Labor & Delivery Story— Preeclampsia? — Induction! — No Anesthesiologist!?

hey everyone so today's video is going to be my labor and delivery story with my youngest son Liam who is going to be one in less than a week in about five days I can't believe it times gone by so fast he's actually laying on my lap right now breastfeeding we're still going strong almost twelve months but um see his butt kicking when your mom you got a multitask right so anyways he's not feeling well today he has strep throat I don't know he must have got it from daycare so I'm going to talk a little bit about my labor and delivery story with him I wrote down a few notes but trying to do this from memory I do have a blog post on my blog WWWE you know awhile ago when it was still more fresh in my memory about my labor and delivery story but I'm just gonna go over it as I remember so I was 38 weeks and five days or four days I believe actually at this point I was 38 weeks in three days and I was going in for my 38 week appointment with I saw the PA at my doctor's office and my blood pressure was a little bit high so she said you know what I'm just gonna send you over to labor and delivery so that you can get some blood work done just make sure you don't have preeclampsia which is a condition during pregnancy that causes high blood pressure and can even cause seizures in pregnant moms so just to be on the safe side she said we're gonna send you over and just make sure everything's all right I think my blood pressure was like 150 over 90 something which was high for me usually I run in then one teens like 116 over you know 60 or 70 right okay bm1 Sammy can appearance alright guys back to the story so we so as this is happening my husband is actually away he was a few hours away doing some side jobs you know we're trying to save up as much money as possible for this new baby coming and my dad was in town he was helping me watch my older son Noah who was six about to be seven and so he was in town and at this point I didn't even have a car my husband had our truck where he was that and I had just sold my car a few months prior so that I could have some money for when the new baby came so I went over to labor and delivery they hooked me up to the monitors everything looked good no contractions no not dilated at all my blood pressure was still high they did blood work blood work came back okay they sent me home with a jug to collect my pee for 24 hours basically and keep it in the fridge I know gross and then bring it back the next day just to check for any protein in my urine which could indicate that I would have preeclampsia and the reason that they collect your urine for 24 hours is because like the urine sample that they get might not have protein in it but you might excrete it at a certain time of day so they just have you do it for 24 hours and then check the whole thing and see how much protein is in there if there is any to determine if you're at risk or you have preeclampsia so hi my love it's okay I know you don't feel well yeah I know baby no what's that so anyways I went home my dad actually I had taken his Jeep so I drove back to my dad's I was I stayed the night there I could not sleep that night I just have like this weird feeling like I don't know but I just knew that the next day like I don't know that I was gonna have the baby I just had a feeling and so I went to labor and delivery the next day my dad dropped me off with my jug of pee and I took it up to the triage and they hooked me up to the monitors and everything they said okay we're gonna send it to the lab we'll have you we'll just monitor you while you're while we wait for what the results are and we'll call your doctor with the results and then figure out a plan from there so while I was there my blood pressure was still high it was like 190 over not 19152 160 over 90 there's one 9002 said I would take this baby out now but it wasn't 190 so I they came back and they said okay there's no protein in your urine so we called your doctor she said you know just come to the office in the morning but I don't know something I said okay I felt a little bit weird leaving but I was okay with it so I started getting dressed and the nurse came back in and she said actually your doctor called back she was wondering how you would feel about being induced right now you know because if you're continuing to have the high blood pressure she doesn't even want to take a risk of you developing preeclampsia because it can come on very suddenly and cause seizures and a lot of issues so and you know what I just I felt I was really scared but I just felt like that was the right decision at that time was to induce labor so within like an hour I was set up in my room I had my IV put in and I called my husband I said hey look I'm sorry you got to cut that job early because we're having a baby so my husband you know left and it was a few hours away I called my twin sister my aunt my mom and everyone told them that we're gonna have the baby so my son came to visit me at the hospital and it was a little bit emotional because I could like it was our last day when he was my only child and I just you know I loved him so I loved him so much and I just couldn't imagine like you know I I couldn't imagine life with another child and it was you know an emotional for both of us and he was just scared seeing me in the hospital with IVs and everything but then so they put in my first dose of cytotec which is like a medication that softens your cervix so she put that in and checked me and I was not not dilated at all zero centimeters and so that was supposed to send my cervix and she was gonna be giving that to me every four hours if I remember correctly until I got to a three and then they were gonna start pitocin in the IV so right now I'm just was getting fluids and the cytotec every four hours she said it probably won't be until you know the next day maybe mid-afternoon the next day you know before any action really happens I said okay this was about 6 p.m. she came in at 10:00 did another dose of the Saida tech I still dogs that's enough the dogs have been barking and Brody Brody Brody all day so she came in put another dose of the side of tech still zero centimeters dilated I said oh this is never I was feeling like some contractions but they weren't showing up on the monitor yet so us figured oh maybe they're not really contractions then I think it was about 2:00 a.m. 10:00 11:12 mine too yes where I got my third doses cytotec I had not been able to sleep I was just super uncomfortable I so I got that dose right now at the hospital is my husband my twin sister and my aunt are all at the hospital with me and they're sleeping there I told him go home guys the baby's not gonna be born til the next day and they said no they're not they're not risking missing the birth I said okay fine are you tired my love so I um after that 2:00 p.m. dose I think at 3:00 like almost 3:00 like 2:30 maybe um my water broke after and I was still zero centimeters dilated so my water broke like I remember I was just laying there in bed and I was trying to fall asleep and I was tossing and turning and I couldn't sleep but there was no contractions showing up on the monitor I'm like oh something's something's fishy because I was I was in a lot of pain and and so I at about 2:30 3:00 in the morning my water broke all over the I just felt up like a pop and water all over the bed woke up my husband ah my water broke my water broke he started cleaning up his bed are you sleeping because he knew you know baby's coming so my water broke I said let me get up and go pee real quick before I know that I'm gonna be stuck in the bed for you know a long time so I went I got up I peed and when I was getting back to bed the pain just came on like all of a sudden ten out of ten I couldn't I could not take that pain oh it was it was like the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life even worse than when my that my first son was born now maybe it's just because I don't remember the pain with him that much because it had been seven years but it was one of the worst pains I've ever experienced I felt like my insides were being to have it with a knife not to scare you guys but to be honest that's how I felt and you know I right when I got back in the bed this is right after my water broke I thought it was still zero centimeters a night husband or some like you know how long do I have to wait for an epidural because you know I'm dying here like I said please give me anything like I don't care and she said we'll call the anesthesiologist but you know I was at a time in a small town so there's not like any anesthesiologist always in the hospital and she said he's on call he's at his hotel he will be here we'll call him now I said oh great so he has to be here within the hour well that hour was the worst hour my entire life and I was probably only forty-five minutes but I was dying in pain I was screaming I was screaming at my knight and I never scream I'm a quiet person I tried to like internalize my pain and just you know breathe through it and I couldn't I was like telling them like you know just give me a c-section I was doing so much pain I don't know who's because my it was my second birth or what but it was so bad and so by the time the anesthesiologist got there I'm telling them like the lady hasn't checked me since my water broke and it's been she said I'll check you you know after you get your epidural so it's not it doesn't cause you too much pain and I'm thinking like oh my gosh what when the anesthesia I could feel like the baby like trying to come out when the anesthesiologist got there it had only been like 45 minutes since my water broke but like no joke I felt the baby coming out I went from in the in CG ologist is like how dilated issue and the nurse is like well she was a zero 45 minutes ago and um you know she know the monitor is not picking up my contractions so everybody's looking is the monitor end up broken but everybody's looking at me like I'm crazy screaming in this pain and then no contractions but she's going based off with my contractions that like my me verbally telling her that I'm having a contraction and the baby's heart rate he was having some early decels which means like you know the head is coming down and so they're trying to get me this epidural like as quick as possible and I'm like I'm leaning over the table you kind of have to like lean over and bend your back so that you can put the epidural in and dogs dogs dogs dogs Brody stop it Brody Brody come here that's enough so I'm leaning over and I can feel the baby's head like right there suddenly trying to get this epidural and I'm telling the nurse like I promise the baby's coming out and she's like okay just breathe breathe and I think I gave me the epidural and I rolled on my back and she's like okay I'm gonna check you and she's like okay you're a ten I'm like what so I basically went from a zero to a ten within 45 minutes to an hour which explains why I was in like severe excruciating pain because I wasn't getting any breaks between the contractions I'm getting like excited talking about this because I just remember how painful it was but um she said I need the doctor it's just so they had to call the doctor cuz it's 4:30 in the morning when he was born at 4:30 so they called the doctor and she said okay try not to push and you know that it's a and they're telling my sister the epidural is probably not gonna work because she's already ten and all this stuff and I was just I just needed to get this baby out because it was an intense amount of pain and so the doctor of that I see the doctor walk in I just say oh I think God you know the end of this pain is in sight and the epidural still hadn't kicked in yet it had been maybe like 10 or 15 minutes but um so I do like a few pushes and then they start putting oxygen on me and telling me the baby's getting tired and that I need to get this baby out and you know I'm a nurse so that accused me like oh something's wrong in distress the baby needs to come out right now and once they told me that the next push he was born he was good he was one oh don't hit mama hey nice smeared lipstick all over me and you baby Leah would he said hi hi it's me and he was perfect and they laid him on my chest they laid him on my chest for an hour he was seven pounds seven ounces born on seven seven seventy and that was my labor and delivery story with Williams I had to get some stitches I have like a second-degree tear so by the time by the time the epidural had kicked in and they were able to give me my stitches and everything like that but um yeah so that was my labor and delivery story with my second son Liam sorry for the background noise with all the dogs anyways we'll see guys later are you being funny are you being funny good Eve my nose are you gonna eat my nose you think my lips are a different color cuz I'm wearing lipstick okay

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