Kylie Jenner Confirms Pregnancy With Secret Baby Shower

– [Voiceover] Kylie Jenner
had a secret baby shower and we have all the details plus Khloe Kardashian could reveal her baby bump soon. Hey guys it’s Gino for Hollywood Life and Radar Online is
reporting Khloe Kardashian’s baby bump will be revealed on the annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card. The site reports the
photos are already taken and Khloe made sure her
bump was fully visible. As we previously reported, Kris has been trying to book exclusive
deals with magazines for all of her pregnant
and/or expecting daughters. However, Kris was also considering using their holiday card as a way
to reveal the pregnancies and still make money
by licensing the photos to media outlets. Radar also reports Kylie has been having some insecurity issues
with her growing baby bump and has been hiding out more than usual. Kylie is so used to posting selfies, she’s going a little crazy but still needs to keep things under wraps
per Kris Jenner’s orders. The Mirror, however,
reports Kylie’s pregnancy is being kept under wraps possibly to boost the second season ratings of Life of Kylie. Recall season one was basically one giant ad for Kylie Cosmetics in which Tyga did not appear and basically nothing happened for 10 episodes besides that stunt where Kylie went to a high school prom. Apparently Kylie was devastated by the low first season ratings despite the fact she carefully explained to her fans what a TV is. Both she and Kris know
she needs to do something big to keep the show going. Kylie’s pregnancy is that big thing. To Kylie’s baby shower,
we showed you the aerial photos of the preparations
and now E News reports Kylie did indeed have the party so I guess that’s the confirmation we need about the pregnancy. You don’t have a secret baby shower without having a baby on the way, right? The site reports around 30 people traveled to Kylie’s backyard for the pajama brunch themed celebration. It was a massive and elaborate production and guests were given silk slippers, silk PJs and there was
a waffle and omelet bar as well as tables filled with desserts. Apparently Kylie’s friends and family signed a guest book and
wrote special notes for her. Others gave toasts about what a great mom she’ll be while she sat front and center. Kylie was also given
gifts from Babies R Us, lots of diapers and also
something called books, which is like an iPad
but it only has one story and it doesn’t come with wifi. So congrats to Kylie on her pregnancy and now let’s raise a toast to subscribing to your favorite YouTube
channel right over here because we’re blowing
the lid off this whole secret pregnancy situation.

78 Replies to “Kylie Jenner Confirms Pregnancy With Secret Baby Shower”

  1. I still won’t be watching her show even if she’s talking about her baby and secret pregnancy but I’m sure a lot other people will be 🤱🏻🤰🏻🙋🏾‍♂️🤨

  2. Why we shuld care oh come on iam boring why all care for a plastic doll ok when you say i like kylie you have to think what you like? The fake things over her what you like? That she dont like her seif so sad this honesty

  3. Lol, if that is legit how Kylie is handling it then she's waay to immature to be a parent. But also, maybe this info is all bullshit.

  4. YAWN!!! this story is so so past it's sell by date seriously… Also is it any surprise that Kris (PIMP MY KIDS OUT) has banned Kylie from talking about being pregnant that family are discusting they would sell their toilet contents if she thought She'd make money

  5. I wanna understand I know you guys are famous but why just say if pregnant or not! Why worry so much of what you look like you having something amazing!! A baby!! You have the money to get back like a doll!! So what is the problem!! Please explain!!!

  6. She threw a play shower for her friend. It’s confirmed that she is not pregnant and is doing all this so her show gets more views.

  7. Some people hate Kris Jenner but I think she's a great businesswoman ( This doesn't mean I'm like a fan or anything but she's smart just sayin)

  8. all u idiots think she prego why do u care she doesnt need to respond to u ur not the babies daddy maybe she isnt prego cant all u freakn blabber mouth juet leave her only damn

  9. its not really confirmed if the baby shower was secret. confirm would be if she came out in public to say it herself. like in the ellen show. thats a confirmation. not a random picture of a tent.

  10. Kylie is not pregnant but she did a surrogate just like Kim to get a kid and that’s why they always hide her baby bump. She’ll surprise us with a baby at the end of the day without showing us any signs of pregnancy.

  11. I don't believe she is pregnant unless….she is the surrogate for Kim…but maybe that's the reason why nobody is saying something….because they want to keep the attention away from whoever is the surrogate

  12. Kylie is not pregnant look at the ACE Family BABY DRIVES LAMBO!!!
    She is in the vlog whith her Lamborghini and she looks not pregnant .SHE IS NOT PREGNANT IS A FACT 😎
    The vlog is in nov 19,2017

  13. Gifts from Babies R Us? Now I know y'all are playing for sure if you think anyone affiliated with Kylie would buy her child a present from there. Hahahaha

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