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In this video a complete guide with everything you need to know to have an amazing holiday in Lanzarote. I had one, my name’s Ive
and this is what I do, I create holiday and travel guides. Also, for Lanzarote I
traveled all over the island, went to all the different
holiday destinations, found out which hotels you should stay at, which you definitely should not stay at. What you should do on the island, what is not worth doing. When you should go and a lot, lot more. Everything you find out in this video, where I give you the perfect guide for anyone traveling to Lanzarote, so you can have the best
holiday possible on Lanzarote. In the first part of this video, I’m gonna give you a quick overview of all the different holiday
destinations on Lanzarote, so you can pick the
right holiday destination for you in Lanzarote. Also, I wanna give you an overview of the top 10 best hotels. I visited over 45 on Lanzarote and in this video I just
quickly want to show you the top 10, so you can
pick also a great hotel. You can also find the
full list of the hotels I selected on my website, But in this video I just
tried to keep it short, only the top 10 hotels. The first destination I
want to cover in Lanzarote is the one closest to the airport, this one is Matagorda. It’s a very small place
with a just a few hotels and bungalow complexes, just
outside of Puerto del Carmen. You also have bars, restaurants
and a few shops here but not that many. It’s all very centrally located, this is also one of the good
things about this resort that everything is within
easy walking distance. If you want some more bars, restaurants or even to go clubbing or
some more active nightlife, then Puerto del Carmen is
within easy walking distance. As I mentioned next to Matagorda, you have Puerto del Carmen, this is one of the bigger holiday
destinations on the island. There’s many different nice
beaches to choose from here. There’s a great active
nightlife scene as well, so there’s many things to
do also in the evening here. Like you can go shopping
in the shopping center. There’s clubs, there’s live performances in many of the places. There’s great restaurants
to go out and eat. So, all in all I think
this is definitely one of the most interesting
places for those who like to have the more active
nightlife, buzzing scene, you can find this best
in Puerto del Carmen. Also in the Puerto del Carmen you will find three of my top 10 hotels. This is the Las Costas, first of all. It’s a great compact, little hotel that is I think one of the best choices on Lanzarote for a beach holiday. If you like beach holiday
and a compact feeling cozy hotel, then this is great for you. There’s also a glass wall, which is sheltered from the wind. The pool behind it is
really nice to escape from the windy days you
sometimes have in Lanzarote. And also near this hotel you
have great nightlife nearby. So for all these reasons, definitely a great place to go on holiday, if you want a beach
holiday hotel in Lanzarote. Then there is also the Los
Jameos Hotel in this area, which is really what I would call a very unique holiday vibe this hotel has. It really feels inviting
and fresh and summery. I can’t really explain how, but it just feels really
good in this hotel. Also, it’s very family oriented, so it’s got really loads of
things to do for the kids. Lots of entertainment and it’s also very close to the airport, but still far enough away
for me not to hear it or to be disturbed by it. So, it’s really good for a family holiday in Lanzarote or in Puerto del Carmen. Then there’s also the
Lanis Suites de Luxe, great for a luxuriously feeling holiday. It’s very attentful staff in this hotel, so really for personal
luxury you can come here. Everyone will know exactly what you want, how you want it and really cater to all
your needs in this hotel. It’s also centrally located,
so if you do like to go out, there’s lots of nightlife
and great restaurants nearby. And it’s really for adults only, so if you like adults only
holidays with a luxurious vibe, then this is the ideal place
for you in Puerto del Carmen. Then the next holiday
destination on Lanzarote is the Puerto Calero. It’s a little bit of a
weird place, I would say. It’s all about quiet and
relaxation in this area. There is only two real hotels here, the rest is residential in this area. Near the port you will
also find many restaurants and shops, but there ain’t
really what I would call a beach here in this area. The next holiday destination on Lanzarote is the Playa Blanca. This is not a great destination, a bit further to the south. It’s similar to what Puerto
del Carmen has to offer, but very different in other ways. While Puerto del Carmen
feels more like a town with hotels mixed in. Playa del Blanca just
has a small town core with huge hotels, very modern and new hotels all around. In size there are many huge hotels here, compared to the Puerto del Carmen, there’s more of the smaller
and compact complexes. The Playa Blanca is also a little bit of a strange destination
because Playa Blanca is one big, giant resort,
but it’s broken up into smaller beaches and
smaller little destinations. Smaller little towns and
smaller groups of restaurants. The main big area is more the town area and towards the port area,
so do check before online if you’re booking,
where exactly your hotel or accommodation is. That it is close to the
places you like to be because otherwise it
can be a quite far walk, especially from one end of the resort to the other end of the resort. For some people it’s
just a very long walk, I wouldn’t call it
walking distance anymore. So definitely, if you’re going here, either check where your hotel is, or book a car so you
can get around easily. Some hotels in my top 10 that I can definitely advise, because they’re in a great location would be the Marconfort Atlantic Gardens. This is a small all inclusive hotel. It’s very budget friendly and it’s really aimed
at adults only holidays. So, for an adults only
holiday, all inclusive, great location, budget friendly, then the Marconfort is ideal for you. Then there’s also the Gran Tagoro or the Gran Castillo Tagoro. This is great for those
traveling on a family holiday. There’s lots to see and do in this hotel, for kids also a great entertainment. And there’s also their
little private pool-beach in this hotel, which is also
very fun for the children. And it’s great, all inclusive
in this hotel as well. So, all inclusive, beach and a hotel, lots of fun the entire family, Gran Castillo Tagoro is your ideal choice in the Playa Blanca. The next hotel is the Princesa Yaiza. This is in one of the best places of all of these hotels. It’s right next to the most
beautiful beach as well. It’s a five star plus hotel. So a little bit on the
higher end of the budget, I would say quite upscale. But in this category it’s
also one of the best hotels on the island to travel with children. So, if you like luxury, five star plus, be close to the beach and
traveling with your children, this could be the best choice for you. Then also in my top 10
is THe Volcan Lanzarote. This is a great hotel,
close to the marina, so most of the nice restaurants are here. There’s also the markets,
so if you like to be in this area or the Playa Blanca, this could be ideal for you. The hotel itself is very authentic and very much like the towns in Lanzarote. The design and the layout, also this means that there’s many little different pools spread throughout. So you always feel like you’re
having a private holiday, I would say, it’s a little bit, not like a giant hotel where
everyone is around one pool. You just feel like you’re on holiday in the small, little,
authentic Lanzarote village with pools spread all throughout. So, a great a hotel as well. Then there’s also the
Iberostar Lanzarote Park. This is a great hotel. Close to the beach, lots of entertainment for the entire family
for all age categories in this hotel. And it’s definitely one of the more family friendly hotels in
the Playa Blanca as well. The Playa Blanca is very big. Most of the hotels on the island are here, that’s also why there’s
so many of the hotels in my top 10 list. Also the Sandos San Blas is one of them, here in the Playa Blanca. It’s a huge hotel, one of the
biggest ones on the island. It’s great for those who like
an all inclusive holiday, where you don’t really need to leave your hotel for anything. Everything you can want
is within the hotel, also nearby you will
find the Playa Mujeres, where you have nice beaches, if you like to go to the beach as well. The Costa Teguise is kind of a combination of the Puerto del Carmen and the Playa Blanca, I would say. It’s got the beaches of
the Puerto del Carmen, also the more cozy townish feel of the Puerto del Carmen, but then it got the bigger hotels from the Playa Blanca. So, it’s kind of a combination of the two. In the day time most of the people here spend logically on the beach and in the evening everyone comes together in the cozy kind of Pueblo Marinero, where you will find most of
the restaurants and bars. Then there’s also Arrecife, which is the capital of Lanzarote. There’s not really so much to see or do here, but it’s
really cheap to eat, stay or drink in this area. It’s just a town like many others or a city like many others, however it has a great
beach, the Playa del Reducto and a great hotel, the
Arrecife Gran Hotel and Spa. Arrecife on its own, because of its central
location on the island, could also make for a great place for you to explore the island from. If you do like to rent a car and explore the island, this might be your best
destination to stay and explore the entire island from. As I mentioned here, you also find a great hotel in my top 10
list of hotels on Lanzarote. The Arrecife Gran Hotel,
this is a great place to explore the rest of the island from. It’s also got amazing
views over the oceans from all of the rooms. And it’s also got a large
spa to enjoy and relax in. In this part of this video, I quickly want to run
over some things to do while you are in Lanzarote. Even though the island ain’t that big, there’s lots of things
to see and discover. In this part I’m gonna cover that in a little bit of summary. I’m gonna run over it quite quickly. If you want to know more
about these things in detail, you can find more on my website, just So, one of the things you
should definitely go to on Lanzarote, in my opinion, especially if you’re
traveling with a family is to go see the Rancho Texas. This I can definitely advise, because there’s lots of
things to see and do here. There’s a little bit of
a zoo, live animal show and water parks as well here to enjoy. Plus much, much more. Rancho Texas, I would definitely advise for any family traveling to Lanzarote. The El Diablo Restaurant in Lanzarote is one of these unique experiences you can only get here on the island. Where else can you get
a volcano baked chicken? The food is nice and the surroundings, really quite amazing. Don’t want to eat, but just
want to see some demonstrations of the power of the volcanoes at work? Then make sure to visit
the Montanas del Fuego, where you can see demonstrations are given about the power of the volcanoes. Impressive to see for young and old. One of the things I really
want to advise you to do on the island is to go snorkeling, even though maybe you
might not be a fan of it. Or you’ve never done it before, this is really the place to try it. Not only are there many different
excursions offering this, but you can also go snorkeling yourself. And you’re pretty much for sure to see a lot of sea-life. This is mostly because there’s
very rocky surface here and there’s not so much sand, which makes that the water is very clear. And it has a really unique sea habitat. So, if you’re gonna go snorkeling, maybe here is the place for you to try it for the first time. If you want to go a
little bit on an adventure then take a dolphin watching tour here on the Atlantic Ocean
surrounding Lanzarote. There’s many different
boat companies offering these type of excursions. While you are pretty much for sure gonna see actual dolphins, however it’s not a 100% guarantee. But pretty much for sure that you are. Make sure that you pick a great boat, for the best chance of seeing them. Also, better boats offer lots of fun stuff to do also along the way. Lanzarote is really dry,
dusty and rough terrain, because of this it’s also
ideal to do some off-roading. There are many different options to do so and many different companies offering these kind of options. But make sure you go with a good company, so you will actually
spend time off-roading and not just driving on the paved roads. You can go either by buggy, by quad or by jeep safari, as many
great options out there. Just pick the right
company and read reviews before on line to make sure that you have the right company. Lanzarote has lots of different
beaches to choose from. In this part I want to talk
about my top five beaches, you should visit while you’re
on holiday in Lanzarote. Number five, near the Matagorda area you have the Playa Lima. The beach here is not so amazing, the main reason I would
want to advise this is for having a family holiday, then this is quite nice, especially for children. They seem to have a lot of fun here because of the planes
that are landing nearby. This is my main reason of advising it, but there’s also a nice
little shopping center behind it where you can have a nice dinner and a nice lunch. And this is also one of
the more relaxed beaches in this area. So, if you’re staying in Puerto del Carmen and just want to escape, go to Matagorda, near the Playa Lima, where normally the beaches
are much less busy. On number four you have
the Playa del Reducto, near Arrecife, Arrecife being the capital. Playa del Reducto is a
completely man-made beach. It’s got this perfect white sand, so if you’re looking for
that kind of look and feel, then this is the ideal beach, like the typical ideal white sand beach. There’s also many great restaurants here and the good thing is because this area is not very touristy, there’s many very cheap restaurants and very
nice authentic Spanish tapas you can eat here. So, for all these reasons, this could be a great time to visit the Play del Reducto. If you want to rough it a bit more, then all the way away
from the tourist resort is the Playa del Famara. This is a very authentic beach. It’s one thing that I need to say, is if it’s windy don’t go here because then it gets way too windy. It’s very popular with
people liking to do surfing, kite surfing and wind surfing. They also built these little shelters here to protect you from the wind. So, if it does get a little bit windy, there is a way to escape it, but normally I would
say, if it’s a windy day, don’t go here because it
will just be too windy. If you like to rough it, and you like something truly
authentic and original, then it’s a great beach for you. On number two near the Playa Blanca you have the Playa de Montana Roja. This is a really nice smallish beach with a nice little beach bar next to it, just outside of the Playa Blanca area. If the beaches in the
Playa Blanca get too busy, especially in high season, this might be a really
good place to escape to. There’s like a little beach bar here, it’s got a really smallish,
compactish feel, really nice. So if you like that kind of feel, then come to the Playa del Montana Roja. There’s just one quick
thing you need to know when you first come here, you might think that it’s a private beach. It is not, it’s only the sunbeds and stuff that belong to the hotels. So those you cannot use, but the beach is for anyone to use. On my number one, near the
Playa Blanca in Lanzarote you have the Playa Papagayo. This is a very famous beach. You can drive there by car, but then do know you need to bring three or four euros in cash to pay the tax as this is a nature reserve and you cannot just use the roads, you have to pay a small entry tax and parking tax. You can also walk here from Playa Blanca, but it’s quite a far walk. I would not advise it for everyone, but it could be nice if you like to hike. Then do know that also to this beach, is best to go actually on a windy day, because on a really sunny, none windy day, everyone likes to go here and it feels just too crowded. But on the windy days, you don’t have any wind
on the actual beach, as it’s in this kind of
valley micro climate. But there’s also on those
days, not so many tourists because people then think it’s not gonna be good on the beach. So there’s my quite little tip, if you like to go to the Playa Papagayo, this is the best time to go, on a little bit windy day, when other normally won’t. So, I talked a little bit about what to do and see in Majorca. In this next part, I want to cover a little bit more about
things I would avoid. Or things I wouldn’t advise you to do as I think it’s quite important as well for you to know these
things to get the most out of your holiday. The aloe vera farms and shops or museums, whatever they
might be called in Lanzarote, I’m personally not too big a fan of pretty much every organized
excursion in Lanzarote, includes some type of
visit to an aloe vera farm or a museum. While these can be a bit interesting, some of the health claims
made are not really backed up when you look them up online. Also, the visit always ends
with some kind of a hard sell of aloe vera products. So I find this pressure not really something for me on holiday and I don’t want to be
sold a lot of things. So, I try to advise
this, my advice would be if you think it’s interesting, go and have a look of course, but don’t feel pressure to buy. All these places also have online shops where you can buy these
products afterwards. And many of them also have free shipping to get it to you afterwards. So, definitely I would advise you, if you want to go and
have a look, have a look, but don’t feel pressured to buy. Another thing I definitely
want to warn you about because it can ruin your entire holiday, it might sound a little bit silly, but I travel to lots of
different holiday destinations. I spend a lot of time in the sun, I never have any problems,
but on Lanzarote, I got burned straight away. It was a little bit of
this cloudy, windy day and because there was lot
of wind on these days, it felt not so hot, but I got burned almost
pretty much instantly. So, do know that the weather can be a little bit surprising here, but not in a good way. If it’s feeling a little bit windy, or if it’s a little bit cloudy, still put on the sunscreen. If not you will burn yourself for the rest of your
holiday on the first day. So, Lanzarote is a pretty
cheap place to rent a car, if you do it right. If you rent it with the wrong company, or if you do it in the wrong way, it will end up costing you a lot of money. I see this every time I come to Lanzarote. I see people in discussions and problems with the same companies in the airport. This is basically all day, every day with those companies. I know what to do and what not to do because I’ve been traveling
to Lanzarote quite a lot. How to get a car and which
companies to get them with, I have another video
discussing this in more detail. Also I have an article on my website, where I discuss all the things to do and definitely not to
do when renting a car. As well as the companies you should book and should not book with. So, just to have you
avoid this whole hassle of having extra charges and upstanding and discussions, you don’t
want to be dealing with this. Renting a car in Lanzarote
is a good thing to do, just make sure you do it
with the right companies. In this next part, a quick guide of how to get from the Lanzarote airport to your hotel or resort,
fast, easy and cheap. The first way to get from
the Lanzarote airport to your hotel or resort is just to take the public bus or the
public transportation. You can just buy the ticket on arrival at the actual bus, so it’s very easy. Do know that for some destinations, like Cost Teguise, you
will first have to stop in Arrecife and then
transfer onto another bus. Also know that the buses don’t drive very late into the evening. So if your plane has a
chance of being delayed or your plane arrives late, I would definitely not choose this option. Also, that it may stop quite
far away from your hotel, especially if you’re traveling into the Puerto del Carmen or the Playa Blanca, this is quite likely. As I mentioned to take the public bus to the Costa Teguise you
will have to transfer into Arrecife and altogether the two buses will cost you three euros. If you’re going to the destinations that are closer by the airport, like Matagorda and Puerto del Carmen, it’s one point four euros,
normally the ticket. The furthest away destination
is the Playa Blanca and this one will cost
you four euros per ticket. For most people a better way I think is to take a shuttle bus, simply because you get dropped off at your hotel, so not
at some random bus stop. Also know that it’s
normally the same price or an even better price. And that there’s no need to
transfer onto other buses as well as many, many other benefits that these kind of buses have. Like they will wait for you, if your plane gets delayed. And a lot, lot more. Also know that you have to
book these ones before, online. This is the only drawback, you cannot get them at the airport, if you haven’t booked them before online, but booking before online is quite easy. The shuttle bus is normally five euros for all the destinations near the airport. This includes Costa Teguise,
Arrecife, Matagorda, Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero. If you want to go further
away to the Playa Blanca, normally they’re about nine euros. For the company I would
advise you can have a look on my website at This is also the company I always use for shuttle buses. There you also find
all the other companies I like to use when traveling. Taking a taxi is another great way. It’s definitely the fastest way of getting from the airport, Lanzarote airport to your hotel. I do know that this also comes
of course at a higher price. If you’re traveling four people, normally it’s quite a good price. I do know that also there are always, when I come to Lanzarote
airport long lines. I don’t know why this is or if it’s still like this at the moment that you will be traveling,
but do keep in mind that this is always when I was there, there were long lines
waiting for the taxis. Also, that there is no fixed price if the taxi driver gets lost along the way or you have a lot of
traffic jams along the way, the price will go up. And for small children, normally there are no child safety seats. So, keep this in mind also. For all of these reasons to avoid all these negative things, and just get there in a fast and a good priced way, is to go and book before online a taxi. Pricing for the Costa Teguise taxi is about 20 euros. It’s 10 euros for the closer
by destination, like Arrecife. 18 euros for Puerto del
Carmen and Puerto Calero. And the furthest away is Playa Blanca, this one is normally 45 euros. In the weekends or in the evenings it’s more expensive, do keep this in mind. Also for taxis, the
companies I would advise you to book with you
can find on my website, If you’re not 100% sure if this is the right
holiday destination for you, feel free to have a look at
any of these other videos I have two on the 15 more guides here on YouTube at the moment. And of course you can also
find many more on my website at

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