16 Replies to “LADIES ALERT: how to naturally shorten your menstrual cycle with Black Seed Oil”

  1. Menustration isn’t healthy!!! It’s a toxic hemorrhage!!! There are plenty of documented cases of indigenous women only bleeding for 20 minutes. Some women never have a period and have children. I only get mine every 45-50 days. Super healthy and fertile.

  2. We are not “goddesses”. Saying that you are elevating yourself to equal footing with God. That is blasphemous. We are God’s creation, not a creator.

  3. My cycle lasted longer and I still have spotting. I only added BSO and Milk Thistle. Maybe it affects us all differently.

  4. I don’t want my period to 🛑stop. I want my cramps to STOP completely. I will continue to pray to the lord and have faith. I have been taking the black seed oil for other reason but I’m not sure if I should take it doing PMS’n.

  5. Yes I'm now about 39 days since seeing my last men's and I was scared to death thinking I'm pregnant!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh! Did a test it was negative and still paranoid I looked on line and saw this……… Thanks love ♥

  6. I just started taking the Black Seed Oil capsules last month and when I started my period I bleed for 12 days straight. I had seen that it is like a birth control so I think when I start this month I will stop taking it when I start my period just like birth control has sugar pills that you can choose to take them or not. Hoping that this will make my periods regular like birth control does.

  7. Stopping your periods is not good, reason why we get it is to clean out our body naturally! Not keep that nastyness inside. Its not good. Your meant to stop taking the black seed oil a day or two before your time then go back as usual once its finished. With the black seed oil it helps with the pain so it lessens your pain when your on your period. Enjoy ladies. And no disrespect to the video. I loveee black seed oil😂

  8. I need this I been bleeding for 2 weeks I had a "regular" period but earlier this month but then it restarted again and Was heavier than ever but right now it's diminishing slowly I just want to stop bleeding for good though loss of blood makes me feel ugh I been taking iron too which is helping

  9. It slowed the flow a lot. I have fibroids w/heavy cycles. I started for energy 1x/day then for this 2x/day. I'm not trying to stop it but now it's manageable. Yes, I've been searching years for non surgical help & only found taking ibuprofen to slow it some but over time is bad for your liver so, I'm glad to use the oil.

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