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hi YouTube family welcome back to my channel so I am here today with a long long way to video I've been want to make this video for a long time and I just never got the time to sit down sit down and record the video so here I am with my birth story stay tuned okay so I had an emergency c-section I was I thought about I told my child's father before I went and he's sleeping earlier that's not pointed over there but I told him I said do not let me get an epidural do not let me get a c-section I said I don't care how much I screamed for it I don't care how much I asked for I said and I don't care what they telling me they say give me a c-section then you tell them no like I don't know like when you before you have birth you have all these expectations of like what you think is gonna happen and throw everything out the window like yeah I feel like you I had a birth plan I had everything throw all that out the window not throw it out the window like but just to know that everything will not go to plan like you have to be open to whatever moderations happen and things of that sort so let me tell you all what happened so the day started it was actually Mother's Day and I really I kept saying I wasn't happy when Mother's Day I said I can't tell me I said he's gonna come on Mother's Day I know he is like I thought he's coming on Mother's Day I don't know anybody say he's coming on Mother's Day so Mother's Day comes around I was 39 weeks I had just made 39 points on Mother's Day so Monday comes around before this I had no contractions I was literally trying to do everything I'm bouncing on balls I'm doing squats every single day I'm looking up these videos how to induce pregnancy doing all that stuff so mothers that comes around and nothing nothing is going on and before that I'm on I never got checked to see like if I was ever dilated any my doctor never checked me for that so I'm like this is gonna be my excuse so goes to the hospital because I really just want to see if I'm dilated any like let me just go to the hospital and you know do this so and and that day too he's he was a very active babe inside the womb so this day he wasn't as active so I said okay bees can be like my excuse you know I could just say like he's not as active can you guys like I just I don't know I just wanted them to like just to see something you know so I went to the doctor this is I actually recorded myself cuz I was gonna vlog today like I really had no intentions of having a baby so this is the clip from when I went to the doctor I mean when I was on my way to the hospital hi guys we are on baby watch so it's Mother's Day I really wanted to have him on Mother's Day but it's not looking that way which is fine I know babies come when they want to however my doctor is trash like absolutely trash so I am headed to the hospital right now I'm supposed to go to the ER like it's not an emergency but I just want to get checked by another doctor get another doctor's opinion and I want them to see like how dilated I am I've never had any of those checks hopefully they can give me an ultrasound like I just wanted things I just want things to see things like I haven't seen it they haven't seen my baby since he was like twenty two weeks well since I was twenty two weeks the doctor that I have now is so trashed that she doesn't really care about me and then you know what it's not even personal she's like that with everybody but I'm just I don't want to go there anymore so that's why I'm just going to the hospital to get a check-up and like that's that's pretty much what I'm doing this for it's not I'm not hoping to get induced or I don't think they're going to tell me to stay anything like that like that's that's not why I'm going with this and said it's Hospital thinking I'm just going here because I really just want to get a check-up and for them to tell me what's going on my mom's like are you sure you want to go by yourself my girl I'm okay because I was eating it here if I just let me welcome after the woman so who I am you guys but yeah I also know slick you like with me we can see how this goes by him 39 weeks today now I said I wanna see if my due date is still correct because I was putting in my due date like on like all these apps and it was showing like days all from what I am so like my due day originally because I've made 19 May 18 May 19 around the time but and I put it in a happened it was like May 24 and I'm like what the fuck so you better see what happened ok so I was always like I said I had no intentions of like having the baby I just wanted to see like if I was dilated in me I wanted to UM I wanted to get like another ultrasound like just those like sort of things so when I told him that I was having low fetal movement and they like put some sugar and my IV because even on the monitor when they checked it he wasn't moving that much so I was like today at that point I said okay maybe he did something to really worry about now because what's going on so at that point I starts to be like really worried for real and then they checked me and I was only one centimeter so I was nowhere like nowhere near ready to have a baby but the nurse came in and she was like well you're not ready she's like you're um you're not we're gonna give you this sugar on your IV we're gonna monitor the baby and if he's moving then we're gonna induce you and I'm like inducing me I don't know if I'm ready for that cuz I always said I want to wait until I'm super my pain before I go because I feel like the reason why most people not most people's I'm sorry about that but like the reason for emergency c-section from people that I know in my experience is because they go to the hospital too early and I said that I did not want that to happen I said I was gonna wait it out I was gonna go into labor naturally at home go into labor as long as I couldn't go to the hospital that's not what happened they ended up inducing me he said since you're here you might as well get it at that point I was over being pregnant I'm like you know what okay induce me cuz I'm over being pregnant like just let's do it let's freakin do it so I'm calling my own baby daddy I'm like you need to come on baby it's coming and he thought that I mean I baby was coming right now I just meant like no I'm about to had a baby they got to induce me I didn't realize that it was gonna take hours like you know I was just completely not ready for what was about to happen you know so anyways they ended up giving me this peel that they inserted inside of me I can't think of the name all right right here I can't remember the name of it and I said they're gonna do that for two times to see if I style a more and then if that doesn't help then they're gonna give me the pitocin to speed along the process so I was not expecting to get admitted but I gotta admit it cuz they said it didn't make sense to send me home at 39 weeks so here I am getting ready to have the baby they're about to induce me they're going to give me this medicine Oh what does it call something with a seed they're putting it on my vagina to help soften my cervix so nobody's here right now it's just me my mom is here actually she's trying to find a room and then Michael the baby's father he is on his way here and they told me to take this out just in case I have to go into surgery so I'm about to take this out I don't know how I got a YouTube how to take this thing up cuz I've never took out since I've forgotten it so I'm taking it out right now well this is the food they gave me oh this is gross this is like some beef broth this what they gave this tastes like I don't even know why would I want to eat that the jello is okay oh my god I'm probably gonna enjoy this and I don't care yeah but yeah I'm still waiting for them to give me my medicine I can't believe so I went in around like three three or four they gave me the first pill round six or seven um they came back checked me like four hours later I didn't dilate any she said I was maybe like one and a half I wasn't feeling any pain I'm high ok this is nothing and then I had GPS so I checked the PI I checked positive for GPS so I had to be hooked up to the ID'd all the time because of the GPS so they had me um I wasn't feeling any pain I'm like ok you know but like I said also it wasn't I wasn't dilated that much but you could see the contractions on the screen and like I just wasn't feeling any pain so then they brought the ball out and I have clipped to that where I was bouncing on the ball just trying to you know do anything to induce this freaking labor guy so I am out of bed now I cannot be in bed too long so I am on this this is called a peanut ball and she told me like I mean it's pretty much too early for me to do anything but it's better because I have to stay hooked up to the monitor so this is better than me laying in the bed so I'm bouncing right now trying to get something pushing but I don't feel anything Methos going on so I'll keep you guys updated though we'll see hey guys so it is 12:15 a.m. right now may 13 that give me any other medication I'm still she came in and took me about I want to say hour and a half ago and I was still only one centimeter so it's not progress in that but before then I wasn't feeling anything now I'm starting to feel oh it's not and I feel good you did but it's like coming and going so yeah she said she's gonna come in here in about half an hour and check me again and they're gonna decide what to do after they checked me again and they're gonna see if they're going to give me another side attack or if they're going to be the pitocin at work they're not gonna do the pitocin but yeah we're just going to see what's going on with that right now it's just me and Michael my mom left my dad came up here he just left so now it's just us we were waiting yeah but what wait my my things don't even look like they're doing yes I said I'm watching um love don't cost a thing and he's watching some enemy on his phone and it was kind of mr. Galan but yeah actually what my pain was and I told her I was like a five and she said yeah I think you gonna be able to do this without the epidural cuz I guess I'm not doing it's 1:15 a.m. now and they've just started the pitocin I want to say they started it about five or ten minutes ago I haven't felt anything yet but I just started reading up on the put sauce and you and I'm like how long does it usually take and people are like could take like 15 minutes to an hour and then you'll feel the contractions really strongly I'm just I know it's weird and it's like what is wrong with you but I'm just ready to feel a contraction and I know in like an hour – I'm gonna be regretting that so bad but I just want to feel it just so I can know what a contraction feels like you know I said I let this labor part naturally do it but I don't know I'm so hard-headed impatient oh my son I like me how this goes now that I have started on the pitocin there like as soon as she put the pitocin on he started moving like crazy his heart rate is pretty still decent it's kind of regulated she was telling me about how I was having dips so she wants to talk to her head nurse about that but his heart rate he's moving a lot right now ago so everything is gonna be fine so it is 3:30 and she just up the pitocin again to a four I was feeling like consistent contractions but I'm fine now now she gave me a ball to put between my legs so maybe that will help it's making my pelvis spread so maybe that will help with kick starting to process either I'm not progressing like that so long story short it had been like eight hours so like some six I want to say around like no what happened on twelve hours so like from 6:00 p.m. is when they first like six or seven when I first I started to peel what are you doing he's just making noise so for like six to seven is when I first started to kill and then it starts to induce labor and then I want to say like around 6:00 a.m. is when I started to feel contractions like that's when I started to be like oh I'm feeling pain like what is this and they told me they said in the beginning we'll just give you this I forgot the name of it too but they put it in my IV and they said we're gonna give that to you they said but we can only give you that every four hours and it lasted for like I want to say it lasted for like 30 minutes to an hour and then I had to deal with the pain and then I could get every four hours and at first I was dealing with that and then I was sleep every time they gave it to me I would fall asleep and then whatever coming in they were attacking me so I wanna say like twelve hours later I was dilated to like three or four centimeters so it took me 12 hours so you died like three or four centimeters and it was about seven or eight at this time and that's when my contractions really started hitting like they were like hitting hit II okay this is this is real this is the real deal contractions so I'm just trying to sleep I'm on the life for our medicine I'm trying to sleep I'm just trying to get through it the best way I can but it was it was painful like those contractions they were hidden I'm sitting I'm squeezing hands I'm squeezing Michaels hand that's Zane's dad squeezing Michaels hand my dad was there he was there for a little bit he was trying to come for me I'm just trying to like for the most primal contraction will come I was like squeezed Bale real I was squeezed the bedding really hard I would just squeeze it every time a contraction came and then it will come and then it will just be settled me you wouldn't feel anything and then it would come and then you wouldn't feel anything so that I would try to prepare myself and I was breathing through it so I would every time oh come on I was like this is like breathing helps if you breathe if you know how to breathe I mean anybody knows how to breathe but if you could like sit there and deep breathe it's gonna help you so much with your contractions cuz deep breathing helped me but they were just getting worse and worse so I want to say like around 1:00 o'clock they checked me know around like 12 o'clock they checked me and I was like 7 centimeters so I'm like we get this show on the road like yes just you know like I was happy cuz I'm like yes yes yes and but the pain was like at this point I just couldn't take the pain anymore I said you know what I need I need to epidural like please bring the epidural it was unsafe like I could have took the pain but I don't know I just I asked like epidural I just I couldn't do it anymore so they came in with the medication gave me the epidural and not and that was like hard too because you've got these contractions they telling you to sit up straight it was hard for me to even sit up the pain was so bad they like symp I'm trying to sit up I'm like oh my god like this it was so painful so um they put the needle in my back and I was just breathing she tell us to be really still I'm a shower still because I was like I want nothing bad to happen so I made sure I was completely still while putting the needle in my back and she said that I did really really well with that cuz I was just breathing through it the entire time then I want to say like in the next 30 minutes that's when I started to feel like numb but I could still feel the pain so like it was like pain was gone from here it wasn't so much here I can still fill it all down here but it got better here so the epidural didn't work as far as here but I can still feel every contraction like I know some people like my friend she said that she went completely known I did not go none at all I still felt every contraction so it was literally like soon I got the epidural like 30 minutes later his heart rate just kept dropping Zhang's heart rate every time I got a contraction his heart when it was dropped and it wouldn't come back up as quickly as they wanted it to so they were – her in there and then doctor came in and they had me like they had me get on my side with the ball between my legs let me get on my other side and it will work then it will happen again then they had me on all fours and they were like all inside of me trying to do some things then she came and broke my water like it was like all of this happened within a 45 minute time frame it was just hectic and I'm sitting there and like anymore in my mind I said they're about to take me for c-section like I just knew it because I said something's not right about taking for c-section and I'm a she's had this look on her face and Michael was irritating me so much because he was just so calm and relaxed and I'm like dude like I'm about to go for major surgery and he's like he could care less like I was so or I was the skin irritated I'm like I'm gonna go for a major surgery and you're just like I feel like nothing's happening right now like do this oh he was just so calm and it was just blowing me like dude I'm about to go go make like you don't even single started like if his hair doesn't come back up then I'm gonna have to go for surgery like why don't you care and he's just looking like his heart rate is okay oh it's not okay I was just irritated me so long story short I ended up having to get a c-section on the way back I mean I was like I was scared I'm not gonna lie I started crying because I just I didn't know what was because I've never had surgery before like even there's a little kid I've never gotten surgery before so this is my first time I've ever had a surgery I was just nervous I'm crying and I'm just like man I was trying to make jokes out of it I was just laughing the whole time I'm making jokes I today I'm talking to the doctor I'm like make sure you keep my body bikini ready you know I'm just trying to make light out of the situation because I just did not like this was the last thing that I wanted to have me so the best thing for me was to make light out of the situation so I made as much light as I did situation as I could I had him at 243 the surgery took like an hour and my baby boy was here and everything turned out great my c-section scar is not even that bad oh he was born May 13 at 2:43 p.m. he was 6 pounds 11 ounces and he was 20 inches long and he came out feeding immediately he fed he ate for an hour 30 minutes on each breast he ate like he was a really really good eater also the surgery like the c-section I felt him go in silent I felt the pressure I thought that I was gonna feel anything no the c-section still hurt like you can feel them take him out you can feel him inside of you and you can feel him take him out and it was like soon as she took him out before we came in here and me the she I read me like you know what could go wrong and all the other thing too the last thing she said was deaf and she said I've never had anybody die on the table so it was funny because right after I had him I'm like I couldn't hear him crying and Michael I went over there I'm like see crying is he crying is he crying and like I just I was like panicking she's like you need to bring need to bridge your heart right that's my heart rate was like super elevated she's like you need to breathe breathe let's hope I didn't have anybody die you're not gonna be my first one I know like how would you say that hey she's like breathe you need to breathe so yeah that was my experience the c-section but right afterward they stitched me up and I was able to see my baby like 20 minutes afterwards and everything was fine everything went perfectly well oh I came I was in pain like I was in pain where I couldn't even laugh I couldn't call like everything hurt and I would say that lasted for maybe like five days and like my fifth day like um so when I was still there I was in pain they gave me like Norco I didn't really take it I took it there and I took a propofol when I came back home I only took one Norco and I was and I'm only one to take it if I'm really really in pain but I was taking ibuprofen like every six hours so I made sure to stay on top of the ibuprofen but Norco I said money one second if I needed and like in but fifth day I was fine like I wasn't completely healed up like it was still hurt to do certain things but I wasn't rolling out of bed when I first came home I was rolling out of bed that's why I was so difficult with him because it's like he's crying I have to roll out of bed and I was at home by myself me and Michael we aren't living together we aren't together so it was like I'm a single mom by myself I don't really have to help so I'm rolling out of bed to get him I was in so much pain but like I said that lasted for like three days at home and I was fine I was walking around I was able to do things and now six weeks I feel amazing I felt amazing and like three weeks honestly like it would still hurt if I got bump into it or something but like now I just feel completely amazing and I'm so happy well what happened and how everything turned out and I'm just blessed me I measures like at first when I was in there I kept saying to myself if I would have waited if I would have just let myself go naturally into labor none of this would've happened but the end of the day it's no point think about what if regrets or anything like that cuz he's here he's healthy I'm healthy and that's all that matters our scar isn't that bad even if it was bad who cares my baby is here and he's healthy it's been six weeks from six weeks postpartum I haven't even looked at it because my stomach eyes not going down so I can't see it but this is my incision that's my incision so this is my incision and it's healing really well it was Helen well even when like right after I'm like wow and right after my c-section I was up I was moving like the next day I'm like I'm not about to sit here and know I'm about to get up on my try to heal as well as I can I I'm about to you know get up and at it so these are just clips from the hospital cuz I would I didn't record afterwards they gave us like a little celebratory dinner it was really nice so these are just eclipses after I already had him and he was here hi so I know I did not do the labor and delivery vlog I'm so sorry about that thing started to get crazy but I am gonna do a birth story just explain it everything this is him right now he's feeding he's doing really well on the breast I had to get a c-section so all this light is terrible but yeah so that's where we are right now I'm getting relief today I get to go home and then adjust to life at home now with the baby what type of salad Ella does no good though hope is good yeah the hospital gave us like a celebratory dinner yes the family well I got so I filled with potatoes I never only like they roll it's hard for me that's more and I wouldn't have one need to go any other way because like I said he's here and he's healthy and he's loud and maybe he's waking up set is my emergency c-section first three and I hope you guys enjoyed it I really didn't want to fall but it was just so much going on that I wasn't blogging as much as I should have but I did get some clips so that's why I'm inserting whatever Clips I did have but I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know what your experiences of like if you had to have an emergency c-section what happened with you or you know if you had an emergency and unexpected birth which I feel like most moms have like nothing ever goes according to plan so let me know what your experience was like like I said thank you guys so much for watching I love you all so much and until next time

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