LAUREN SWANSON is Pregnant : Fans Think for One Very Odd Reason… Watch it

could Lauren and Josiah be expecting already they would not be the first in the Duggar family to have a honeymoon baby see the possible baby bumped for yourself it looks like a pregnancy announcement might be on the way just because Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar tied the knot on June 30th does not mean that they are not already expecting especially if this new picture is anything to go by at the loving choices banquet to support their pregnancies centers in Northwest Arkansas Josiah and Lauren captioned in October 25th Instagram post of them posing in formalwear but while many of their followers turn the comments into a political debate many were too distracted by Lauren's outfit it looked like her black dress and pink cardigan were hiding a possible baby bump strategically high black skirt one friend wrote while another added yay another announcement soon others just flat-out asked if they were expecting or when she was due even though they are only nearing their four-month wedding anniversary this is not the first time that Lauren and Josiah have been hit with pregnancy rumors but it sure is not helping that most of their social media posts since their ceremony have been from the chest up are they hiding something even when they took some shots from further away while on a family trip to the mountains Lauren was either standing way too far from the camera for her stomach to be seen clearly or she was covering it up does this mean the next season of counting on will feature another pregnancy after Kendra Caldwell Jinger Duggar and Johanna Forsyth gave birth for the first time on the last season it's about time another Duggar had a baby on the way whatever be it it's their decision and life so speculators can rest

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