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hi I'm Lacey I am the licensed acupuncturist here at finish line wellness and today we're going to be treating Abbi we're going to be teaching you are showing you rather an acupuncture treatment for labor induction and at the end of the video we'll also be showing you how to do acupressure to help stimulate labor as well at home so alright we're going to start with adding here which she is not pregnant but she is our lovely assistant today lovely patient so we're just going to do a couple points so with labor induction we want to be doing points that are very stimulating so these are points that we avoid during pregnancy because they do promote blood flow to the pelvis and they're very strong moving points but once we're ready to have the baby so add about 40 weeks then we can stimulate these points so most of the points you'll notice will be at the legs this is to help create a down bearing effect and then just a couple on the hands and one between the eyes so we'll start at the point between the eyes and this one is really just to help calm so typically when we're getting closer to having the baby we're getting really nervous excited this point between the eyes just helps to calm the mind decrease anxiety the next point will be on the hand this is a really good moving point and we usually stimulate the points a little bit stronger for labor induction as well the next point will be on the leg you so we'll place the needles first and then we'll do the stimulation after they've all been placed just to help strengthen the treatment a little bit more all right so those are the basic points that we would use if she had other symptoms going on if she had some acid reflux and we may add in a couple of extra points on the inside of the wrist to help with the stomach to calm that down or if she had some other things going on then we may add some extra points but this is just the basic treatment to help stimulate blood flow to the pelvis so once they are all in place and we would go around and just lightly stimulate the points and we check in with the patient so we ask her to tell us once she feels a really deep achy sensation from the needles so we'll tell Abby to just let us know when you start to feel that sensation and then we'll stop I'm feeling it there no now I do okay so then I'll let it rest we'll move on to the next point and again will stimulate until she feels a deep sensation so it's just like a pulling really heavy sensation it should never be sharp or shooting okay on to the next point and if Abby were actually pregnant these points would be much more sensitive so it would only take just a couple seconds before she would start to feel that sensation the last one on the hinge yep all right so then ones just failing all of the points we would let her rest and then the next thing that we would do if she were pregnant is we would use Clary sage essential oils so this is a really strong blood moving oil as well you cannot use it during pregnancy it's one of the only contraindicated essential oils during pregnancy but when you're ready to have the baby it's definitely very beneficial helps to calm the mind and then we rub it on the abdomen with a little bit of fractionated coconut oil as well and it's a really calming scent helps to calm the mother down shoe and then we'll also baby will probably start to move around a little bit as well once you add that on we won't do that on Abby because she's not actually pregnant now but if she were then we would use that treatment as well and let her rest for about 20 minutes and we would you maybe do a little bit of acupressure at her feet as well so just kind of pressing at the bottom of the feet there's some really strong points at the bottom of the feet as well that we don't typically like to needle just because they're really strong so we do a little bit of acupressure just to help create that down bearing effect as well and then we let her rest and then we would take out the needles so now at the end of the treatment we would teach Abby and maybe have her partner come in as well to teach her how to do acupressure at home so this is something that you can also do at home so the first point so mainly we'll just be showing you how to do all of the points that we did with acupuncture but just using pressure so the first point you'll find at the base of the patella so this is the knee here and you want to take three fingers your three fingers right at the base of the patella here travel along the tibia and you'll find this just right off of the tibia and even if you want to travel down the bone your thumb will kind of naturally fall into a little depression and you will be able to feel this if you're 40 weeks pregnant ready to have the baby this point will be very sensitive on you there's also another point which we did not needle on Abby on the inside of the knee as well which you'll also find if you travel along the bone there will be just a light spot right at the corner here where your finger will fall into a depression there as well so once you find these points and you can use one hand on one side a thumb on the other you just want to press and massage you can use circular motions if you like you can just press and hold and you can do one point at a time or you can do multiple points at a time it's easier if you have a partner or somebody else to do these for you and then you can relax a little more deeply as well so usually we want to press and stimulate for about 10-15 seconds at each point and you'll be able to feel the sensation it won't be as strong as getting an acupuncture treatment but it's a way for you to kind of extend the treatment at home and keep the body stimulated keep the nervous system stimulated as well so the next point the one that we needled earlier is the same thing you want to take your three fingers right above the ankle bone here and you want to all again find a depression in that area so you can travel up along the bone your finger will just naturally fall into a little depression in that area and you want to press and hold massage and I usually like to do both sides at the same time so I'll use my thumb on this side and then it will go over to the other leg and travel along the bone about three inches up until I find a depression on that side and then I'll just press and hold both points and I like to massage do a little bit of circular motion and I also like to check in with the patient too so if I'm doing acupressure or if your partner we're doing it then I would ask Abby if she's feeling a sensation here if it's not that tender then we might move a little bit up or a little bit down are you feeling this where them yep perfect so everybody is a little bit different you can try to find the points you know anatomically where they're supposed to be located but everybody's body is a little bit different so you know it might not be exactly three fingers up above the bone it might be four fingers above so you just need to kind of feel around and wherever it's the most sensitive point that's where you want to be pressing and then at the top of the foot so in between the big toe and the second toe these bones here come to meet and you want to press your thumb right in that spot and it's sometimes it's kind of tough you want to kind of use your nail just to get it a little stronger sensation and what I like to do is press on the bottom of the foot at the same time because that's also another acupuncture point so just like to press and hold and you then on both sides ideally and again you want to check in and make sure that she's feeling this sensation that it's not too strong but you do want it to be strong enough so that she's feeling a little bit of that deep achy sensation like she was with the acupuncture are you feeling this yep good and then we would move to her hands so we would do both sides so make sure that you do both legs whether you do them at the same time or whether you start on one side and then move to the next you want to make sure that you're always evening out doing both sides so the last point that we would stimulate would be on the hands so just like on the foot the thumb and the first finger come to me to the bones and then you want to press right in the fleshy estar chair so use your thumb and just press and hold until she feels that sensation and you may feel this it travels up along the nervous system up into the arm and into the neck and shoulder area so once you really find that spot you may feel it traveling up the arm too and that's that's a good sign it's a good sign that we're stimulating can you feel this point yes and again just press massage about 10-15 seconds and you can do this as often as you like and baby will probably be moving around a lot during during this time too and that's a good sign that things are moving and progressing then we would move to the other side and do the same thing so right in between the two bones press and massage until she feels that sensation traveling up her arm can you feel that yep and again at home I would be also after I either before or after doing the acupressure I would be using that Clary sage essential oil with some coconut oil on the abdomen you can also use that on the feet as well so you could make a mixture of coconut oil or whatever type of carrier oil that you have with Clary sage and rub it all over the feet and just do you know you don't have to be a masseuse to be able to just lightly massage your partner's feet and get her to calm down it's very relaxing everybody loves a foot rub and then you're also stimulating several different points on the bottom of the feet as well and that's how you help to induce labor with acupressure thank you you

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