I'm actually pretty nervous because you never know when she's gonna like break when the waters gonna break so that's gonna be like I'm I'm actually anxious for that day because I want to see him and I want to like see what you look like regardless whatever you look like you gonna be cute he's gonna come after you and I'm gonna spoil mission one find me a bag a whole hour in there it was $180 no I've seen AVI hey guys they're on our way – what is look on the labor tour say hi to the camera Jurina how many water break this one you are breathing like so so many seconds of five minutes give you like two minutes yeah but there is the think on early stage early stage labor so people will to the hospital yeah and then they send them right back because they're not ready basically I think it is much like he goes like whatever I said is like the worst painting did you get a man but everybody says that but um I'm gonna take I feel like I'm good at taking pain how was you guys trip that's out what I wanted okay it was cold in there yeah but the crackers was of this really Mickey and the work we're doing I just hope to make it's a big room a big comfy room so you could be a mess yeah

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