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  1. She paid $17,000 to have her baby painfully mutilated to death when if the baby was as disabled as she said it was then the baby would have probably passed away naturally in peace anyway. I just cannot understand this thinking.

  2. This is an extreme case though. The majority of abortions are simply cause they want to sleep around. Both men and women need to be responsible for the baby that they had together.

  3. A doctor is a man, he is not God. Many womens unborn child have been wrongly diagnosed and had healthy children. I know a woman who was told her child would have spina bifida but delivered a healthy baby girl. I am sure every time she is glad she didn't abort her daughter. I wonder how many healthy children have been murdered because of a wrong diagnosis.

  4. In countries in Europe this is a medical issue they say.
    Yeah because we have severly Limited it and there is no debate about it.
    You can get abortions in the First Trimester.
    After, No. only with a medical diagnosis like this. But not what tiller and others did, Killing babies at 28 weeks for No good reason.

  5. Being 9 mo pregnant, I cant even fathom ending her life…its purely demonic and all we have accomplished is becomming desensitized to murder

  6. These Abortion Clinics are the continuation of Action T-4 which is a eugenics program created by the Nazis to exterminate (murder) those deemed life unworthy of life.

  7. I know a women the doctors told her her baby have. A disibikity when she was around 20week. They were HOPING for Down Syndrom or Autism honestly not sure about that. She delivered the baby a few months ago and the baby is fine! Glory to god we prayed for this child for months and god showed his mercy.
    Another women I know was told by her doctors as well that her child have a disability. People prayed for the child and she delivered it heslthy. So many tests monies out there.

  8. To anyone else, give the baby a chance no matter what the doctor says. How can he know. He don’t even niw what happens in the next hour how can he know what kinda life the baby have or for how long it may live. I know a lot of people with disabilities and they are a blessing. Watch SBSK plenty of different people with different disabilities. We have an all owing god who loves every human and who never ever makes an mistake. Give the baby a chance and put the babies life in gods hand. Don’t play god we fail in this every day thinking we know something when we actually don’t. If you are a mother thinking about abortion doesn’t matter how old the baby is, please don’t do it. You wouldn’t kill your 5 months old baby that IS already born because a doctor says the child have this and that and will have a terrible life. You would never do that. You would do your best taking care of that child and do everything you can and let god decide over your child’s life. He created it, it is his child and god loves it and take care of it. Don’t be a murder, be a mother. Be a father.

  9. To be clear i am very anti abortion. However i am not in favor of an absolute ban on abortion. Among the exceptions i would make are rrape, incest, and most imporantly any time where the mothers life iis in danger i believe she should have the choice to terminate the pregnancy rather than risk her life, if she chooses to do so. As far as terminating babies with birth defects it is more complicated and should be decided on a case by case basis. I do not c4onsider down syndrome a reasson for abortion. Tough call as to what birth defects are or are not severe enough to be aborted. However cases like the 1 in this video where there seems to be no chance at life would in my opinion be an exception as far as abortion should be allowed


  11. Doctors get this wrong all the time. If your child is going to die at birth, then why not deliver and have your baby in arms and say goodbye. Or if the doctor is wrong deliver and be able to raise your baby? Is it because if your child's disability isn't quite as bad as the doctors think you are stuck raising a disabled child? Not the child destined to die? Because that is the only reason I can think that parents would pay nearly $20K to end the child's life before the child would naturally pass at birth (according to the doctors).. sorry the state needs to protect the innocent and the innocent remain to be the unborn who cannot speak for themselves.

  12. Doctors are wrong many times. At the least let the baby be born and die a natural death. Not judging this poor mother. But perhaps a word of caution to the next <3

  13. This is the only way I believe abortion would be appropriate is if there is something wrong with the mother or baby that would cause severe damage to the child or mother.

  14. This is beyond tragic. But am I supposed to care if RT America is funded partly by Russia? Wiki is funded by satanists yet you don’t see that

  15. okay first of all while I need Doctors for when I am sick or pregnant for how the baby is doing, keep in mind that as a species and within the scientific community we know too little about fetuses to know about when they feel pain, to know about viability, or anything really beyond growth to be able to decree when it is appropriate to kill them. everything is speculation based on reactions they cannot confirm a correlation between and too many times have they (because they're human, not omniscient) been wrong and the baby is perfectly healthy or even can be saved. 

    second, while I want to feel bad for her, most post-abortion women I do, but she's becoming an advocate for late-term abortions regardless of the situation
    even when it was illegal abortions were performed if the mother was going to die or if the baby was not going to make it so this movement she and the rest of our sad, sick nation are starting is idiotic and based on this twisted idea of mercy killings and desires over the value of a life. saying "oh these studies don't add up". no, your logic doesn't add up. it has brain waves and nerves u literal idiots, by the simplest understandings of how nerves work we know they feel pain. also, let's say u are right. does this then justify the murder or torture of those with disorders who cannot feel pain? who has short term memory loss? who cannot walk, see, or hear? are their lives just not matching this image of a perfect baby and human?

    and considering how we can have 20-week old babies survive outside the womb, i find it hard to believe puncturing it with a needle and then poisoning it to death and then letting it chill for hours dead inside the womb until the "mother" has a "miscarriage" birth really can be justified with all of these literal assumptions the doctor is making based on a machine that cannot predict the friggin future.

    um also fuck this title of "1st world country, 3rd world laws". most pro-choice people condemn abortion at any point in the third trimester and agree it should be regulated. it can absolutely feel and is a goddamn baby just waiting to pop

    and finally Americans are born free, it's too goddamn bad they aren't free to be born 🙁

  16. So sad. I'm a home health pediatric nurse and I can tell you, these children DO have a productive, wonderful life. They laugh, interact and bond with others. That's IF this baby even was disabled. I cant help but be SICKENED by the fact that our society has become so depraved that they think it's ok to murder disabled kids. Especially at 31 weeks. SICKENING!!!

  17. Interesting how women who abort their babies for medical reasons they always explain it as being the most drastic issues. It’s never a small problem. What I hate about this is getting an abortion at that point, why not deliver the baby? If it ends up dying so be it, that’s in gods hands. But killing it gives it no chance. Besides it’s a very small percentage of abortions that are done for severe medical conditions. Examples like this are cherry picked, they are rare. Listening to someone complaining that she doesn’t have enough freedom in America to do what she wants with her body. Lady, all of our freedoms our under attack. U killed a baby you were so close to delivering full term. U can get a late term abortion if it was necessary to save your life or mitigate risk to your health. This was not the case obviously

  18. Women who have healthy babies are allowed to kill the baby in the womb for any reason. Please see the link below: http://www.priestsforlife.org/latetermabortion/listen.aspx

  19. I have to disagree with the comments that say ' well you never know' and basically gamble!
    Doctors are not idiots and they do not want to give that sort of news, but when they can see on an MRI scan for example that the brain never developed I'm afraid no amount of prayers is going to change that. It would be far less traumatic for mother and baby to terminate.

  20. Than Why Not just give 'comfort care', hospice medicine and No medical intervention/ resuscitation in lieu of an Abortion???????? At lest you can keep your child's life in God's hands where it belongs versus murdering your own child with your own, it's just plain Cowardly! If you Really love a child you will love them how ever they are given to you, and will protect them from being murdered!

  21. Are you sure the baby had an issue ? They have been wrong before. Still not your option to destroy the child.
    Dr Tiller ? Disgusting You do understand the problem with this right ?

  22. Well I sorry for the lot of your baby
    You and your husband played God
    You both were the judge jury and executioner I have epilepsy and I've been on medication I have a device that they invented and I actually have a wife and a child of my own but my parents gave me the chance I'm not trying to hurt your or your husband's Feelings by no means you made the judgement call bye what you were told that's something that you will live with for the rest of your life however for anyone that reads this God is God do not try to be God don't try to do the things that you can't do God bless y'all with that child and I think that either you prayed and got the answer you wanted or you may have missed the chance to have a child that may not have been perfect as some people refer to but you know what I fought through my parents worked with me I walked I talk I became a nurse and I worked with patients that had epilepsy I am not judging either of you so please don't take it that way I'm sorry for your loss though may God bless you and be with you

  23. Can you imagine what an irony would be if this woman gets in an accident goes into comma and the doctor says she will be disabled for life and their family decides to cut all life support?

  24. She doesn't seem very sad to me.How many opinions did she get from Drs. This makes me sick her baby could have been born fine you wouldn't know until baby is born and if so I'm sure the baby wouldn't have suffered. Yes lady I don't have words that I can write on here either. Sickening murdering her baby disgusting POS I hope you can Never have another child ever you murdering bitch and yes of course you need to make sure your other children can murder their own children to. SMH sick bitch…

  25. So, instead of giving birth & allowing her to die a natural death, so was either scaled to death with a saline abortion or limb by limb cuff off without anesthesia. She is a murderer. She minimized her babies life based on her definition of a life. There is no way to know her baby would be in pain, besides pain meds would be given to her to allow a natural death. She talks about her daughter's pain, but that poor baby was tortured to death in her womb. Late term abortion minimizes the lives of down syndrome children, handicapped children & the like. Where does it end? This is exactly what happened under Hitler. He murdered all mentally retarded, handicapped & deformed . He then started with the Jews, then everyone else. This is a slippery slope. Every life is worth living, if even for a few minutes.

  26. Oh sorry-this is right to kill. no wonder there's a vulgar picture. the whole thing is wicked and vulgar. no right to kill a baby!

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