Large Family Questions – Postpartum, Anxiety and Feeling Overwhelmed

hey everyone welcome back to my channel today is Friday and that is the day that I'm gonna be answering all those large family questions that we get so I had some really good questions today's video I'm going to be talking about postpartum anxiety feeling overwhelmed and baby blues so I was asked if I have ever dealt with any of these and the answer is yes I'm actually overwhelmed all the time being a mom is hard it hurts worse I think it's the most rewarding job on the planet and I also think it's one of the hardest I should say being a parent because I think that dad's also get overwhelmed and it's a hard job being a dad too I have I was never clinically diagnosed with having postpartum depression so I don't want to make light of the situation I can only speak from my experience and what I went through and I don't know if it would have been a depression what I went through so it's probably more anxiety and it was circumstantial so I don't know if that played into earth if that makes it preferred impression is what I'm getting yet anyway so um after our fourth baby our first done.i we really were in a rough patch in our lives long story short we lived in Georgia I wanted to move back home to Florida and my husband did not want to and we very much were in disagreement about the situation and I cried all the time and it was really bad and that it was so bad that my husband like spent almost like I really think that you need to talk to someone because I think you are depressed um so we actually ultimately decided to move back to Florida and his phrase ever since I think he's started saying it back then and that was what Jackson's nine so nine years ago um wow that's great to me anyway uh my husband started saying happy wife happy life and and I kind of like got out of that pump that I'm done so that's what I think that you know obviously circumstantial but I don't want to make light of postpartum depression because I do feel like it's a real struggle about a lot of women go through and it's not so that was I did have baby blues with after Taylor and Addison I just cried like I mean nothing to really set me off or trigger me or anything I just would cried them and then but I don't think it was I really was kind of shocked by those feelings here I was over the moon happy I had just had a baby and it kind of came upon me rather fast and I wasn't expecting it but my mom was in town at friend lived in Georgia my mom was in town and she was there and she's like you know Jessica's her old normal feeling she's like they feel like crying for us you know she's like it's completely normal so that made me obviously feel better so those were after our first two babies I don't remember feeling that way with Peyton I'm Jackson I just told you about and then my only I really don't think I shuffled at all afterload and I didn't really struggle after Rankin I struggled a good bit again I think it was circumstantial there was just a lot of other stuff going on and I just was very anxious I had a lot of big anxiety and then again after Harper the same thing but after Harper as some of you may well know she was just a few weeks old and we was not right long story short there with her we realized that she was having seizures I can pop her story here it's kind of a lengthy video but if y'all are interested in that bail so after dealing with all that I had a lot of anxiety naturally and even my husband said and to see guys kind of like compartmentalized and where women like anyone you know if they are more emotionally driven um but my husband said music maybe we should not have any more children because it might be her limit that's how anxious I was the smallest thing would set me and obviously we have nothing peepee after that so um it didn't stop us but anyways I okay so some of the stuff that has helped me whenever I'm kind of preparing for that postpartum period is to one remind myself that it is okay to feel the way that I feel as far as just you know wanting to cry or feeling this well that I need to give my body some time to recover and I try to avoid or remove any of the triggers that trigger me because now obviously I've been through this many times I kind of know what will help me and what will hurt me and I try to avoid what will hurt me and though that the stuff that will help me I'm one of the many things that helps me through this is I have an amazing community a friend that I talk to and I bent to and we shared life together that really helps me my husband you know he's very supportive as well and that helps me but I think removing those triggers it's the most important thing as far as our mental health okay so moving on to feeling overwhelmed I feel like postpartum and they do blues it you know it's kind of separate the ticket that I must know all the time being a mom is hard work I've mentioned before it's hard it's the most rewarding job and it's one of the hardest jobs as well and I think we need to give ourselves some grace as far as we're not perfect we are gonna have good days we're gonna have bad days as far as ourselves not our children and it's okay like we if we mess up and if we make a mistake just we yell or whatever you know it is we also need to be the first ones to apologize because we are modeling that behavior for our children as far as how to deal with all those big feelings that we have so I typically I do get overwhelmed a lot I get overwhelmed and hopeful especially because a lot of work um I get overwhelmed when the house is in disarray or I get overwhelmed with my to-do list it's just a mile long and I just don't know how I'm gonna get everything done so some of the things that help me is one I can also delegate now because I do have older children so I get them to help and all of the areas whether it's homeschooling or in the house stuff or the little ones they are great helpers and I'm very thankful for that and I constantly tell them that and and turn it off to teaching them some really good life skills so with motherhood there are good days and there are bad days and how we deal with them as important I tried whenever I'm having a day where I'm just kind of feeling super overwhelmed I tried to really push press into the Lord and spend a good bit of time in prayer breathe you know some sort of devotional that will hopefully help me read the word put on worship music and spend some time in that keep doing it until it does because I can tend to be pretty stubborn sometimes it takes me a little bit longer to get what God's trying to show me um so those are the things that help me is I always say I gotta pull up my bootstraps and move on so I usually have like an overwhelming breaking point where I'm just like how am I gonna do all this and then it's like okay I got this and then I pull up my bootstraps and then I get her done um I tend to work pretty well under pressure or a short time line it just kind of motivates me to get things done fast so one thing that I think it's important to remember as mom's is to take care of ourselves too we spend our day taking care of everybody else and not you know always taking care of ourselves we can put ourselves on the back burner but we matter to our needs or wants our desires matter that's important that we take time for this as well whatever works for you to kind of mentally be compressed you know whatever like this thrown at our way I one thing that I have done as a maybe the past few months is I will go in my husband's truck and just drive and sit in the parking lot and listen to quiet listen to some worship music just the idea of just being away I'm not spending any money but I'm getting some of that mental energy out that I need to so another thing is is that I try to avoid getting to the place of being alone I say that but it's not like I don't get there what I mean is I try to stay on top of things so that's the house being disarray tends to overwhelming so I want to stay on top of it I don't want to let the laundry to get so massively out of control that it overwhelms me to do it you know what I mean the dishes for whatever the case may be I try to avoid getting to that place and I try to keep things maintained to where I don't end up in that breaking point again it's not perfect by any means I still get there it still happens often but that's one thing that I try to do to help my sanity so anyways I hope that my thoughts bless you I am by no means you know a perfectionist or anything like that whatever comes to these topics these are just things that I can only speak from my experience so um if this videos blessed you I would love for you to give it a thumbs up then come along and subscribe to our channel and join us along our journey next Friday I'm not exactly sure what topic I'm going to do yet I have some awesome questions that I'm going to kind of you know go through and so it'll just be a surprise next week but I hope that y'all was last day thanks

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  1. It's nice when your mom can tell you what's normal and what's not. That would help a lot of women who have had mild postpartum depression like you did. It's okay to cry, but not to dwell there. For me, it helps to think of all the good things that have happened that week, and suddenly it made me feel better somehow.

  2. Love this video! As Moms we do get overwhelmed and we have to be careful and take care of ourselves too. 😊

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