Kylie Jenner & Stormi Answer Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

Hey, it’s Kylie and Stormi. And we are here to answer some
of Ellen’s burning questions. The biggest mess
Stormi has made. Recently, she’s
really into M&M’s. She gets the M&M’s and she
melts them in her hands. And then you put it all
over my white couch. My go-to dance move. What’s your go-to dance move? Hands in the air? [MUSIC PLAYING] The strangest thing I’m afraid
of is like dust in a cup. I don’t know why. It’s like one of
my pet peeves is when there’s a lot
of dust in the cup and then I think it’s
getting in my system. What’s the funniest
thing dad has done? When him and Stormi
play together, it’s the most funny thing ever. They scream and they yell. And he makes her fly
all over the house. They have so much fun together. A celeb I’d like to collab
with is Stormi Webster. We have yet to collab. And I would love
to collab with you. Who loves you the most? Daddy. Every time. The best gift I received
in my partner is Stormi. That’s me. Stormi. A secret I kept from my
parents in high school. Well, my mom goes to
sleep really early and she wakes up really early. So I only had until
about 4:00 in the morning to sneak back into the house. I thought that I was
being very secretive. Once I did that consecutively
for a week, she was like, I need to talk to you today. And she sat me down
and she was like, I’ve heard you come home
every single morning for the past week. 4:00 in the morning. This needs to stop. So I can’t really keep any
secrets around Kris Jenner. Travis Scott smells like. He takes a shower in
the morning usually, so he smells like fresh
shower and fresh cologne. My guilty YouTube pleasure
is watching makeup tutorials. Hit it. Wait, he also smells
like weed a lot. Thanks for having me Ellen. I love you.

100 Replies to “Kylie Jenner & Stormi Answer Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’”

  1. Kylie has changed so much in so happy she’s this way I Remember for years she hasn’t been very outgoing now she’s a ray of sunshine

  2. She is so beautiful but that thick long side braid has got to go it just looks very tacky it reminds me of a Casa Ole a menu LOL the lady that used to be on the front of the menu back in the 90s

  3. Please read the packages of candies to ensure you are not feeding your children genetically modified organism, or GMO. I have found a GMO statement on the package ingredients list of M&Ms and a number of other candies I had as a child when they did not have GMO ingredients.

  4. I hope her and Trav will eventually work it out. Kylie has a strong loving energy, She loves hard , with growth you learn to pace your love so to speak. Let it grow naturally. Stormi is a daddy’s girl.🤗

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