Lady Gaga's "Baby bump big" cannot hide. She admits she is pregnant with Bradley Cooper

lady gaga and Bradley Cooper's first reunion since the Oscars could finally happen Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's chemistry and a star is born was undeniably insane so insane that fans have been raving about them since then after their steamy reunion at this year's Academy Awards Lady Gaga and Cooper are said to reunite in public at the MTV Video the unscreened couple has yet to confirm their attendance at the upcoming event but rumors are rife that they are going to arrive at the red carpet together they're hit 2018 movie a star is born has been nominated for two MTV VMAs and their song shallow which they performed together at the Academy Awards has been nominated as song of the year and best collaboration Lady Gaga and Cooper's alleged secret relationship has been in the rumor mill since they starred together in a star is born after Lady Gaga broke things off with her fiance Christian Kirino earlier this year speculations grew rife that Cooper was the reason behind their split the rumor mill continued to churn when Lady Gaga and Cooper offered an emotionally intense rendition of shallow at this year's Oscars where Irina Shayk Cooper's longtime partner was also in attendance just a few months after the Academy Awards shake announced her split from Cooper now that they're both single fans can't help but speculate that something is going on behind the scenes between Lady gaga and Cooper rumors have been around that the two are already in a secret relationship and that Lady Gaga has already moved into Cooper's home despite the rumours both Cooper and Lady Gaga have maintained that they're just friends and denied having a secret affair rumor has it that the two have intentionally distanced themselves from each other since Cooper's split from shake to not fuel the romance speculations all the more considering that there's a chance that either Lady Gaga or Cooper might choose not to attend the MTV Awards red carpet or both of them skip it altogether if the unscreened couple attends the MTV Video Music Awards together that will mark their first reunion since the Academy Awards the VMAs will air on August 26th at 8 p.m. EST so fans have yet to see if they will see the two together again

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  1. I think that Irina is very Smart and she’s playing with Bradley and hope that Lady Gaga get tired of waiting for nothing a man as Bradley that not want her

  2. U guys are full of shit with yr inaccuracies, n lies… knock it off. So disgusting…state some facts instead…😖😖😖😖😖

  3. Him and her both because THEY BOTH cheated on there partners remember what goes around comes around . They play parts in movies they worry is he cheating with his lady love or is she . Talk about paranoid lol .

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