hey guys it's Kendra today I'm doing a last pregnancy update video I'm gonna try my best to get this up as soon as possible for you guys and I also went to Marshalls just now to walk around and to get this baby out everything I can so at the end of this video I'll show what I got like random stuff for the girls for the baby for me nothing freaking true but I'll show that a little haul at the end of this video so I hope you guys enjoy this last pregnancy update I'm currently 39 weeks and 4 days so let's get talking the last this last month has felt so different than with the girls because I have them at 36 weeks so this extra month is just something that I've never experienced before and it's basically just like anticipating like when you're gonna go into labor it's just a very very comfortable here it's a very odd feeling because you are just like waiting you never know if your waters gonna break you never know if all of a sudden you're gonna have painful contractions it is a very distended but now I have just the most sleepless nights because like I swear I just dream about going into labor and my water breaking and like a million scenarios and you just are kind of like on edge so I haven't been sleeping as well because of that and I find myself waking up every couple hours and the last few nights I've been waking up at 2 a.m. starving and I make myself a bowl of cereal and I'm also like googling every little thing that I feel like does this mean labor isn't here and I was typing in being really hungry towards the end of your pregnancy and some people have said that it can be like your body is preparing you you know like you want to get all this energy and feel because you're gonna need it pretty soon so I don't know another thing is I've been exhausted like randomly during the middle of the day in the last few days just attacked like today I wasn't tired luckily but yesterday the day before I took a nap while the girls naps and I never nap when they nap so that wasn't like I couldn't even keep my eyes open I was just so so so tired and that is another thing I've heard is like you can feel really fatigued because it's your body telling you to rest because pretty soon you're gonna be up all night long with a baby another thing I've been feeling is extreme irritation like I am I get so agitated at the littlest things I can tell Andrews kind of walking on eggshells right now because everything bugs me I just get really annoyed of like everything and I know that it's hormonal and some like I know it's because of this pregnancy so it's kind of hard because you're like I know this isn't like me and like a lot of the times it's not irrational but you can't help it I also been getting super irritated with the girls so like usually things that don't really bother me just drive me nuts like when they're fight like they fight over stuff all the time but for some reason like when they've been fighting recently I am just like so over it okay let's talk about cravings I'm trying to drink some healthy juice because it's insane the amount of sugar I have eaten over this past month I crave just so much sugar yesterday I was on door – looking up restaurants I had dessert because all the one who was dessert so I end up what did I order from it was a really random oh I think there's lazy dog and I got like three different desserts and I'm just eating all this these sweets and I also ordered Panda Express and the super spicy I'll talk about all the things I've been trying to do at home to like induce myself kind of not I'm not like going to extremes or anything but yeah I have been craving just so much sugar oh my god this morning so I've been having a bowl of cereal every morning my peanut butter puffins this morning I pour it I'm going to sit down and I just like falls out of my hand I don't know how the bowl shatters everywhere cereal milk everywhere it was just like oh my god so let me talk about my doctor's appointment so I go every week now my next appointment is on Monday to Saturday and last appointment was on Tuesday and he checked me and I have not progressed as far as dilating I've been at a1 for two weeks I mean I'm glad I'm at least at a one but you know you always hope that he's like progressed each week so still at 1:00 and my cervix is still like it hasn't softened much I think he was saying it's like back far or something so basically like I don't know I still have a he thought I would definitely have another week to go which was on Tuesday so which would take me to my duty which would make sense but the good thing is he said the baby is definitely in the right position his head is fully engaged and he's definitely dropped a lot lower than the week before so that is good I do feel a lot more pressure and my stomach just looks let me show you it looks a lot lower now let me scoot back before it kind of just stuck out like it was round but now it definitely dips down so I get soft right here and it gets harder like right here which is kind of where he is so that's good he said his head's not going anywhere now all right now let's talk about kind of what I've been doing to kind of like prep my body one thing is I got a medicine ball to just bounce on and I heard it's not necessarily gonna put you into labor but it's gonna help you like help your hips open up and just kind of help the baby get in the right position I also heard it's really good when you are having contractions to like ease the pain of the contraction so I have been doing like circles on it one way and the other way kind of going back and forth side to side and then also bouncing on it and it does feel really good it takes a lot of pressure off of your back it's a lot more comfortable sitting on the couch so I've been doing that I looked just like a what was it called it was like a youtube video for like prepping your body for labor or something and there's like five exercises one just like squats like why I like squats one you like bring your leg up squat leg up squat and then one is that yoga pose when is it you're basically in like a plie stance but your legs are a little bit wider and you just drop down so it's just like making gravity do the work for you and just giving a lot of pressure down there so I've been doing this stuff like that and we've been going on a ton of walks so almost every night me Andrew and the girls will take a really long walk together and the doctor was saying that's probably what's helped him and get a lot lower is for me starting to walk a lot more because a month ago I wasn't really doing much exercise think the walking is really helping so yeah I bought a bunch of pineapple because that's supposed to soften your cervix I got raspberry leaf tea which I need to make yeah drink some right now I mean having like two to three cups of that a day I got evening primrose oil which I heard it's really good what other things today bye oh my god dates I heard dates are supposed to help I was reading all of the wives tales I feel like none of them necessarily are going to put you into labor I feel like it's just kind of gonna happen when your body when the baby is ready so to me is kind of just like you're doing these things towards the end of your pregnancy and they just so happen to you think they help you but it's really just like the end of your pregnancy you know what I mean so but I figured why not and it's supposed to help anyways some of them are supposed to just kind of help like labor go a little bit smoother a lot of you guys have asked if I'm going to get induced like how late the doctor will let me go before inducing me so we haven't talked about that yet I fraught to ask him last appointment so the goal is to just go into labor on my own since I had a c-section with the girls I am trying to have you back which is vaginal birth after cesarean next week I'll ask him like how long he's comfortable you know letting how late he's comfortable letting me go because he might be late you might be like a week late I'm not sure but the one thing is he is I think he's gonna be pretty big because my belly was measuring like pretty large last appointment so we will see other than that look I don't feel super different every was always like how are you feeling I'm like I kind of feel the same I don't feel like my back really doesn't hurt that much I just physically don't feel very much in pain like I did with the girls like with them like well before I was 36 weeks I was just like miserable but at this point in this pregnancy I'm not at all it's just kind of like I just find it hard to do certain things just because of my stomach so it's like hard to bend down to pick up all the girls toys all day long like stuff like that it's kind of just annoying okay let me show you guys what it's commercials so first I got two of these shoes by Cynthia Rowley they're on clearance for ten dollars and they are adorable for the girls aren't those so cute their feet are really wide I never really know what's gonna fit them so hopefully those fit fits boys really am gonna find two of anything at Marshall's so I scored and then I got this for myself I just saw this kind of like by their beach cover-ups and I was like this is so cute it's just this striped so it's kind of like a linen material dress I'm always looking for dresses like this especially for the summer time to either just throw over a bathing suit or just like where I like to the beach to the pool and I just thought the colors were really pretty it buttons all the way down and it's like a MIDI length it looks just really comfortable next super random but I've been wanting it to get some more top wear things for like fruit for an frig because our fruit gets moldy really fast I usually just wash it and put it in a bowl but thinking that this might help so I got this size and this one and these are just nice to have anyways $4.99 $5.99 they have the best stuff were there I got two little baby toys because these are things that I know I'm gonna be buying eventually so I might as well get them at a discounted price if I see them so this I actually had for the girls when they were little it's for three months plus and it vibrates it's just like a soothing little thing for them while they're teething and it's originally seven dollars and I got two dollars off so I have that I'm gonna save that for later and then I got this because I thought it was really cute it's the Eric Carle the tiny seed soft book it has a little tear here and it's just like one of those crinkly books and it was five dollars they had a ton of like baby toys and the last thing I got are just these which the girls love these are the best to have for if you're on the go like they're great for travel because they're mess-free so there are these mess free markers and they're Toy Story the girls are obsessed with Toy Story now we just saw Toy Story 4 I put up like a really quick video on my channel I'm just kind of sharing our immediate thoughts after guys I bawled my eyes out and I never cry movies it was it was really really good but the girls are just loving Toy Story and I love the Toy Story stuff everywhere right now I brought these with us to Disneyland we took them last time and they were great for when we were waiting for the parade to start I took these out and the girls just loved coloring them so marshall's was like fully stocked with these so I thought I'd grab a couple alright so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoy to see what I got at Marshall's I'm just getting them a little last update of my pregnancy so I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk crazy


  1. Girl you look incredible glowing as always. You are a beautiful pregnant goddess and legit could be a pregnant model. You have the cutest bump and your one of those lucky mommas that as you grow and get bigger you still look gorgeous. Fingers crossed you get to have a vbac. Did you end up doing maternity photos or a belly cast? Have you had any embarrassing symptoms like lots of gas farting burping etc or embarrassing symptoms in general? How many kids do you want? Have you ever had anyone ask to rub or touch your bump to feel baby move? How do you feel about belly touchers? How has hubby been bonding with baby any tips? Have you had any trouble bending over to pick things up or shave your legs any tips? I know this might be something you want to keep private but how have you been intimacy wise with hubby during pregnancy? You should do the baby momma dance video and pre pregnancy clothes try on challenge video.‬

  2. Lol, my first came at 39 wks 2 days. I’m expecting my second to come earlier/quicker since my Braxton Hicks are so intense this go around, and my labor with my first was super short. But baby will come when they’re ready. Hang in there! (I’m currently 30 weeks…and I just realized I’m on my hubby’s google acct.)

  3. I'm so excited for you! I was only 2cm dilated at my 39 week appt and my cervix was really far back (the midwife had a super hard time reaching it and the check was VERY uncomfortable). I literally gave birth under 24 hours later! Haha your body can progress super fast.

  4. 39 weeks and 4 days today and also starving, eating cereal in the middle of the night, craving sugar, exhausted in the middle of the day and napping a ton, and SUPER irritable and so over my girls fighting 😂😂😂 My babe before this was 12 days past due so this time around I have mentally prepared for going past my due date. On my birth ball right now 😜

  5. I love how your buying all these things to get him out. You sounded like me with my last baby. Hahaha you got this!

  6. Love that dress/coverup! Try Young Living’s Thieves Fruit & Veggie wash….amazing how long it keeps things fresh. Maybe you’re going to have a little July 4th firecracker 🧨. Hoping your little guy gets here quickly for you. I remember the waiting. I was 10-12 days late with both my pregnancies…was induced with my first as my husband was just finishing med school and had boards coming up. This was 31 years ago 😳

  7. I’m getting induced tomorrow so looks like our boys will be super close in age! Lol! Can’t wait for you to have your little babe💙😊

  8. When I was pregnant with my son my last 2 months I swear I became a sugar addict and always felt so hungry!

  9. ahh im so excited for you! It seems like its gone by so fast.. even though I'm sure you feel as though the last part is going by so slow 😂

  10. Hot shower? Prenatal massage? Bounce on a excercise ball? Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I was induced with my second, no epidural, 9hrs long. It wasn't too bad. Good luck!

  11. Bouncing on the medicine ball definitely helps. With my first baby, my water broke while I was bouncing on it. So don't knock it just yet 😉😝

  12. Goddess pose! Also I am trying for a VBAC- I don't think they will induce with meds without much dilation as there is increased risk for a ruptured uterus. They will administer pitosin to help speed things up if you are already in labour or break your water if you are already dilated to try and induce labour, but they will not administer a drug from the start (according to my OB and what I've read).

  13. Oh man, I am having flashbacks to waiting for my little boy! Googling the symptoms, middle of the night snacks, irritability, all of it was me. I went to 42 weeks, the day of my scheduled induction. I got lucky and my water broke THAT morning and I was able to avoid induction. Hang in there!!

  14. I wash fruit/ veggies and let them soak about 5 minutes in a water apple cider vinegar mixture ( literally like a tbsp of vinegar) for about 10 minutes before I spin it dry and store it….really seems to help it last longer

  15. I’m 37+6 with my third… and I am SOooo ready to be done! I’ve been sleeping horribly, and I’m exhausted! We got this!!!

  16. You’re so close! I had my daughter at 35+6 unexpectedly. I was on progesterone shots to keep my son in and the waiting game is insane after having a baby early. My doc didn’t want to check me until my due date even though I couldn’t walk he was so low. Turns out I was 5cm 😂 I was exhausted and so pissed the last week or so. I can’t imagine doing it with two 2 year olds. Hang in there, mama!

  17. I rarely comment, but I love your family and I can’t wait for baby boy! 😊
    One thing I will say is that I’m always so confused why doctors start cervical checks at like 36-37 weeks, or even at all for that matter. I know it’s just routine and tradition. But the only real purpose for doing it is to satisfy curiosity (and so doctors can have something to record), which if you are truly curious and want to know that’s one thing. But dilation before labor doesn’t really tell you much at all. My sister in law, for example, was dilated to a 3 at 37 weeks and her doctor was confident she’d go into labor before her due date. She ended up going to almost 42 weeks! I chose not to be checked before labor (my midwife didn’t routinely check anyway) because it didn’t matter to me and I didn’t want to get my hopes up and possibly be disappointed.
    So many women don’t know that they have a choice and can refuse cervical checks, and it’s kind of annoying to hear that so many doctors still push to do them. Again though, if you truly wanted to know that’s totally fine of course!

  18. The night before I went into labor I told my best friend “there’s no way I’m having this baby anytime this week.” I woke up the next morning with contractions and was only in labor for 8 hours. It was my first baby. Good luck!

  19. So close, Kendra, this is so exciting!! Sounds weird, but when you are in labor or even if your water breaks and you aren't feeling contractions, or if you want to try getting yourself into labor now that you have reached your due date, sitting on the toilet or taking a warm shower and doing nipple stimulation (light twist and pull that mimics breastfeeding) really helps. It really helped me! I wish the best for you no matter what, and can't wait to see the family dynamics once baby boy is here! Maybe he already is by the time we are watching this and all of that advice isn't needed, lol…much love, Atkins family!!

  20. This is exactly how I was with my first! Last couple of weeks I craved so much sweets and with the girls I wasn't even hungry and did not want to eat anything .

  21. I'm 39wks and 4 days and no signs of my baby also ..I'm soooooo done 😰🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😫😫😫🤰🏻🤰🏻🤰🏻🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️👶👶

  22. I kid you not on your last cleaning video I said out loud “she doesn’t put a lid on the fruit?! They must eat it FAST!” Those Tupperware’s Will for sure help it last longer!!!

  23. Great vlog, Kendra!
    Now kick off those shoes and lay back in the sun 🤰
    Watch the day go by 🏜
    👶Till the little one arrives🤱
    God bless! Xx

  24. I remember reading the only true way to induce labor is nipple stimulation. So using your pump might help start it!

  25. Add a papertowel to your containers before putting into the fridge. Also the Rubbermaid Brillance line is amazing-adds a tremendous amount of time to the shelflife of fruits and vegetables.

  26. You are so out of breath 😂 man I don’t miss that. All 3 of mine were born in July. I live in Florida. Pregnancy in summer is no joke.

  27. HAVE. SEX. the hormones and just the act itself is very well known to bring on labor. Also…..nipple stimulation.
    The hormones is releases is also known to put you into labor!!!!

  28. Your bump is so beautiful! So excited for you! I'm 17 weeks with baby #2. The waiting at the end is such a frustrating time!

  29. Going to marshals I want the fruit containers ! Good luck getting baby prepped not much longer! Can’t wait to see the girls with him 🎀🎀💙

  30. What do you recommend if I live in Houston TX and it’s my first time going to DisneyWorld? Pricing? What to bring? What not to bring?

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