Lauren Goodger Clears Up Surgery Rumours After Instagram Image Sparks Concern | This Morning

it's the bizarre thing to be talking about isn't it but it seems it's what everybody talks to you about all comments about at least in the science has come up again because it was a picture deep on Instagram and it was with you and Chloe Ferry and it was sparked concerns people were saying Isis that Marnie's baby shower it's gender revealed a few drinks one of the girls it was her photograph and she took it on her phone send it to me having a few drinks I didn't reach out and I see so just kind of posted it I woke up in the morning it was everywhere and I was like what is going on like what it's about and it's the photos and I was that I don't even like it didn't look like me it had a lot of people say yeah and so what was that then because people were saying it was the surgery but you know what filter did you know I don't have surgery on my face I have had done I've had things removed i enhance my face of makeup and lip line and things like that so I see press pictures of me and I think I look different all the time so I completely agree with you if I saw myself as much you know looked like that I look like I'd work done by heaven hand on heart now yeah so the line drawn what have you had done right I had my boobs done because of I think my body changed quite a lot I lost a little bit of volume and I had them done don't have to justify anything you want to have now I know you by the way I don't I don't actually like looking for so I'm like surgery and people get so we have little bits on here there the first time when I was 26 same age of Cheryl Cole and a lot of the people do have it done and they just don't talk about it I think I've been a bit too vocal now they've pinpointed with me but everything's done but I really really need a job and Botox yes and I had lip fillers when I've not any implants in my bomb yeah I felt like I need to do actual improve this because I have a normal body shape my body's never really changed that much I kind of sit the same but I feel like in the media they look make me look different so I'd look at a magazine or you know online and be like I look really different there today and the next day I look different again yes they're ones that people think about this tough time do you when when you work with that picture in particular which do you do you edit everybody does I'm quite bad to it but that photo did belong to me it's one of the and I didn't like it I do like my hair didn't like it so I looked it off alt delete' but again it's like long as I'd worked on but it's not because it's just literature photo right they make me look bad with photos it does seem to be this real move particularly at the moment I'd say was of young women of changing their bodies so much whether they do it in real life or whether they do it online yeah why do you think there is sort of that dry for women to appear so differently from their their natural spell is sad and I think social media has created that and the press and the media and it's not actually fast because our scales kind of social media is being perpetuated by social media stars of which you know y'all got a lot of following on a year exact place so we are kind of the ones that we will follow in but then also we're the ones that feel that we need to change because we're the ones pinpointed so we really we're the ones under pressure as well so if they do you feel like you need yes sometimes I feel that I'm competent in me and if you knew me as like a person on weight select my god right or that face about you but it's because it's a headline again and it's not always real and that's what people realize like I don't go and get stucked on a time I don't actually like it I get I've had Botox done I've had some food I had it removed it's raining makeup and my body and face doesn't really change that much or extensions or I like to keep it as natural as I can use the is the warning here that that you'd be very careful about editing any photographs there's a very fine line because everybody does it and you know we're not professionals at Edison it's just apps on the phone it's more it just makes it look more glossy because your instagrams got to look more not the normal everyday old-fashioned Facebook now it's it's kind of people look at the sucker job though which is a bit crazy but you've I mean a new sort of phase that your life right now you know you think you're happy with the way you are the way you look and and you're doing flips go dating aren't you how's that experience really good good fun yeah I want every date because I've never dated before and I've always been a kind of long-term relationships and this is like new it's fresh but we're gonna film in but it's really good I'm really enjoying you had successful dates and are you looking for love I don't know I am yeah but I'm not looking this is more general two years with this show it kind of brings right you can't so yeah and you do things that you wouldn't really got I wouldn't go on a date with you know some rounds O'Brian's I've never done that in my life because I feel the thing we're changing images I mean it sort of fits in with the dating world as well because you see pictures of people online I mean I via email on celebs go dating I've seen an image they've had in the agency and a different guys Walter so actually it's really when you're trying to look for love you don't know who's out now and you don't know what you look at on Instagram it's not always real so this for me is kind of good opportunities to be real on camera and people to see it friction on edit video now yeah so on I like to do stuff at this it's going to show a different side to me and hopefully get rid of these silly stories and your your head is in a good place now because you know very public about that one now I kind of like now think with everything going on and I kind of been quite open about anxiety my stuff it really badly but it's kind of I'm actually speaking to the speaker means yeah and I think they're gonna try and work with me but it's kind it's nice to voice it because a lot of people keep it quiet and that's the worst thing to do so speak about it we all human we go for it was about what would you in our life we stuff we're different you know anxiety and depression and stuff so but I am good I'm happy I'm enjoying it and I'm really having fun and we wish you luck finding lava snakes yeah that's what you think thank you very much thank you thank you you

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