KS Bill Forces Doctors to Report Miscarriages to State Health Department

in Kansas we have a very concerning
piece of legislation which may force doctors to report miscarriages to the state
health department this is going through the Kansas legislature and it would mandate
reporting for any miscarriage at all at any stage in
pregnancy to the state health department and this is I think that without me going
any further the audience which at this point has
become increasingly aware ok how these anything that seems to somehow
relate to pregnancy has a connection to abortion and you
would be absolutely right to carry that cynicism with you because as the critics
have this are making very clear this was a bill initially that was
dealing only with still birth certificates okay and the filing of
still birth certificates and there were amendments made which through in this stuff about
mandatory reporting a fall miscarriages et cetera and it is just step one in moving in the
direction %uh making it more difficult to have a
legal and safe abortion that always the impetus when it
comes to legislating this stuff particularly when it is the opportunistic insertion
other amendments to a bill that didn’t have anything to do with that and I am it’s not surprising at all that this is the way that that this is going we have a a
group of lawmakers in Kansas who try to do this at every turn whether
it comes to gay marriage whether it comes to sex education whether it comes
to creationism and evolution being taught in schools so taking that opportunity and a it’s just it just absolutely makes no
sense the reporting every miscarriage to the state health
department miscarriages up 15 percent have pregnancies are early
pregnancies in the first 13 weeks can and in miscarriages and now we have
a situation where what’s next if you have your period you should really report that as a
possible miscarriage to the state health department because you don’t know Louis that that eg it may have been fertilized a it blows my mind that there are people
who get elected and there there from the first day in
office to her last day in office their number one goal is something like this are our bills
like this this is their agenda with seemingly no
concern for any of the financial woes have their
state or education or anything like that he created job do something to get
somebody hired somewhere I’m actually beginning to believe that
there are some men and women who have no idea at all how the
reproductive system functions and while they’re passing these laws maybe they
should make some kind of mandatory requirement where the legislature get some kind of crash
course on basic anatomy and reproduction and
then as I was thinking at this as a 20 if they did that the entire class would
probably be never have sex until you’re married and everything will be just fine but at
which point you start having as many kids as possible so we need to send them to Massachusetts
for their best sex ed class yeah apparently so we had actually pretty
good sex education classes then way they told us everything David everything
yeah there’s no question about that okay let’s take a break coming up next I
will talk to you about de Monica possession and well I’ll just leave it there its it’s
yet another story about demonic possession and we’ll also talk about the
controversy over the new Cosmo series

25 Replies to “KS Bill Forces Doctors to Report Miscarriages to State Health Department”

  1. WTF!? How oppressive are Merican Christians going to be allowed to get!?
    Stop humoring the bullshit of madmen and conmen like Merican Christians. They have no place at the table.

  2. Yeah, let's blame the woman yet again for not bringing a full-term infant into the world. Back on the road to making women property again. It's all about control kiddies.

  3. Christian fundies always love to poke their nose up vaginas because the simple fact is that they don't get any in their personal lives. Middle aged douche bags see attractive self confident women passing them by and enjoying their lives so these sorry ass men do everything in their power to fuck up women's lives in any way they can. Classic War on Women because the USA is run by pitiful men to scared to relate to women in any way except to beat them down like it was a hundred years ago. David is right. What's next, mandatory reporting of their periods? 

  4. Republicans cry about Big Government and Regulations. Well what do they call all these Bills and Laws they pass. And isn't it about time we Men step aside and let Women deal with this issue and pass Laws and Regulations. Or how about Laws against Penis Pumps, Viagria and that sort. Bet it would be a different story.

  5. OMG! Can't the government stay the fuck out of ours lives. I'm so sick and tried of their shit. Get a life and stay out of mine. So are they saying that a miscarriage is abortion? I guess they are trying to put woman in jail for having miscarriage, but in their eyes that is an illegal abortion. Doesn't really matter how it happens, mother natural or accident. It's the woman's fault. WTF??

  6. What? Mean I love this show, but the sheer amount of fallacies that were used in this video is outstanding. What exactly is your arguement? You did not give any evidence or premise to suport your point. Please think about what you are saying. Im not saying I disagree with this video. (My view is unimportant right now) but plese try to presusde us to believe you because right now you are hurting your "cause"

  7. Is it possible that Republican lawmakers have introduced and/or passed more laws protecting unborn fetuses than laws protecting actual living human beings?

  8. Not to take their side,but don't doctors have to report anything in order to get paid by insurances?

  9. I am a woman from Kansas and I am trying to find the name to this exact bill to read it. There are so many anti choice bills I cant find the right one. Id like to know so I can read up on it before I email all my reps that I just started my period this week in case they wanted to send that info to the health dept!!!!!!

  10. As of today the Governor of Kansas is trying to pass a bill if you voted Republican last election you can't change to Democrat! This Governor is so down and dirty. I hate it here ! But I can't leave my family! Congressman Pompeo sucks too ! The Kochs financed his businesses that he moved to Mexico. It's all just crazy communists BS !

  11. Why do you put Republicans and Christians together ? Because they do ? Well they aren't! They couldn't be any farther from being Christ like !

  12. Uh.. How would it make it harder to get an abortion there? I- I just don't get it. Could someone please explain this to me.

  13. Collecting medical statistics is important.  But I'm sure they have been doing that for years.
    There is no need for government to get involved in any case where doctors feel there is no signs of abuse or self harm.  And even then they wouldn't be reporting it to the health department, they would be calling the police.

    Some politicians, they feel like they are saving the masses when in reality they are making everyone's lives harder.  And add on top of some peoples already overloaded workload.

  14. You think this is bad. In Mississippi, they often try to pin a miscarriage on the mother and convict them of 1st degree murder. No shit….

  15. I get people being against abortion, I want to make sure we regulate it so we aren't killing any well developed babies. However outside of that people need to try to stay as far away from women's bodies as possible. 

  16. its really funny and also sad that we are all talking about republican vs liberal. both are just the same shit. they are both just giant words of complete bias which destroys all forms if critical thinking. why don't we just use our own brains for once and look at issues wit out bias and maybe we will see the truth one day. dont be so easily controlled by fancy words, dont let these people stop you from thinking for you selves. dont think liberal dont think conservative just use CRITICAL THINKING.


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