Labor and Delivery Experience | Postpartum Care 2019

no lady that's a let's get right into the video we're gonna discuss my labor and delivery experience my very less ob/gyn appointment was on April 24 I was due April 25th just like all of my prior visits at the ob/gyn they checked my baby heart rate and also if I had dilated some which I was not dilating at all so I was kind of over it we scheduled for the following week which was April 30th for my induce the doctor also discussed the induction process she told me exactly what time I should be at the hospital that morning on April 30th I woke up around 5:30 6 o'clock we arrived at the hospital around 30 I was checked into the women's triage that's where you will go before active labor once I got into the triage I was instructed to undress and also they took a urine sample all right after I was undressing into a gown my was action or what beverage I want to drink I was also giving and wristband also I was giving paperwork to sign and also the nurse were like was asking me questions to put into their computer and that those questions go on and on so who be ready ladies it's like 200 questions literally it's about 8 o'clock being ok so once my doctor arrived she you know checked if i dilated some and also ordered me to have an ultrasound went downstairs got an ultrasound came back up and once again my options was discussed with me whether I wanted to continue and get the induction so I said I want to give it a try see if I can go through natural birth I was like ok I want to I want to be induced so he started to process I had to get an i-beam that blood work done and then I was given my first dose that was around 11:45 a.m. once I was given you know my first dose I was instructed to walk for a certain amount of time and then come back that's what I did I walked came back and they put me back on the machine to like check that maybe heart rate and they said in the third whenever you're laying in that bed you're gonna be on the machine where you the baby's heart rate is being monitored and then I was instructed to continue walking you know every so often I stopped walking I think it was like an hour straight you have to walk less for it it was time for my second dose and my doctor and nurses were already in the middle of a emergency c-section I guess so I had to wait so I'm just laying in a bed with the monitor you know attached to me checking the baby's heart so we're just sitting in the room so soon as my doctor in nurse was available to come and take a look soon as they walked in the room the nurse caught it and she was like oh the baby's heartbeat is dropping we have to do you know emergency c-section so that's when I I didn't freak out but my emotions went to running and now here started coming because things was just have to started happening so fast so soon as that happened she came straight to me and she went you know they have to talk to you though I all I remember was my doctor walking out in that hallway and said emergency c-section and it seemed like the world just stopped turning so many people came in a room and it was just prepping me for surgery and it was just happening so fast tears were just like coming down my eyes I wasn't like freaking out but I was scared and I was just you know listened to everything they told me to do I made sure I was breathing because I was told that before and it was like make sure you breathe when you finally do go into labor so yes I was breathing they was telling me to bring it was talking me through each stepping away first thing first I know one of the nurses were shaving me and I guess the area where the vision is he was shaving I also got shot in my Arnall once they put that into my arm I just was shaking I don't I couldn't stop it was just like a constant shake like oh my god feel like the crash I felt like a baser I don't know but my body was just like I guess it made my heart rate speed up and it was like a million people come in the room and then they finally got me into the operation room and once I got into the operational room you know they have to give you a shot in your spine your spinal cord your back they ask you to like punch over you basically have to hunch like it was so hard with their belly but I did what I had to do in Denis you know laid me down they was basically preference the doc finally came in and they started the procedure and the nurse is talking to me and then finally my mom came in I became at 5:20 p.m. he was 7 pounds 15 ounces in 3/4 that which is almost 8 pounds he was like a little bit of 8 pounds 18 inches in height he was a big boy when they pulled him out help him over it hurt when I hurt my baby cry I instantly was in tears me and Mo we was instantly in tears and throughout the whole time woman was holding my hand too but nevertheless me numb once they got him out him and my mom went over to the scale and left from the scale went to the nursery so you know they finish wrapping up whatever she had to do you know closing me up and cleaning me up and they gave me a inserted a catheter and everything I know what was going on behind all I know I was just being patient and I was happy that my son was out alive he was well ready to see him so once they finish doing that you know they smooth me from the table onto the bed and then they rolled me into the recovery area once I was in a recovery area the lack Tichenor my mom and baby came out and I guess they wanted to do the you know try to breastfeed I tried to I don't think nothing was coming out fast enough but Kobe was fussy so I was like oh no no just go ahead and give him formula today left ended up leaving with the baby into the nursery again so I've stayed in the recovery area I was with a a nurse so the nurse staying with me the entire time until they moved me into my room once I was in my postpartum room they hook you up to a blood-pressure machine you have to keep that on overnight one of the side effects at that gave birth my face was so itchy I don't know if it was just me or is there something everybody experienced please leave a comment below if you'd experienced them each eat nice like my face was oh I was like what I won't meet with my baby while baby was in the nursery they basically give him a bath they do a whole lot of little screenings with eyedrops in the eyes you know he his vaccinations they did all of that changed him and brought him to me all right so around 12 a.m. ish that night I was cleaned up which means like you know they clean my lower area go around like 2:00 a.m. ish she finally gave me a pop tart I mean after you have a baby your stomach you can't hold anything but it was good to actually be able to put something in there I ate a bleep one and a half of a pop-tart I was just taking me slow I kind of was just like munching on it you out there night and then 5:00 a.m. that morning you know I had to get up and walk for the first time and also bathe that was pressure I got through it I did it by myself that's all that matters you be ready after a meal but of course you're gonna want to go like I ordered like a light love breakfast and then throughout the day I pretty much stayed on my feet cuz the longer you still want us to see actors having a cesarean real stiff real real real rest if you don't want to get stuff cuz that's terrible when it's time to get up again it's gonna be pressure so it's good to keep moving you recover faster and also that's when they give you even more paperwork for you to fill out you know while you're there they tell you when they needed it and they also made sure they scared you my baby pediatrician appointment that was the night saying three days stay inside the hospital again I want to stress how important it is to take a hospital tour I was so much more comfortable with going into having a c-section because I knew the process I knew where I would be I know where I was going it just made me feel better about the whole emergency happening you know and don't wait until you eight months like I do and I also suggest X questions have concerns on how to feed your baby change the diaper breastfeed you don't matter no question is a stupid question x and y you can cuz it's better to know and then to get home and be confused you know you're not giving your baby don't want you percent care that you can't possibly give them because you don't know baby nursery actually gave me their number to take home and they said if I have any questions call them they gave us this huge order Cup they gave me this squeeze bottle I probably took home one or two pads they gave me this cute little baby birth certificate they gave my baby two books suing home what I need to add one pack of wipes just one or two die they gave me two prescriptions for pain I also picked up some softeners cuz that constipation gag is real I'm gonna let you know now if you're having a baby go get you some softeners now know what you get home you got one dick cuz that thing hit me so hard when I got home I was literally in tears on the toilet sorry TMI but I'm just letting y'all know vitamins you still want to constantly take vitamins on a daily basis I was also told to use dial in thai bacteria so maxi-pads that's all i was weird for like a straight month my nursery pad it was a month and also cabbage I used cabbage to dry out my boobs because I was not breastfeeding a 10 out of 10 they did a phenomenal job okay I was happy my kid was happy of course my guest was happy no complaint and that is all make sure you like comment and subscribe if you enjoyed my story you

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