Lactation Nurse and Childbirth Educator Shares What to Expect at Your Childbirth Education Class

health parade brought to you by Zhi st. Joseph's Health for moms expecting their first baby the prenatal and childbirth process can be mysterious that's why childbirth classes are so important for mom and family childbirth educator and a Chamberlain explains I always tell my moms it's like getting ready for a big athletic event when you run a marathon you don't just go and run it and you spend time getting ready for it and mentally preparing for it as well the women's hospital at st. Joseph East offers weeknight and weekend classes to help women know what to expect we start with healthy pregnancy then we've typically move into a stages of labor concepts all the way to the delivery part after that we typically talk about what baby is going to go through and placing baby skin-to-skin right after delivery getting breast feeding started and the different things to get ready for parenting getting your home ready and the staff can help your personalized child birth plan the outcome we want for every mom and baby is a healthy mom healthy baby so we want to incorporate things that work for you and your personality for more information go to CH I st. Joseph's Health or Governor Burt

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