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so today I'm going to be getting the deuce I am 39 weeks right now I'm just eating my nice meal they told me to eat before I come in I'm very nervous I don't know I'll let you guys know when I get to the hospital you so we're here at the hospital and I'm super nervous this is almost the last time is anybody there I'm hearing nothing but scream them women having babies and them super nose oh baby the baby's on yeah like a little mattress over right there they say I can like in a bathtub so the next time you guys see me I will be in the girl okay guys so I'm in the hospital bag they got me hooked so they say they're gonna put some pitocin IV which is going to start me with having contractions you nervous my blood pressure went up a little bit high they said cuz I was nervous but I'm just praying to everything be okay I just got the idea in my head it was almost the hardest thing contractions you can see me right there I'm sitting this is where it shows you your contractions and your baby's heartbeat those came back and hit me back up to the IV the baby's born okay it's 250 almost three o'clock and we're still here they put the medicine IV they made the construction stronger they are a little bit stronger but not strong enough my water hasn't broken anything like that yet I've been here since 8 o'clock this morning so just about seven hours so we will see when she comes the doctor just came in and checked my cervix they told him that I was dilated so 4 centimeters so because it's moving so slowly she said that they're gonna go ahead and break my water so they're gonna break my water and in about one hour at 4:00 p.m. right now I'm just waiting I can't feel my legs though epidural definitely help me you lay it down just lay it down baby I probably I may need to do my push I don't know how I feel sleepy too at the same time oh my god I think the baby's coming right now he's comin everything okay you feel lots of pressure still okay oh I'm gonna be your new labor nurse bear down baby good job good job girl you you

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  1. I would like to first Thank God for allowing to to be able to have the strength to deliver and give life !!! I appreciate everyone who has genuinely wished me a safe delivery! Londynn was born 6/24/2019 at 7 pm 7pounds 1 ounce 19in long ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Omg bae 😩❤️ idk you were naming your baby Londynn that’s the name I picked for my baby but it’s spelled London ☺️ congrats bae she’s so pretty you had me crying 😢

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