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  1. Yeah, but riots are the answer though. Riots will solve everything. Riots will bring Latasha back to life, stop cops from abusing innocent individuals, bring about peace between law enforcement and the citizens of So. Central Los Angeles, and improve race relations all over the country. Brilliant.

  2. If she was trying to rob her, why would she go to the register? She could've ran out the door with the juice instead.

  3. Still can't believe she didn't get any time in prison it's shocking, Even if she was shooting in self defense your actions lead to someone's death, I find this so disturbing to watch to shoot a defensless person in the back of the head is shocking, How do you accidentally shoot someone I've never understood that

  4. When Latasha turned to walk away out of the store she was no longer threat! Store clerks shouldn't be able to have guns in their store due to reasons like these! Because they feel they have a right to kill even if their not being robbed but only a brief scuffle! A small scuffle between a patron and a store clerk still gives no right to kill someone! RIP Latasha.

  5. And to think that old Korean b**** living large right now on the insurance after her store burn down. Can you believe that judge? She should have went to jail too with the Korean b**

  6. She stole the juice then struck the lady several times. But did not deserve to get killed. It's to bad and sad but she contributed to her own death.

  7. Wow……the evil has to be done to ISRAEL because of their disobedience…..but woe unto the ones that do it……

  8. There is so much Video in regards to it being edited. This is still an edited version without Ms. Harlins sneaking the orange juice in her bag and going to the counter looking to buy either cigarettes or gum. The Since the video clearly showed her shoplifting. They assumed she wanted something she didn’t have money for that couldn’t be shoplifted located at the counter.

    Mrs. Du testified that she saw Harlins put the Juice in her bag from the Security monitors and confronted her when she approached the counter. When Harlins denied putting anything in her bag, She grabbed her bag and caught her red handed. In anger, she struck Mrs. Du several times. The rest can be seen on video. All the testimony and proof was what we were not allowed to see during the trails.

    Many blame corruption of the law enforcement community looking for a distraction to the correlating Rodney King Case.

  9. 2017 blacks just protest for morons like her Mike brown, Laqaun,Gardner bunch of losers who are committing crimes who have records but nothing for the own people that are killed everyday by black on black violence, y'all going out like kunta kentay

  10. Seems like justice was served. Piece of shit beat up a store owner and got shot. Should do it more often now

  11. A loss of a child is tragic regardless of race, creed, or gender…I don't justified the killing or the verdict of the case. But tensions were running high in the community 13 days after the Rodney King video was released. Korean store owners were arming themselves due to the high crime rates in the area. I do remember hearing on the news once that during the altercation that the Girl had hit the store owner three time in the head..though not much was shown on TV concerning the attact but if you were to watch the court video closely, the store owner has a bruise around her right eye. perhaps the store owner was too aggressive or maybe the girl was stealing wether or not she had money in her hands. Or hadn't even given it a second thought when she placed the Orange juice in her back pack. I think that the Media fumed the fires of racial tensions for ratings and this was the results…Only by showing the full video or interviewing the jurors or the Judge who gave out the verdict are we ever going to find closer. God bless

  12. That judge must have felt like a fool. At least she should have. She should have been forced to resign after that stupid sentencing.

  13. This lil black lady attacked the store clerk first I remember that scene from menace to society how he kills that clerk like nothing but keep in mind she attacked the clerk and she felt threatened she did what everyone would have I would have shot her 2.

  14. I understand she didn't want to steal, but how could have the clerk know
    that, when she put it in the backpack before paying? In my
    country(Czech), clerk would count it as stealing, too.

  15. The point was that a dogs life got jail time and a human didn't because she was black, and many people blame, kill and make a whole race of people suffer when they can for the mistakes and stupid choices of SOME black people, the teenagers life didn't need to be cut down because of a bottle of orange juice that she had the money for, the lady LIED to justify her actions and said she was robbed when she was not, the young girl put the orange juice back and was walking away. When Karma comes back around to bite any one of you in the ass who agree with this remember your ignorance, everything is seen and known to God and we all pay for the things we do at some point.

    If it were up to many of you MANY innocent children would be killed and your race THE SAVAGE MURDERERS would remain and you still would be out for blood like you are flawless when your shit is clear to everyone and your soul is rotten and left in the darkness you claim to hate…. and remember WE ALL have a DEATH DATE and you wont escape yours and when you do die your body will turn black as fuck too.

    Thank GOD that life is still in GODS hands and there are many people who make it past the hatred regardless and they will see Heaven Graduate and Elevate while you keep going through a cycle of hatred and death. No matter how much power you seem to have or think you have YOU DONT HAVE THE FINAL SAY SO THEREFORE YOUR DARK BLACK SOUL WILL LOOSE! Amen

  16. The problem still in 2017, is we act as if we all really want to live together, but will not make our minds up long enough to learn how to. Incidents as these show how little life is valued, and also how together we stand, as humans and as black people. Rioting under oppressed states would and will be the end result if systematic changes are not enacted. The idea of racism will not win, as discrimination takes a many forms. The beauty of us being so different should not prevent humans from making social progress.

  17. how the judge was able to get win her relection is beyond me, to this day they continue to let judges who support murderes run the court houses

  18. I think the judge was paid off. There are millions of dollars within the Korean community and they will do whatever it takes to make a problem go away.

  19. How in the hell you "accidentally" pull the trigger? That makes no sense whatsoever and the news didn't even tell the actually story… Smfh i remember this when i was 12 around this time living in then scary ass Harlem

  20. don't steal, you won't get fucking shot. don't assualt people, you won't get fucking shot. don't try to intimidate, you'll get fucking shot. tragic, but why should someone suffer just coz you think you're tough, fuck you, take your medicine.

  21. The store clerk should be in prison and the judge shouldn't have freed her. The community should have killed both of these two scumbags!

  22. It is truly sick to read comments about color, when in this day and age, should not be an issue. This young Lady did nothing wrong and paid with Her life. Ja du is a kid murderer.

  23. Dude shoulda gotten more than 30 days for treating a dog so cruelly. But the Korean woman should have been put away for many years. If the gun had truly gone off by accident, then maybe not, but how believable is that?

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