this is literally the last time we're ever gonna leave without a baby in our car like for real for real we're leaving we're gonna have a baby how do you feel shit I just wanna I am just so excited I'm just thankful for the experience that we've had so far and I'm glad he's healthy and he's just ready to come out she's crazy I can't even believe this is really happening come on little dude I just slide out please easily early this morning at 4 a.m. I was laying in bed and I like turned over and I felt I gosh I'm liquid come out and I like woke up like immediately and went and I stood up and then I just stopped there and then I Shane was asleep and I turned and I just went shaitaan' Lamon my water just broke if I didn't it was a real thing but now looking back it's like I love that that's the start to this story yesterday I walked so much I walked with my mother-in-law and I walked with my mom and I danced and like at night I was dancing instead and Shane took videos of that I just love like I just love the timing of the I'm just praying everything goes so smooth that he comes out healthy and safe and we already love him so much I can't even imagine holding him and looking at his face how much like more that love is gonna grow like gosh I'm just so excited but everything's ready for him at home – I can't believe we need to bring him home he's gonna live at our house with us and now Shane's got work off my both my parents randomly have a lot of time off right now that's perfect it's really perfect so my mom is heading to the hospital and so exchange mom they're both going to be in there and I invited them to be in there during the delivery and then afterwards we'll have people visiting when were in postpartum care I can't believe this is happening you kind of like think about this your whole life as a girl well for me I thought about it my whole life and now it's happening and I'm about to have a baby and like it's something I'll be able to say I accomplished is like giving birth like that's a huge accomplishment I think that's everything that was on my brain that I wanted to capture here we go let's see all us I've got pillow our bag that we're sharing Cameron bag and we're walking in last time walking with this bump that's crazy here's our room we just got checked in there's some of our stuff away Shane's changing got some essentials right near my bed oh wait this 1:35 right now and then there said maybe late tonight or tomorrow our moms are on our way here we got life time going because we're gonna be here for a lifetime and now we're just waiting for on their way and we're waiting for our nurse to come give us the the game plan my mom just got here yeah and she brought me McGill what time is it 38 what the contractions feel like cuz they started like 15 minutes after the pitocin started so I was just like sitting like propped up and it was just like piercing into my both my like he hit phones in the back where it felt like someone was in there and like pushing them to crack them and then so she had me turn my side cuz he was facing side up so the back of his head was doing that so now then I'm more in the front but like this position like opens my hips up a ton and helps it up a ton like I'm gonna be nervous because I was like almost intolerable right from the start are you feeling okay it's 9:45 just kind of feeling good shakey love it my kid all I got I couldn't feel his head pushing him down so they got they should start getting all the stuff ready for him I mean I'm dressing Katie's here oh I'm gonna stay with it epidural so I found that I do that when I face shame I help chin tan and then she did a shot I just and like very still my back art she she did a shot that was supposed to an image completely he's gonna burn a bit of that but it really wasn't bad at all and then what I didn't want to happen which is what happened was that contraction during the part where you can't move but then she Tommy Lee took breathe slower so it sounds kind of really fast quickly not sure how did you act right now and then once I did that and then she finished it Katherine's house now and a bunch of my feet dry now and then now that the attractions just feel like I have to go pee I can't oh I don't even remember what time the ones thinking up things like two hours ago like 2,000 times flying so calm epidural have a peanut ball comes for my legs and I literally just jumped from a three to an eight I get started feeling the pressure like they say like it's gonna be like I need a poop I started feeling it and then I I said it and then it got stronger the next time and then the next time and then the next time I'm like okay it's not a collar since I've never felt this before so called her then she goes you're feeling that because you have an eight nothing tripped me out it is so crazy it's 10:40 p.m. right now I'm shaking because she said there's a surge of hormones that's not some cold or anything just hormones yeah so no she just said how long that's what she trusts me again she said once you start to feel that pressure more she'll come and check you think she's gonna come flip you on your side soon yeah there's the cameraman I was feeling a lot of pressure so I called her back in and I'm at a nine and a half and that was like how many minutes later like 15 20 so every time I have a contraction it feels like I'm gonna poop 14 18 minutes I went a centimeter and a half they take this you went from three to like nine and a half in like five hours there's an interstate 40 epidural how big do you think mom 9:8 like me like 21 inches 21.5 so she came in and checked again and she was nine and a half a little bit of cervix left and it is 11 almost 11:15 right now how you feeling what do you keep saying you're gonna what in the next clip might be him [Applause] you're huge [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it'll fit you're on hold on I feel this you you


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