture, in this moment activation of eggs and sperm, so spermatozoa penetrate to the eggs, in eggs cortical reaction and formation of perivitelline space. We don’t see this but we know it happens now. So actually before putting to McDonald jars around 45 minutes – 1 hour. It needs to prevent eggs clumping. So, I will now let somebody do it, you add milk and I will make another cross. So after adding water it needs simply time to stir eggs in milk solution to prevent adhesiveness and formation of clumps. And you can see here that after about half hour after insemination, you can see that already no clumps and you can see here separate eggs. In other twenty –thirty minutes we put eggs in McDonald jars. Now about one hour after insemination eggs are ready to be put in McDonald jars for further incubation. OK, Russel, now. Pour water please. Here we have sometimes bubbles go because
we heat water in closed conditions. Sometimes water contains bubbles of air and when bubbles
attach to eggs, eggs actually start swim out from McDonald jars. Therefore we put heavy on the ring to prevent. Now you can see already that eggs are not adhesive. You can see separate eggs.

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  1. How do you know the males are ready for stripping? What is the ratio of the eggs to semen?
    Please what other way can you achieve incubation aside from using a McDonald's jar? Thank you for the video…

  2. This is a good and educative piece. But what happens if we dont have Mcdonalds jar ? what should be the next alternative and procedure?

  3. Are you using distilled water? To add to sperm to Dilute? You said wipe out all water, then you said you added some to dilute solute before fertilizing. Also, does temperature, ppm, or phone matter at any of these stages?

  4. Thanks for your video. It’s a good instruction, I will do it this week. First time! Спасибо вам.

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