hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you're all doing so well so today's video is going to be my very long awaited labor and delivery story you guys have been requesting this video like naraba literally since the day I gave birth you guys have wanted to know this whole story I mean I finally got the chance to film it although I don't know how long I have because Madeline just woke up and I just fed her and she's being quiet so I don't know how long I have until she cries but I'm gonna do my best and I'm also gonna introduce you guys to her in this video so I'm really excited about that so yeah also I sound really nasally because I have a little bit of a cold so I do apologize in advance it's really annoying me so if my voice annoys you guys to you I apologize that completely understand cuz it's driving me nuts yeah I don't even know what else to say so I am going to jump right into this video and I hope you guys enjoy it you said I don't exactly know where to start exactly but maybe I'll just start by saying that I my due date was the 12th of April and I gave birth and exactly 41 weeks so I was exactly one week late and I ended up having her on Friday the 19th of April and up until then I didn't really up like up until my due date I had absolutely no sign that she was coming I didn't feel any different like I knew she wasn't going to come on my due date so um days kept going by and I was just I was getting so upset and I was doing crazy like I was just over being pregnant um up until Wednesday the 17th of April that's when I started to get contractions I start up until that Wednesday I felt another thing but then I woke up that Wednesday morning and I was like oh something was not right and I remember texting me because he had just left for work and I was like hey keep your phone on you I think something's on happens today um I was getting like why period cramps and I'm never like throughout my whole pregnancy I was just like how will you know like I've never had a baby before I don't know what a contraction fuels like I don't know well I people say just no and I was like but how do you just know if you've never been through it but in that moment I hadn't wet new so I come people say you just know you know so yeah I like a little my period like cramps and just that whole day I was on like it was just off I was having very very light contractions and yeah I just saw her off that whole day and then I went to sleep at about midnight and white prawns thing go into the bathroom and I lost my bloody show if you don't know if that is Google oh yeah so I went to sleep and I woke up at 2:00 in the morning with the Murrays like a little most painful but I think cuz I got worse throughout the day but it was it was a contraction it was painful and I couldn't get back to sleep so I was having contractions all Wednesday during the day and then like throughout the day they just started to get worse but when I went to sleep at midnight I woke up at 2:00 in the morning on Thursday and they were intense so I called the hospital and about 3:00 in the morning because I had a hospital appointment that day anyway so I was just I didn't really know what to do so I called the hospital know why I'm just monitor it I'm still coming for your appointment and we'll see I will monitor you will see like what the goal is from it so I couldn't go back to sleep like they were coming in like I was I was actually contracting every 15 20 minutes and then I had my appointment at my remember field was 11:00 in the morning what OPM and but it was around that time I'm so I went in for my appointment and I was so contracting the whole time and then the doctor was just like oh it's like it's your first baby it's probably you know probably gonna be long serious for a few days but she checks me and I was only one centimeter dilated so she gave me a stretch and swathe which was probably one of literally the most uncomfortable ever done hmm don't want to do that again it was yeah it was very uncomfortable yeah so she gave me stretching sleep and she said just see how you go and yeah she basically just told me like I was I was gonna be like contracting for a few more days so which was wrong so that was around like 12 12 p.m. on Thursday the 18th and after the stretching this way my contractions were just getting so much worse I feel already pretty bad from from like literally 2:00 a.m. so is there morning to all that appointment they were very painful but I've got a pretty good pain tolerance like I would say that I have a higher tolerance for pain I don't even know how to explain I just like continued on my day like while contracting say straight after the stretch and sleep they my contractions started to get so much worse but I still just like I was timing them on my app actually I kept that up specifically for this video I just downloaded some contractions app on the App Store from actually the moment I started timing my contractions so like 2:00 in the morning there were literally they were going from like 8 minutes to 5 minutes back to 6 minutes and then 15 minutes apart literally up until I went to the hospital I had I had two hundred or one contractions and then I stopped time when I got to the hospital but yeah so after stretching sleep we went out to lunch and literally I was contracting the whole time and it was getting very painful I would walk a little bit and I'd have to stop and then breathe and then continue and then yeah so we wouldn't sorry it wasn't lunch we had dinner because I didn't we didn't go would you call it lunch it was that like 3 o'clock I don't even know it I'll hold on lunch anyway point being we went out we went to eat the entire town was contracting yeah I was in a lot of pain and then we went hurting went home I took a shower whatever was just breathing through my contractions and they were getting pretty bad I'd like to that point so I called the hospital at about six six or seven and they were like don't come in until they're lasting a minute and they're about three to four minutes apart however my contractions were lasting one to two minutes and they were between four and seven minutes apart that's how bad they got to actual into the hospital I think I called back at around 12 and she said the same thing and I was like okay okay I tracked it out of sleep I could not go to sleep like the pain was just like getting pretty bad like it wasn't it was getting bad to the point that I literally couldn't I couldn't lay down I couldn't like to think of anything else like I was just like oh so painful I need to do something about it but it wasn't I wouldn't say it was unbearable yet so I called again at about 1:30 and I was like wow this is getting really painful they're lasting two nuts and they're four to seven minutes apart I know I'm gonna come in you can check me if you think that I need to go home then feel free to send me home but I'm going to come in because I feel like I need to come in and she was like okay just so that will probably send you home and I was like okay but I'm coming and now it's harder I remember tons are on the phone I don't even though I can't call me like they may petition sent me home I was like oh yeah and I just just want to let you know that I I think I would be epidural because I'm yours let me get more painful and I don't know I just I just wanted that to have the epidural even in that member when I told her that I wanted I wasn't in like the worst pain of my life but it was painful don't get me wrong like it was pain cool and like I was walking around I was like oh I'm in so much pain um I like my husband like didn't know what to do but like I knew it was gonna get worse I was like yeah I want the epidural if you don't agree with the epidural please just refrain from commenting i'm each to their own some people love it some people hate it for me with what I went through in my labor I'm so happy I had it because if I didn't have the epidural I think I would have died on that bed from pain um but yeah I'll obviously as a story yours you'll know why yeah she was just like okay and then we went to the hospital I got to the hospital at 2:00 in the morning and that was actually my first all-nighter that I've ever pulled I was awake from 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning till 2:00 a.m. Friday morning absolutely no sleep yeah so I got to the hospital she obviously saw that I was like contracting really badly put them on top of me and then she was I could probably keep it you know overnight um one or two you and we'll see how we go and then she asks me like a bunch of questions I felt my contractions and stuff and I would tell my app and I just like showed her she was like okay we'll probably break your orders so they broke my waters I think what's the hospital like 15 20 minutes and then they broke my orders and then they realized when they broke my waters that little Madeleine had did a little poop in my belly and if you didn't know if a baby poops in your belly it's pretty bad for them if they eat it it could be fatal um so okay we need to get out so in order to induce you and then when they said that I was like oh I never wanted to be induced because I knew like with Ames you see what the drip it's more painful so I'll say okay when am I getting my epidural but they said out now a little put the drip in till the morning they were just I would just contract overnight they gave me a shot of morphine in my butt and they're like that'll help take off the edge so you can get some sleep check our discuss maternal focus she's crying I'm gonna go get her just let me know sorry about that we're back it's someone's bedtime someone is very overtired so I'm just gonna keep her yoga I'm just in case you race up again we have our friend clover their wife helping us out Oh isn't the mayor yesterday I bought a whole weeks ago it's aa requires to be helping us stay by don't know if you'll actually hear but it plays um some white noise with like a heartbeat and it's been helping her fall asleep she really likes white noise and we get to the secret you can say yeah we love clopin anyway back to the story so yeah I think I was at the part about the morphine yeah anyway I'm pretty sure um so yeah they told me that they were going to give me a shot of morphine to help take the edge off of the pain but I got happy because I was like okay cool he lots of stories about morphine like that is like one of the best painkillers ever let's do this um so they gave me a shot of morphine in my butt and yeah it did nothing don't not take any of the edge off yeah it didn't really make much of a difference at all so I just actually like breathe through the pain and that is one of the best bits of advice I can give anyone like just breathe through the pain because it helps more than you can know I know more than you could imagine anyway come today him they won't stop my trip and I was like no way I would ever do before you start me on the drip because I know it's gonna get very painful very fast they were like look can't remember what the reasoning was why they wanted to stop me then um I think because a midwife I heard was talking off a specific time and I really wanted to stay because I really like to so yeah they put me on the drip and at first it wasn't like I didn't feel a difference that quickly but in about how I was like getting so much something whenever is that epidural at so yeah I was on a trip for a little while and then anesthesia is finally came gave me my epidural oh wait no sorry before that they gave her the gas and so many people would tell me like you think off you use a gas take the gas because it is the best thing ever you're on like cloud nine or whatever I tried the gas and can I just say from my experience like it was the dumbest thing anyone had ever give me like the gas did absolutely nothing for me like if anything you made my voice I'm gonna be deeper that's I did sound like a little bit manly but it didn't make me high I didn't like it didn't help with the pain it just made this whistling noise and I felt like that whistling noise was a distraction from the pain but it just annoyed me so I literally just like chucked and I was like I don't want it but I'm like breathing through it I hoped it the pain so much more so I told the gospel which we like two minutes and I was like you know that doesn't do anything so I will just breathe through the contraction so yeah I found that actually helps the pain so much more and then the epidural finally came and they just gave me the epidural and it is a little bit painful when I do it – I'm not gonna lie but it is an actual and actual godsend like once I had that every journal like do you feel pressure but you don't feel pain and it was amazing also kind of mine it almost like this is fun like labor is actually fun I could do this begin yeah so at from my own experience I'd be like oh yeah take the epidural cuz honestly like it was great off to that um I took a nap I slept for a while head directly anything I don't even remember um I was cracking jokes like yeah it was fun and then there was a few times I had to like they turned off the drip really too like a higher dose which obviously brought on the contractions more but I couldn't feel like I could just feel pressure but a few times I had to turn it down because she started to get a stressed a little bit today I had to keep turning it down and then they put it up a little bit and then and then I was 9 and a half centimeters and she was like you can stop pushing so really excited I was like oh I'm about to make my baby like how freaking exciting right and now in my log like just with my luck with everything um some real always has to go wrong like for example I had such an amazing pregnancy amazing it was like a textbook pregnancy nothing went wrong it was great until the last few weeks like everything that could go home well not everything that kind of pretty fun wrong but just like so much like happened like I had sciatica throughout my pregnancy but in like the last you makes it just like so much worse I started to have really bad pregnancy carpal tunnel and I wanted lucky for you that also got the pups rash pops rash is just a rush that you get while you're pregnant and it goes away once you do that mine phone would be worse after I gave birth but then it went away after a couple weeks but yeah so that happened and then labor happened so I went I started pushing like labor was so fine I was pushing for like 10-15 minutes and then they were like look your baby's getting really stressed and we have to get her out now so there were like well long so we're gonna have to do it episiotomy and pull her out with forceps and then I was like what I really want that and they were like David Batra c-section and throughout my whole pregnancy I was just like I want to avoid a c-section like of course like having my baby here healthy and happy is the main thing that I really didn't order c-section purely because my mom I'm one of six and my mom has had every single one of us via c-section and my older sister as well has had all her kids be a c-section so I kind of thought that with my family history I'd have to have one but I lose you want one and my mom really pushed for a natural birth because she never had one and like just the experience like new healing stuff after a c-section she just wouldn't recommend anyone unless it was an emergency so given the choice that I had I was like I don't like any of those options but I chose II a physiognomy oh yeah the doctor I had was great so she delivered her beautiful episiotomy and forceps so if you don't know what an episiotomy is is basically when they have to cut you and forceps I like I don't even know what the forceps of life I didn't see them but there's like a tool but they used to pull out the baby yeah I wish I thought that looks like but I don't know I thinking about that moment makes me so emotional because it was actually like the best moment but like I'll explain that in a minute but when they pulled her out I hemorrhaged and and I lost a lot of blood so they were explaining it's me so in a human body we have about five liters of blood circulating through your body I lost two and a half liters so I lost half of my blood in my body so it was like a big thing so I just remember like after they pulled it out there was like ten doctors rushed into the room and I was fine I didn't feel any different but the Midwife was rubbing my belly Bob just Tommy hi remember she said she was like I'm helping really uterus to track she goes oh there's just a little bit of bleeding like it's it's not too bad but yeah I lost two and a half liters so it's pretty serious but I didn't feel any different I had my baby in my arms so yeah it wasn't like the prettiest labor because obviously the episiotomy they pulled up or so so when they pulled out also got a second-degree tear as well so I had quite a few stitches so not pretty at all but I mean she was out she was healthy she was perfect she is perfect the best thing ever yeah so they pulled her out and my little Madeleine was born at 5:19 p.m. on Friday the 19th of April and she is the best thing that's ever happened to me so I was actually separated from her after I had her so we were in the delivery room for a couple of hours so it was like they fixed me up and everything I was actually sitting in the movie room having McDonald's right after I had a better like it was the best thing I had my first soft-serve ice cream my first Sunday in 10 months so I was right and it was great up until they took us out of the delivery room I was putting hdu and she wasn't allowed to stay with me because it was such a traumatic way by day I wasn't actually allowed to look after her on my own so my mum actually stayed with her in eternity which broke my heart laughter you've been through all that like the last thing you want is to be separated from your baby like you just had your baby you just want to cease maybe you want to just love on this baby and like you can't and I was pretty lucky though because I did get to hold her and I had her for a couple of hours before I could talk this out of like in the living room but yeah so I'll screen H to you and that for me was just the ugliest experience like I hated being in history like because I had the epidural I obviously had a catheter and stuff but I had to sleep with like a catheter I had to cannulas in my hands cuz I had for my transfusions I had like the blood pressure one other thing I feel like that can they put on your arms take your blood pressure I had that I had to sleep with all them and it was just so uncomfortable and it was just the longest two days of my life like I was just I didn't even want to remember hdu so she wasn't actually allowed to stay with me in the room at all unless someone's with me so if you would come and he'd stay all day with us I'm he wasn't allowed to stay at night unfortunately he was with us throughout the whole labor which is amazing because I also don't know how it's all done without him my psyche him and my mom amazing they kept checking on me like asking me so many questions like a you okay a dizzy like you know how do you feel and I was like I'm fine like they just thought that was really weird because it was such a traumatic birth and I was so much blood like like it wasn't normal for me to be normal I don't know like I personally didn't feel that different physically I'm obviously I just had a baby so you like that didn't feel the same yeah that was like that was my mother my delivery um I was pregnant people would always ask me I'm even like scared of labor like are you thinking about it um like two little scare you and my answer was always no I don't think about it I don't think about labor I think about after I have the baby I think about taking home this human that I'm now responsible for for the rest of my life that's what scared me and also postpartum recovery um I was more worried about that and honestly like that was the best way to think about it because I was right in thinking that like labor was the easy part in total I was in labor for 48 hours it only and active labor but it doesn't compare to I guess everything else that happens postpartum like it's not easy adjusting and handling at the same time it's like you want to take care of your baby but here is how much physical pain and there's just so much happening mentally like it's hard it's hard but it is also in the best and the biggest biggest blessing postpartum I feel like there's just so much to talk about when it comes to that so if you want a video on it let me know in the comments down below I did ask you guys on Instagram if you had any questions for this video I'm just going to answer a few of them now okay actually before I do that I just want to quickly say something and I really like saying this I'm getting I could feel myself getting really original to remind me my aquamarines are like all over the place at the moment everything makes me cry but but honestly you hear so many bad things about Labor like it's always bad things that you know people always tell you like the bad things no one ever tells you really the good things but this is getting rational right now I don't know why because I've said it so many times I've not gotten irrational maybe narrow because I come by myself I don't know yes labor is painful and yes recovery is also painful and that is really all people ever tell you no one ever really tells you the good things about it but that feeling that feeling of when they pull out your baby and you hear your baby cry or you see your baby and they give you your baby for the first time I can't even describe it how amazing that feels like I will have 100 babies just to feel that all over again it is worth everything like I feel like people don't say that enough I feel like people will talk about the pain and you know how scary libraries and whatnot but not many people talk about how amazing that feeling is like when you hold your baby for the first time like I can't describe it I truly cannot tell you what it feels like all I can say is that it is the most beautiful the most amazing like feeling if I like I literally like you know you have like your big baby belly and I you literally feel her like I felt her slide out I it was kind of like a relief in your belly but you feel it like you feel have come out and like when they hold your baby up you hear a cry like it's I can't even like it kind of slain to you how incredible that feeling is and I actually hope that everyone gets to feel that feeling at some point in their life that feeling I can't describe it to you I don't know I I don't know what to say to describe that feeling honor is that it was the best thing that I've ever felt in my life and I want to feel it a hundred times like it is the best anyway I'm just gonna answer a few questions I'm not gonna do too many a lot of them are quite similar one of the most asked questions is did you have the epidural and yes I did someone else asks was it easier or worse than you expected I think it was a bit of birth I think because of that because I had the epidural labor was easier than I expected but postpartum was just as bad as I expected it to be did you feel an instant connection with your baby yeah I have loved this child since before she was born and that love vary so much more like when I saw her and I didn't see her face straight away like when they put her on a minute put her her back turned to me and like I remember looking at her she was covered in blood but I remember looking at her and through the blood I just thought she had blonde hair I was like oh my gosh blonde she took that from me a lot of it excited what was it was part of it all recovery the whole delivery and labor experience really overwhelming for you um delivery and labor wasn't overwhelming me as I said it's price part of recovery that was really overwhelming and that's what really affected me how did you get through the contractions just breezing through them on a sleeve like that is the best advice anyone gave me just breathing's for your contractions it really does help like it doesn't take the pain away but it makes it more bearable how long were you in labor for and was it natural I was in labor for a total of 48 hours but it's early and active labor um and if by natural do you mean vagina birth then yes it was how many pounds did you gain I gained about 20 kilos and I think that's like 40 pounds and you know I'm not always postpartum and I I'm still I still weigh the same as I did since the day I gave birth and so I'm only lost about five minutes now and I've had a few people also ask if I am experiencing any back pain from the epidural so I do have back pain but I don't know if it's from the epidural because I actually have some abdominal separation so I've been told that you know if I'm like trying to get up instead of using my calf muscles my body uses my back muscles instead so I think I have a lot of pain from that um so I can't say if it's from the epidural because a lot of my pain isn't in my lower back it's like about the top like around my shoulders and just be like how do you feel about your baby looking just like you're taking your eyes um I think she looks like me I mean she does she has my coloring she has my light head and my green eyes but I think she looks all I could dad she has he's like head shape his lips his ears like I don't know I see a lot of human of her I think she's a good mix mmm yeah but she's beautiful she's the best thing ever how did you feel mentally afterwards I was terrible honestly hard recovery I'm honestly same very I've struggled a lot with recovery both physical and mental aspects I'm physically like I'm a very like normally I was like a very active productive person and not being able to do everything that I could before really affected men also I just been in pain all the time not being able to look after my baby I'm also mentally it's me it's been a challenge baby blues are a thing and postpartum depression is very is a lot more common than we think I feel like I'm struggling now we balance in life sometimes like I just don't know how to handle everything at once because I like to try and do everything and I just can't anymore and I'm not very kind to myself which is sad but it's something that I'm learning is very important and something I'm working on official if I'm going to end the video there but before I do I want to introduce you guys a little giveaway and you give me this smile I have to turn the light off because it is just way too bright for her I don't wanna hurt her eyes but this is my beautiful little Madeline's ahh say hi mama ah someone's very tired you want to say hi to our friends let's try and get some giggles out of her oh she is so delicious we actually her nickname is baby delicious because she's just so delicious but you know we are going to wrap this video up right here little miss has to go down for her nap and yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you have any more questions or if you'd like me to do a postpartum video where I talk about recovery and I guess like what I did to help my recovery let me know in the comments down below and I can definitely feel that because I think I've got some pretty good tips for recovery but yeah thank you guys so much for watching let us know what you thought in the comments down below thumbs up this video for little Madelyn whew laughs Maddy give it a thumbs up because Maddie loves only you subscribe if you wanna see a little bit more Madeleine on this channel and yeah we'll see you in the next video bye


  1. What a traumatic experience but thank goodness everyone is ok she’s is such a doll! I’m so happy for you sending all my love to you and your new family! Yes please do a vid on post birth I feel like no know talks about that

  2. I would love to hear about your recovery story and what tips you have to share. You and Maddy are gorgeous! ❤❤

  3. Same – I had my son on May 22nd and I wasn’t sure I was in labour until my water broke and contractions started.
    Congrats on your beautiful girl Heidi.

  4. Ĺol the gas is only good when it's turned right up and it is the bomb. I had a spinal with my son and it was so bizarre.
    I feel like this is such a relatable labor story. Getting distracted and having to cuddle bubba shows you what mum life is like:)

  5. I have the same feeling about the first time you carry your baby .. the moment will be captured in the your memory forever

  6. Yes!!! The feeling of baby coming out!! You go Heidi! God bless you habibi! Your so spot on! I've had 2 and 3rd due October!!

  7. Wow what a beautiful baby girl you have!!
    🥰🥰🥰Congratulations !! sending you lots of love and well wishes!! God bless 😘

  8. After about 5cms the gas does nothing if anything it gives you something to concentrate on breathing it in. I've been induced 4 times, the 4th ending in a Ceasar. I personally looking back dont think labour was as bad as I thought it was going to be cause your mind makes you think it's going to be so much worse. Congratulations lovely. I hope you have recovered well since delivery… really are glowing, you look so well and happy. Love to you and your family always. Xx

  9. I had a 36 hour labour and also had the forceps… it was THE worst, forceps suck so much it felt like they were pulling my insides out. Also haemorrhaged afterwards. Had the catheter in for 2 days afterward too. Worst!! Second birth a bit better.

  10. Heidi I am so happy for you and your family. OMG I been watching you for so long and to see how you grown and become a mommy. It's beautiful. Maddy is Gorgeous..big hugs

  11. Congratulations momma! ♥️♥️ postpartum was the hardest part for me as well 😪 but you’re right.. going through all the physical and emotional pain is totally worth it 😌 but yes do a postpartum video please!!

  12. Oh my Heidi!!! I went through the same thing!! I got induced, I had forceps & episiotomy, and I lost 2 litres of blood.
    I gave birth 4th of March to my baby girl. A month before you! I had a very bad birth like you, although the Hospital allowed me to stay with my baby but I think because my mum stayed with me in the Hospital with me. But I had the catheter too and that night sleep was terrible. I personally felt horrible after birth, so fatigue, so yuck because of the blood loss, it took me awhile to get back to myself, adjusting and healing. I totally understand you.

    On the positive note, congratulations on your beautiful girl! I wish you the very best.

  13. Congratulations, darling!!

    I'm 29 weeks pregnant, my little baby boy and I, are sending you all the happiness of the world.<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. Oh Madelyn is so adorable! I know what you mean about that feeling when you see your baby for the first time, I will never forget that moment. Hope your enjoying every bit of motherhood, they grow up so fast xx

  15. Congratulations on your baby girl! And thank you for such a honest video . Im keeping this video till i have babies 😂😘

  16. OMG she is sooooo delicioussss 🥺❤️❤️❤️love u both❤️ when u r talking all pictures of my labor came over me 😥 I got emotional 😥 my daughter is 7 months now ,women are great💪🏻 LOVE U Heidi from KSA❤️❤️❤️

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