Late Night Massage Resulted in Pregnancy (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello. Hello, Your Honor. This is the case
ofBurks v. Smith.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Burks, you claim your
former boss got you pregnant and now refuses to do anything for your four-year-old
daughter Masiah, leaving you in
financial distress. You claim today’s
DNA test will prove that he is Masiah’s father. You are joined by your brother
who says he has had to step in and help out. Mr. Smith, you say
you are 100% certain you are not her child’s
biological father and the truth will
be revealed today. So, Ms. Burks, how important are today’s results for
you and your family? Oh, this situation
is very, very important. It’s so important that when I go back home,
it might not be a possibility that I might not have
a home for my daughter. So this situation
is very, very important. And so you are raising
your daughter by yourself? Yes, I am. JUDGE LAKE: You’ve had no
help from Mr. Smith? No. JUDGE LAKE:Masiah is
four years old…
LASHARA:Yes.…am I correct?She’s beautiful. Mr. Smith… EDWARD: Yes, Your Honor? …she says she
needs your help. Well, I was under assumptions for, uh, a long amount of time
that Masiah was not my child. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And I was told that
by the plaintiff. You were told that
by the plaintiff? EDWARD: Yes. Ms. Burks, did you tell… LASHARA: No, that’s not true. No, I never told him
that he’ll never be
the father at all. Can I say something,
Your Honor? JUDGE LAKE: Yes, sir.
Mr. Wright, what would
you like to add? Okay. Now this guy,
he, uh, he… He’s telling
a story, all right? This is the guy that she
was with all the time. So, like, how could you
just up and say that, like, come on now.
It looks just like him. Are you serious? Well, yes, I… She was with me all the time it’s because she
worked with me. We were still together
without working. EDWARD: When she says
still together, she means we was in
the same place together. We were never together. You’re saying you were
never in a relationship? EDWARD: Was never
in a relationship. What was this? We work together and one time we did… We had sex. I was thirsty. It was not one time,
Your Honor. He lying. It’s not one time,
it was more than one time. Way before I even have Masiah, it was maybe one or two years,
way before I’ve had Masiah, we had sex and
it was off and on, off and on in
the last year or two. HILTON: And I… Uh,
I’m sorry, Your Honor. You know, I was
working for him for a period of time as well. When I go home, them guys
would still be at work. They do, like, spending
the nights together, so. EDWARD: Can I respond to that? I would like that. Okay. Reason why,
Your Honor, I… She would spend nights at
my home was because she… Now, my business
is in my home, so there was also
another male partner who stayed in my home as well,
spent just as much time… He’s staying upstairs. He wasn’t in there.
He was staying upstairs, so he don’t even know
what was going on. So he was your boss. How did you end up getting
into a sexual relationship with your boss? LASHARA: Well, one day after work, we had
a couple of drinks. Um, he asked me for a massage. Um, he started
massaging my back. I massaged his.
One thing led to another. He asked you for a massage
and he ended up massaging you? That’s incorrect, Your Honor. What happened was,
one day we was together. We all got drunk
after a day of work. She asked me could she spend
a night at my home and she asked to massage
my back and my feet… He lying. I’m sorry.
That’s not… That’s a lie. That’s a lie. Okay. Did you let all your employees massage your back and
your feet, Mr. Smith? No, I did not let
all employees massaging
my back and feet because there was actually
only three of us who was in my home
at the time. All the other employees
were outside, field reps. Nobody else was in
our inner circle of
hanging out together. So, was this part
of the job description or were you just trying to
flirt with her at that point? At that point and that time,
it was… I was drunk, yes, I flirted with her
at that time. It wasn’t no
he was drunk, drunk. He know what in
the heck he was doing.
He was no drunk. So, Mr. Smith,
your testimony is that this was a one-time thing
or was this an ongoing sexual relationship
with an employee? I’m sorry, Your Honor.
This was a one-time thing… LASHARA: It wasn’t a one-time. After work with an employee
after we all had a long day and we had some drinks. JUDGE LAKE: Why such
a discrepancy, though? She says it was ongoing
for almost two years. You say it was only one time? Because for that
two-year span, when she was
saying that was… This supposedly relationship, she was literally,
literally telling our friends and co-workers that
I was her boyfriend. That’s not true.
That’s not true at all. That’s not true. To the fact… They was assuming
that we was together because we’ve been together… We would be together
all the time. So they assumed that… Mr. Wright, let me ask you. You said you also
worked for Mr. Smith
for a period of time? Yes, I did. Yes, I did. How long? Um, I’d say maybe
a couple of months. And during the time
you worked for him, did you have an occasion
to see your sister be involved, go out with him? Yeah, all the time. Yeah, they was together
all the time. We’ve never went
on a date. Never. HILTON: It don’t have to
necessarily be a date. It was never no date. Well, we all… It’s…
Like he said, at home. He was at his home.
We go chill at his house. EDWARD: Your Honor,
she’s trying to build it up as if I was doing
something special or something by
inviting her to my home and her being with me on a… You’re saying that she
was elevating the stakes, that this was not what it was,
that you were just co-workers, you had one night
of indiscretion and
it was just that? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But Ms. Burks… As it were, Your Honor,
we didn’t just have sex
one time, Your Honor, and there go Masiah and
I didn’t know who the baby… The father is.
It wasn’t never that. I was dealing with him…
This man for one or two years. Way before
Masiah came along. When you found out
Ms. Burks was pregnant, how did that go? I congratulated her
because she told me her and her boyfriend
at the time, who she was dating,
was having a child. So it was a regular
day at work… That’s not true. It was a regular day
at work Your Honor. That’s not true. That’s not true, Your Honor. So… How did you tell Mr. Smith
you were pregnant? EDWARD: I mean, I already
knew she was pregnant. He did know
I was pregnant and he… But why would you ask me again
if the baby was yours? Did you originally tell
him that it was your
ex-boyfriend’s child? No. I told him that…
Yeah, I did. Yes, I did. I did. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Now we remember. EDWARD: Thank you. So, Mr. Smith… EDWARD: Yes, Your Honor. …she comes over
and she tells you, “I’m pregnant with my
ex-boyfriend’s child.
We’re gonna have a baby.” And I said congratulations. No. That’s not it, no. I’m like, “Good for you.” It’s good to see that,
you know, that you and your boyfriend
is getting together. That’s four years later? EDWARD: Mmm-hmm. How did four years go by
without this getting resolved? I don’t think
he ever wanted do it. I… I did wanna do it. I mean, I was nervous
and everything,
but I wanted to do it. He didn’t want it. EDWARD: Your Honor, I will admit that I did not
push to find out if the child was mine as much
as I should had in hindsight, but this young lady came to me and told me at the time
that this was not my child. Look at her. She looks
just like him. EDWARD: Your Honor,
the only reason that
that is an issue is because the gentleman who she was with
at the time, is very similar to my
exact features as well. No, he don’t look
nothing like her. He was tall and he a lot
darker than him. Right. He don’t look
nothing like her. The baby do not look
nothing like him. Look at her. So let me ask you this. Ms. Burks, you said
there is a potential that there’s another man
that could be Masiah’s biological father.
Where is he? Well, he’s not around. JUDGE LAKE: Does he wanna be
a part of her life? EDWARD: Not at all,
Your Honor. She came to me
with the story to… When she eventually
told me that he’s not gonna
help her with it, she basically told me
that he was like, “I’m not gonna be
dealing with you, bye.” LASHARA: That’s not true. EDWARD: She had me and all our
employees before… she even came to me
and told me about that, “Hey, this child
could be yours.” She had all of us believing
that it was his and she
had him believing it. Oh, my God. That is not true. Like I said before,
she was always with him. It wasn’t no one-time thing. EDWARD: Your Honor, yes… It never was
no one-time thing. So Masiah is now
four years old. Have you developed any type
of a relationship with her? Yes, Your Honor. I’ve had Masiah in my home several times living with me. Really? EDWARD: Yes, because of Ms. Burks inability to keep a safe environment
for Masiah. And the reason why I did
that under the idea that I was still thinking
that she wasn’t mine is because I did not
want to see the child go through the same
situation Ms. Burks did. Why would you do that
if you wasn’t… If you think you
wasn’t the father? Because I did not
want the child to be stuck with you. That’s a lie. That’s a lie. Stuck with you? And so you would have
Masiah at your home. You would just be taking
care of her on your own? Yes. That’s a lie. JUDGE LAKE:
For how long at a time? That’s a lie. In increments of easily six to four months,
six to eight months… LASHARA: That’s a lie. That’s a doggone lie, man.
That’s a doggone lie. Your Honor, I would
have the child with me for… I wanna say weeks
before I would have Ms. Burks come to me and say something like, “Hey, if you don’t
let me stay with you, “then I’m gonna take Masiah.” LASHARA: That’s not true.
That’s not true. So, you believe
she was using Masiah to get back in, to be able
to stay at your home? Not only stay at my home
but she want this… The plaintiff has it
really bad for me, almost stalker-ish. That’s not true. Yes, she was with me
all the time. And he know,
even my ex know… And he wasn’t working
all the time. EDWARD: Yes. Right. EDWARD: She was
with me all the time, multiple reasons. One, she would get kicked out
of everywhere she stayed. So she would come
and knock on my door 2:00, 3:00, 4:00
in the morning. Several times. That’s a lie. Two, the company that I did… I owned and I ran
out of my home, so all my employees
would be there, all our friends
would be there, before work, after work,
during work. Three, the place
where we placed our… Where we did our job was… Was literally a block
away from my home. So after work, during work,
paperwork pick up, us just, “Hey, I’m too tired
right now.” Everyone would go to my home. So she stated about
the gentleman staying upstairs at my home is because I lived
in a six-unit building and I had access
to all the units, so I gave the gentleman
upstairs an apartment. I offered her an apartment
as well… That’s not true.
That’s not true at all. Oh, my goodness. I… You all have not agreed
on one thing. No. That’s not true.
Everything he said is a lie. He’s a good liar. JUDGE LAKE:
Goodness gracious! Come on, man. I mean, everything he states,
you say that’s not true. Everything you state,
he says that’s not true. He’s a great liar. I don’t see how he could
sit in front of a judge
and lie like that. Who is Masiah calling daddy? Me. The reason, Your Honor,
she calls me daddy is because when she can’t
or when she falls down, I’ve always been the one there to get and take them
out the situation. Mr. Smith, you say
Masiah calls you daddy? EDWARD: Yes. Have you stepped up
to the plate consistently? Consistently. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay. So if you have and she’s four years old, why now?
Why contest it all now? Two reasons. One, I’ve just made
a move to Arizona to start to start a new life
that I have. Okay. HILTON: With your
other girlfriend. With other girlfriend, right, and her kids staying
with his mother house. With… No, no. Come on now. We are not in
my mother’s house. His cousin’s house. No, we’re not… It’s not his. It’s not his. HILTON: And he stayed
with us numerous times. He stayed with us. Okay. Listen. Listen. Mr. Smith,
you’re doing all this. You’re stepping in
to save Ms. Burks. You’re taking Masiah
in when you feel like she doesn’t have
a place to live. EDWARD: Yes. You say you stepped up
consistently. The child calls you daddy? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: What in the world? You’ve got all of this
going on and yet you
still deny paternity? I was getting to
the second part of that, Your Honor, the second part
of the reason again is because now
that I started my life with the young lady
who I’m dating now, she has a daughter as well and there’s starting
to get confusion as I’m dealing
with the daughter, as I’m dealing with
the young lady
who I’m dating now. LASHARA: That’s what’s
hurting me about it. He haven’t been
in that child’s life and unlike me, I haven’t
had a child in my life… My father in my life. He was off and on in my life. And I don’t wanna make
the same mistake of having Masiah not having
a father in her life. It hurts me because
I don’t want her to be in the same
predicament as me. I cry… I used to
cry off and on because I’m scared
that I didn’t know
who the father is and she and I never know
who her father is when she… While growing up,
so it hurts me. He’s gonna go back to
Arizona and live his life with his girlfriend
and her daughter. What you’re fearing is that
he’s moving on with his life and he’s gonna sever
ties with Masiah? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. The only way we are
gonna get down to
the bottom of this and figure out how
we can move forward is to get the results
and I have them. Jerome? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Here you go, Your Honor. Thank you. You’re welcome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case
ofBurks v. Smith,when it comes to
four-year-old Masiah Burks, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Smith… you… are not her father. (AUDIENCE GASP) HILTON: I’m sorry. Excuse me. Oh, my God. HILTON: What? JUDGE LAKE: You are
not her father, sir. EDWARD:I’ve grown
to love this young lady.
I’m still gonna help
take care of Masiah. Bless you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Smith, I can see
that this is
making you emotional. I’m sorry, man. I’m… That’s all I can say,
I’m sorry. Because I…
I’ve raised this girl. She look like
and she act like that because I installed
those things in her. JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry
I could not give you a different answer, Mr. Smith. (EDWARD SOBS) LASHARA: I’m sorry. You say you’re still gonna
be there for Masiah
and that’s a beautiful thing and it’s not gonna be
an easy road,
but you can do it. I wish you the very
best of luck. Ms. Burks, I’d like to
see you in my chambers. Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL) Ms. Burks, that was
a difficult result. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So we are
where we are now. And sometimes part
of moving forward is understanding
that we have to… To face our reality,
all right? When I heard you testify
about the struggles
you’ve been through, that bothered me. This is a gift from me to you and it’s something
to tide you over until we can help
find a place to live and you can
find another job. It’s a gift card of $500 to make sure you
can get food… (LASHARA SOBBING) …clothing, to take care
of your little girl. I appreciate everything. I wish you the very
best of luck. Thank you. You’re welcome, sweetie.

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