6 Replies to “Lainey's Story- Still birth/miscarriage at 18 weeks pregnant”

  1. I just lost my baby boy, he was also 18weeks. I already have 2 children but this was so devastating for me.. i understand the hurt and the pain.

  2. I lost a 17 weeker to
    i gave birth to him in the toilet
    The labour Pain was the worst for me and ive had 3 miracle babies…
    It was so hard…
    This happened 28 yrs ago for me
    we weren't given the choice of what to do back then so u were lucky even though its sad, to be able to have her with you sweetie…
    R.i.p to all the Babies an to the parents who have lost xoxo💜💖💙

  3. Hi there, I came across your vlog looking for comfort in my loss of a little one at 18 weeks. Watching this I feel like u are telling my story. They are so similar. We had a sleeping little boy on April 5, 2016. We named him Grayson Lane. We finally have his ashes home with us and we are just starting the grieving process. I also had 3 healthy pregnancies before this one and we would like to still have another baby. I'm so sorry for your loss and I want you to know how much listening to your story has helped me. ❤️

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