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hey guys and welcome to vlogmas day 23 so Doug is working from home today and he's brought me breakfast in bed so cute his breakfasts are so funny there's like turkey bacon four pieces of safe which I don't really know where he got that you guys are always laughing because we have like either like one mushroom or like one cherry tomato I don't know why we do that eggs toast and coffee so Doug makes his own eggs apparently it's like the Gordon Ramsay style and it's with loads of butter and sour cream but I swear they're like the best eggs in the whole world he's gonna take a vitamin things I know they're really perfect if you're like not trying to watch a week why do you have to do that use everything like a little salt yeah so my water just broke I think unless that was Nevis but I'm pretty sure because I felt like multiple gushes of liquid and yeah some sit on the towel and we're going to the doctors Doug's freaking out but he's looking up directions I'm driving now now we're leaving mom counting them okay mom I'm not all right yeah I would go forward to that house liase let it be you know if they continue like a chip in it and you do like you know the birth is imminent then you need to go to the closest emergency room so Doug and I are almost to the hospital and my contractions are what two and a half minutes apparently I don't know what happened you were just cleaning things and then all of a sudden you're like well baby's coming oh my water broke holy moly yeah basically just feels like intense lower back pain and abdominal pain but yeah at least you have a break in between us like right now I feel okay but when they come it's so bad it's like a really intense period cramp really and like I said and all my privacy blogs are hospitals like 50 minutes away so I called my doctor to see if Blanc call my doctor to see if I should go to the emergency room and they said no so we're like four minutes away from the hospital so I think we should be fine four minutes away sitting at a red light next time I'll know better what to do you have the more I thought they were Braxton Hicks everyone's like you'll know when you know No like I have a really high pain tolerance seriously thought is Braxton Hicks nice you've been taking the ribbon no I I just got Eve 10:27 talking to laboring Delivery Unit so I'm in between the contractions that's why I'm blogging and Doug already can't handle it I told him he needed to vlog and he's already freaking out he's calling his mom to tell her to come cuz there's seven hours away yeah we're at the house I'll text you the address two and a half minutes apart but see that's what we don't have us because they're just all of a sudden we just came out wider smaller something that was just to happen I don't know so much water yeah so yeah how I feel find our yeah if she probably isn't that beans so here's Haley we've went from the car to here and ice chips so now we're just getting another contraction let's go alright so Haley's here she's about four centimeters dilated and ninety percent he thinks he faced what I don't know what that means apparently the baby's head's really low and she just needs to dilate more and then Haley got her epidural so her pain went from a arm chopping ten to a three I think something like that right like a three yeah no idea how it's done naturally because she was sitting there just writhing and her mom and I would have to sit there and like rubber lower back I probably shouldn't be recording in here but I am anyways it's pretty crazy well yours helium and looks like Annabelle needs to come out sooner than we thought so she's getting a c-section yeah it should be fine but guess who else gets to go on there yeah there she is for a second she's long eyelashes I Annabelle dad she does have yeah you're right I just got out of my surgery and it was pretty crazy I'll have to tell you things about it later but everything went well and she's still perfect and cute and there I'm in a recovery and I don't I cannot feel anything from like my ribs down like nothing I can't even wiggle my toes he's really gonna be the Acme baby I don't know that's not yeah yeah Danna see so much as he told us it she sure is cute hey there in the bill look she's like I think of nothing about things so we're in like in my final hospital room I'm starting to get feeling back in my legs back in the world cannot wait to tell you guys what happened with it he's richer it's literally insane like it feels like I'm in like a dreamlike state that's like I don't even know if I'm gonna remember I need to take notes let's just say I was praying in turn time anyways yeah I'm just laying here yeah I'm so sad because I didn't get to where money hospital gown I'm gonna wear it to my upper pictures were yeah your Annabelle she's doing she should be done she's like getting washed and said no shirt he got all that done she got shot that was literally crying in there what is going on and offered him her he's kind of an operating room when I'm just like get it together I'm the one that's getting she's just yeah she looks just like Doug I know but I was weird because she's a girl but she has his nose and I think his nose is perfect I'll turn to the side look at that nose and she has big lips just like Doug yeah I'll see what she and she's so hairy she has long lashes like Doug okay good so yeah I'm not allowed to eat for like a long time I'm on the liquid diet although I haven't had any liquid yeah I think you have to wait like another hour so all I can think about his courage in here someone mentioned it like when I was going into labor and I was like Bernal I'm just chilling with baby Annabelle she got like um what are those like eyedrops and I know Lakshmi Narayan I don't know they put something in her eyes apparently they do that to all babies that's why her eye is red she's sleeping away and we already breastfed and she latched on like right away she was really good you're supposed to breastfeed every two hours so we're waiting like a little bit I think we have like 31 minutes left Doug's keeping track he's also eating top ramen and I feel bad that he haven't eaten so I was like you better go pick something from the vending machine and the nurse was like oh my god how could he eat in front of you you know like aren't you mad and I was like no my brother can be well fed and happy and helping me see he's over there eating top ramen but I have enjoy a cut in my stomach so I'm not even hungry and all my snacks have been eaten the shipper amor okay go hurry she's hairy yeah she's got a lot of hair we're gonna put her back in her crib yeah I can't this is so annoying you guys all of these needles and stuff Toad's already cracking me up he's trying to swaddle her but he's so afraid like he thinks he's gonna break her or something Doug what are you doing oh she has you'll have to change her we'll get the new diaper first and Doug is legit looking at a video on how to change a baby's diaper and I can't help because obviously I'm impaired you want to call the Durst eggless he's panicking already look at that face yeah scared why it's cute for her

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