Korean Teen Pregnancy: How We Told Our Parents

안녕하세요 제 이름은 나미입니다! Hi everyone it’s Nami and today I have my husband Michael here, again today, so that we can sit down
and kind of talk about how we told our parents
that we were pregnant. So basically it’s gonna be the same format as how we told you guys
how Galahd was born. He will just kinda tell the story and I’ll just pop in here and there whenever I have something to add. So just to set context before
we delve into the details on how we told our parents, I was 17 and Michael is
five years older than me so at the time he was 22 and we were going to the same university and we had been dating
for about three years, a little over three years, maybe like two weeks past
our three year anniversary. So Michael will just take it away. – So, how did we tell our
parents that Nami was pregnant? And that my girlfriend was pregnant? Well, it was probably about a month or month and a half after finding out and full confirming that
yes, she was pregnant. We had to form a strategy. We had to be responsible and take responsibility of our choices and we had to not only share what would inevitably
everybody would find out but we would have to
do it in a way that is upfront, personal, private, both be vulnerable on both sides because you know, this is heavy news that you’ll
be giving to your parents. Depending on your culture as well, in the Korean culture it’s frowned upon to have children outside of marriage. I would say, I’m not sure
how it’s changing now but definitely it’s not
something that is normal. – Mmm. – There’s a lot of
prejudice and judgement– – Mhmm. – For the families and
the parents of those whose children have had
children outside of marriage. – Mhmm. – And so definitely
sharing this kind of news would not be upbringing
and lifting them up but it would be very heavy on their hearts and on their head and on their face as in shame within the community.
– In the culture, yeah. – And so, the way we strategized it was about a month and a half, it was first Nami telling
her mom in private and I guess to sum it up quickly, Nami shared, Nami’s mom just listened and she was very quiet, she was sad because she knew the difficulty of
– the difficulties – Of the labor process
– having a child. – The bearing process
and the sudden change of life course, lifestyle that she would be going through, the hardship
– mhmm. – And at such a young age. – I did graduate high school a year early so I was 17 and I just entered university. It was like my third month in or so. She was already feeling
attachment issues with me because I just empty-nested and suddenly hearing that I
was planning to keep the baby and planning to get married, I guess she was just in a state of shock and just not talking. – And then Nami’s mom
eventually told her father and what we did was, I vaguely remember that
we had to organize, it wasn’t a dinner but, it was a night time meet, we went over together
to Nami’s parents’ house and we had to talk it through. We sat on the table and it was– – I don’t remember this. – It was very few words left
our mouths across the table. – I don’t remember. – But we all sort of just
took on the reality of it and I had to show that I
am taking responsibility, putting my feet down firm and being there and supporting
Nami through this process because in the end, that’s
the best thing I can do. By this time, kinda my time
of accepting the reality of it and so I had to show
confidence and also humility and I don’t remember the words that, I don’t recall the words but basically the most important point is we had to organize a meeting with both her parents on her side and we spoke and talked it through. What was very difficult for
me was telling my parents that I got my girlfriend pregnant. My parents live about an hour a half north so it was more difficult, I told my mom first, it
was about two months in and we organized it and my
older sister was there too, because I spoke with my older sister, she was one of the first ones I told. And that was so difficult
personally for me because for me, I felt like I, in a way I felt like I was, like I failed a lot, I felt like I always
brought my parents down, I felt like I was always a burden and a shame to my parents partly because of, dropping
out of high school, what else did I do? – Gaming all the time (laughs). – Oh yeah, video game addiction. To bring this up is kinda like putting a cherry on top, putting a rotten cherry on top of– – (Laughs) – Something that’s already putrid. – Oh my gosh. – So we met at someone else’s house. So basically I said in Korean, but I can say in English for you guys, I said mom, Nami got pregnant pretty much. (Laughs) And then, for respect for my mom, I’m not going to go into
detail how it unfolded but basically of course, she felt within the Korean culture, in the context of the Korean culture, she felt… – Probably lots of things at once, yeah. – Probably like a truck hit her. – Like super overwhelmed. – She was overwhelmed and she had a mixture of
sadness, of anger, of grief and also sorrow that, you know, she took it really on herself, that you know what, I’m sorry
because I raised you this way. I remember she said that– – I’m gonna cry. – And for me, looking back at it, it was such a big thing then but now looking back at it, I’m really thankful for
everything that happened. It was a massively big thing because you know, it’s the concept and idea, like wow I’m going to be a father and my life’s gonna change and I’m gonna have to take responsibility. Not only now, in this relationship but as the two of us being
together reciprocally, we have to share in the
responsibility of this child and wow, does that change all
the future hopes and plans that you might’ve had? Everything is kind of deconstructed and you have to recreate everything. So there’s that aspect and there’s your social sphere, your social surroundings, your community, your social network, how are they gonna take it? Are people gonna judge you, accept you? You have to face the realities of the judgements, the peer pressure, you gotta face that, you gotta face the
reaction of your parents, like how will your parents take it? For me growing up with such a
strong family bond and unity, for me it was a huge thing. That was probably the
most difficult thing, telling my parents, telling my mom and that night we left and my mom also eventually told my father. I guess one thing I do regret was even though I was able
to take responsibility and meet with Nami and
Nami’s parents face to face and talk through and I was
able to do it with my mother, I found that I wasn’t able
to do it with my father. I wasn’t able to meet
my father face to face and talk to him. And though I believe that it was important to speak directly with my father, I found that more than that I wasn’t ready and more than that I was lazy, it was more that I was scared and he ended up calling me and he was angry at me
because I didn’t tell him or at least speak to him on the phone and I learned from that. I guess what I learned is, if something is inevitable
that’s gonna happen, just say it right away. You’re never gonna be ready. You’re never gonna be ready and so just step on and do it. Because as much as you prepare or try to hype yourself up or calm yourself down or consult people or console and things, you’re never gonna be ready, sometimes you just have to do it and it’s better if you take the step first than someone else take the step for you. That’s something I learned through this. I think this was really great because I remember that next day it was a Sunday after telling my mom and I think this is the
last thing I wanna share because that’s basically
how we told our parents, that Sunday after church
we were going home or to a restaurant and my mom and I were sitting
in the back seat of a car and for the very first time she held my hand throughout the car ride for like maybe five, ten minutes and I felt like that mother’s touch, I felt like it was the first time, yes of course she held my
hand when I was a child but then for me I’ll never forget when my mother reached out her hand and held my hand in the car the day after I told her. I really felt though as
much as she may be upset, she still accepts me as her son and yeah, I’ll never forget that and my parents are really not the type to show any kind of physical affection (laughs) or even say that they
love, like I love you, like of course we’ve improved now but not even a hug, not even a tap, pat on the back, not even saying I love you, like I guess we were raised, that’s just how my parents were raised, that’s how I was raised, that’s probably how my
grandparents were raised. (laughs) I think it’s a really
Confucian kinda culture thing, – It’s like that in Asia. – Saying I love you is
kind of embarrassing. Like it’s embarrassing. – It’s their statutory kind of roles. – Yeah. And of course it’s different
in different cultures. – Yeah. – I heard in maybe Germany– – And for every family
it would be different. – I don’t know if this is true or not but in Germany, in the culture in Germany, if you don’t say I love
you three times a day or like at least once a day,
– Oh really? – It’s like grounds for
divorce or something. I don’t know, that may be true but of course there are
huge cultural differences but the Korean culture, at least traditional, Korean culture a few generations ago, there would be very little
show or words of affirmation or show of romantic love through physical affections or words. – Yeah. – Things like I love you, like a hug, things like that would be very not only socially
inappropriate but awkward even in an intimate setting. – Yeah. It’s ’cause they’re used to
not doing it in social settings and so even in intimate
settings it’s awkward too. – Yeah so, basically the
moral for us in our situation was take time to realize and, is that a song? – Yeah it is! ♫ Take time to realize.♫ – Take time to realize and
accept the whole situation and be organized, don’t just tell your parents
in the spur of the moment, I’d say have some organization, have a private setting. – Have a game plan. – Yeah, have a private setting. The most important things
are a private setting, some time, not rushed, at least you’ve accepted
and kind of made a decision. You’ve made a decision and just to get learning steps, everything’s gonna be a new step. Everything you do in life and you kinda just, it’s kinda like jumping in
the deep end and going for it and that’s how life is. Now that we’ve said that, we wanna set some context. Nami and I were talking
about wanting to get married about a year before or two years before even
her becoming pregnant. – We started talking about marriage the month we started dating. – We both wanted to get married early and we found that, you know what, we’re both comfortable
even if we are young to marry early but our parents were more on
the side of wait a few years. Now that she was pregnant, us getting married that was just– – That was just a given yeah. – Yeah we didn’t question it, we just like okay, we’re gonna
get married next, the baby. And that was more of thing where, okay, how are we going
to adjust and provide? We have nine months. So how did we feel about our decision? Well for Nami, I think it was for sure, she strongly believes
that aborting a child is aborting a life. – Just me? – No I believe that too. (talking fastforwards) So what we strongly believe
is that aborting a child is aborting a life. So of course there are scenarios
like medical situations such as an ectopic pregnancy when the lives of the
mother could be in danger but generally speaking we believe, we strongly believe that aborting a child is aborting a life. To be honest with you guys, for me the reality sinking in for about the first two
weeks after finding out was so strong that I was
struggling internally though I had this firm belief that half of me actually wanted to abort and half of me wanted to follow through. And for a few weeks I was struggling. – That’s my anger horn.
– I was struggling. And looking back it was a really beautiful and I think for me, necessary time of breaking down all my walls in my mind and heart, my pride, my way of thinking, my plans. It was deconstructing everything about me and reconstructing it. Almost four years later, I always tell people that if you’re in a dating relationship, the goal of dating relationships should not be for experience or to have fun or to sleep around. I always firmly say to those I care about that your dating relationship
should always be, have it’s destination towards marriage. To commitment. And I always tell people that when you’re married, it’s peaceful. If I were to sum up marriage in one word, it would be peace. I always tell everybody
that 49 percent of the time having kids suck and 51 percent of the time, it’s great. So it’s always better than it sucks. – It’s bad yeah. – And how does it suck? Well– – It’s hard. – It’s hard. You’re sleeping, in the first three weeks you sleep like what,
three, four hours a day. You have to play for another child, you have to feed for another human. You gotta dress for another human. – You gotta do everything
for another person. – You gotta live your life
not only for yourself– – Yeah. – Not only provide for each
other and help each other because you know, there’s
already enough conflict in a relationship in itself
but also for a child. – But it brings like another entity of– – But what I think is, if you thought you were
anything before having a child, you will realize that you
weren’t really anything. You will become even better, even more sharp and even more focused. Your goals and priorities
will all suddenly just align and even though you have half the time, you will do half the more than even if you had all the time. 100 percent of the time. – And I think this applies
for when you really take responsibility of the child. Like for people who have children but aren’t even with the child, for them, this does not even apply because it doesn’t change their lifestyle, it doesn’t change the
way that they view things and I think suffering, different kinds of suffering molds you and builds your character. – Of course. And as Christians, we believe that, well Christ, God came in the form of Christ to suffer and God being sinless
and perfect suffered, how much more do we as sinners need suffering all the
more to be Christ-like? And suffering through
the many different ways, it really refines and shapes you. I’m really thankful for what’s gone. I guess for example, one example I’d like to share, by God’s grace, through
the suffering he’s allowed me or us to endure
through child-bearing is, I went from high school dropout, more than 25 courses dropped, failed, video game addict, I guess, like no friends, no work. Total like loser, nothing to by God’s grace and diligence, graduating with distinction, working beside professors, creating University courses, creating examinations. Tutoring and mentoring
dozens of other students. Being able to share and
impart my experience and wisdom and knowledge and love that I’ve learned, not
only through my suffering but through people who have stuck around and shared that love to me and especially God who has loved me. So basically having
kids is better than not, if you do. – Mhmm. – But that doesn’t mean
that if you don’t have kids that your life is not as
fulfilling or as effective, I’m just saying that if you
do end up having children yeah, you will come to the conclusion that it is better than not, that’s all. – Yeah. And for me too, I was
like, such an angry person and I was a loser too. We were both losers (laughs). Yeah I was like really violent, really angry, really self-righteous and crazy and then going through all
the suffering of child-bearing and child labor and you guys will know if you watched Galahad’s birth story video that it was really hard but really all of the suffering just really forms you and
shapes you as a person and I feel like I changed a lot and a lot of the people that I meet who knew me before also say that yeah, it
does change you as a person and yeah. – Good. (laughs) – Good, my back is breaking. – Michael wants to finish this video. – Let’s finish this. – You always come so close to the camera. (laughs) – Okay.
– Yeah. (laughs) – So that was our, how we told our parents that we were pregnant and I guess if you have
any questions for us or further questions you
can leave them down below or leave them anywhere and we
could address them sometime. Hopefully you guys will
feel comfortable to ask us the questions that you have but that’s it for our story, that’s it for our video and you’ll probably be
seeing Michael pretty soon because we’re planning to
do another story video. But that’s it. So we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye. – Bye! Off. Hi everyone, today
we’re here to talk about Galahad’s birth story. I actually never talked about the story of my labor and delivery on this channel and like in general because to me it’s really hazy and that’s why I have Michael here because I honestly I don’t…

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  1. As there are many responses to our age gap, I do want to firstly say that we will be doing a detailed video on our age gap very soon. For now, please put up with this response that I wrote for a viewer writing in: "So you started dating when you were 15 and he was 20? Hmmm" and another viewer writing in: "She was 17 when pregnant, and they started dating 3 years before that…so she was actually 14 and he was 19…? […] it was very wrong for him to pursue her at that age". Please continue reading to read my response, and thank you in advance for taking your time to read it through!

    Rascal Hooligan is correct in that we started dating when I was 14 and Michael was 19, though incorrect in that Michael was pursuing me. In truth, I was the one doing the pursuing hahaha

    I think for every circumstance it is very different for everyone and if we do not know a person's entire life story and ancestral background, it's hard to justify choices as right or wrong; I think in many cases, only God can do so, not even the choice-maker, as Apostle Paul writes in his first letter to the Corinthians; "As for me, it matters very little how I might be judged by you or by any human authority/court. I don’t even trust my own judgement or judge myself. My conscience is clear, but that doesn’t prove I’m right. It is the Lord himself who will examine me and decide".

    I do, however, believe that it is quite an age gap and I wouldn't encourage dating at a such young age in general either. But for my circumstance, I honestly think that I wouldn't be here replying to this thread or even having made this video in the first place as I could've already committed suicide by this point if life had gone a different way and I didn't have someone like Michael in those pivotal years. Which is also something I do not encourage or condone.

    I have explained in previous videos about my emotional instability at the time; you may refer to the videos below:
    and Michael does explain throughout our channel about the difference in our emotionally stable-ness. I did grow up with a lot of dysfunction in the home and meeting Michael just made me want to cling to him for stability and some form of firm foundation, which is why I had chased him around everywhere and followed him like a duckling haha

    Regarding Sara's comment about experiencing life and being unable to fulfill dreams, as I mentioned in previous videos, please refer to [https://youtu.be/8aOBYrBZreU?t=4m42s], I really really hated high school. That was one of the main motivations for skipping a grade. Michael was also a pushing factor in my working hard and taking extra courses to fast track.

    Before meeting Michael, I was very apathetic and was a pretty miserable person, coasting through life without putting effort into anything; please refer to [https://youtu.be/-iFa20AJl34?t=3m21s] and [https://youtu.be/V_LPasLa6xQ]. Michael's affirmation of my human worth through encouraging me with words and praising my work, which my mother who was my only family member ever since birth never did, and couldn't do given our circumstances, definitely was pivotal in my change of work ethic and efforts. Therefore I skipped a grade with his guidance and help and as I mentioned, if things turned out a different way, I'd probably be dead or doing something I don't love as having experienced all these things have sharpened me as a person and also in my career path! I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do back then and only realized my passions after giving birth to Galahad and being pushed by Michael to keep working hard to find something I love.

    Regarding statutory rape and crime, it is very unfortunate when those kinds of situations or circumstances happen to so many people around the world and my heart really breaks whenever I think about these things. In our situation, statutory rape or any sort of minor-dating allegations did not apply to us because, first of all, I wasn't being raped, and secondly, the law in our residing area (Canada) only applied to anyone above age 18 engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor under 16, whether consented or not, and once the minor is age 16, there are no allegations at all applying to the relation. Our relationship didn't categorize under this law so there were no legal implications for us. For other situations, it would definitely be different because obviously the young man isn't Michael just joking everyone is different and everything will effect everything in every situation.

    To add about pedophilia, a pedophile is defined as a person of adult age who is "sexually attracted to children". I was neither a child nor was Michael sexually attracted to me as that was not the purpose of our togetherness. And also as I mentioned early on in this response, I was the one who was pursuing his time and company than him pursuing me sexually at all.

    Also to add just as extra info, our dating wasn't really dating but a courtship of sorts. We had always talked about marital plans and had actually planned to get married in my first or second year of university just because I needed more Michael in my life and also because my childhood shaped me to become very insecure and emotionally unstable and I unconsciously felt the need of someone as internally and emotionally strong like Michael in my life. Of course, the choices I made were my own and even my growth had to have had my own efforts playing in along with Michael's guidance in my life. I do have arms and legs and a brain and able body, of course I will not make Michael do everything for me lol

    Of course, now many things are different and looking back, I honestly wouldn't have changed any choices at all because it has all shaped me and helped me grow every day. Super long reply but I hope it was helpful; we are planning to do a video on this very topic sometime soon with a lot more detail!!

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  41. hi.. just wanna say, i accidentally came across this video of yours and we're 2 years apart, with the same circumstances, just that i'm not pregnant, but i had the same life situation as you did. i was extremely unstable emotionally and even up till now i'm still sort of dealing with suicidal thoughts. i love my life, honestly, but those thoughts keep haunting me and i was lucky enough to find a man almost the same as Michael. He was the person i wanted to cling to all the time because he was the one keeping me sane. lol i dont even know why i'm typing this at 1am but this video made me want to share with you lol HAHA but i feel you, and i was the one pursuing my current boyfriend back then in the first place too HAHAHA p.s. i'm a new subber <3

  42. I just came across your videos and love them I’m a new subscriber! Your husband reminds of my dad how he speaks, I mean that as the biggest compliment. You guys are a lovely couple. P.S. me and my husband have read the love and respect book too it’s a good one😊

  43. Came across your channel, and fell in love with your content.
    Quick question…..what’s the meaning of your oldest sons name??? Very curious
    Showing love all the way from Hawaii!!!

  44. Oh true in Germany we say 'I love you' pretty often. Not daily but we say it to our parents, spouses and children for example when we hang up the phone. Also before gettign even engaged it‘s normal that you and your partner told 'I love you‘ before that to show how serious you are and if the other person doesn’t say it back it’s very hurtful.

  45. This is really normal in the asian community. But as long you prove to the community that both of you can be responsible, then all is well.

  46. The way you speak is such an example of the wisdom faith and responsibility that you both have.
    I am so happy you speak open about the hardship hurdles you overcame. I hope it inspires and helps a lot of people.

  47. See when I heard 14 and 19, I wasn’t pissed like everyone else. I was thinking about sailor moon instantly. 😂

  48. Wow, I think it's super powerful that you said straight up that you believe aborting a baby is aborting a life. I'm watching this in 2019, and the world is becoming so pro choice. We are abused and mistreated for fighting for life. God bless you.

  49. You two was 100 % right, God give life in the womb and to abort that life is to break his commandment, "Thou shalt not kill"

  50. This is random but I prefer michael’s hair this way than in the latest videos, but he looks good with both

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