Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow Review – The Perfect Pillow For Expecting Mothers?

Katie: Hey guys. It’s Katie from Mattress Clarity. I’m really excited because I’ve got a pregnancy
pillow to review today. It’s the Leachco Snoogle. It’s one of the most popular pregnancy pillows
out there. Right now, I’m a little over five months pregnant
myself with baby number two. I’ve used the Snoogle in the past, and I have
a lot to tell you about, so let’s get started. [music] Katie: I want to mention one quick thing,
and that’s if any questions come up during this review, comment below, I’ll do my best
to get back to you as soon as I can. Now, let’s talk about the Snoogle. I’m super excited about it. I want to show you the whole thing. As you can see, it’s really unique shape. It’s basically a C-shape and it’s considered
a full body pillow. It’s really going to take the place of multiple
pillows in the sense that you can curve it between your knees for support. It’s going to reach all the way up and provide
that head and neck support that a tradition pillow would provide. Now, I do want to mention when you look, Leachco
has a bunch of different varieties of Snoogle’s. All of their filling is going to be the same. It’s all 100 percent polyester fibers. The Snoogle is stuffed into a sausage-like
casing if you will. It’s all pretty firm, but the outer cover
is what’s going to differ. This is The Original. It’s in a removable cover. It’s a blend of polyester and cotton. It’s a sham-style which means right here,
you can open up and pull out the inside from here. That’s how you’ll wash it. Now, there are also ones that have zippers. There’s ones that don’t have any removable
covers. Just think about what might be the best fit
for you. The dimension of this pillow, the dimensions
are 60 inches long, 25 inches wide, and seven inches in height. That’s about seven inches here which makes
it a pretty firm pillow in that sense. You cannot buy this from leachco.com. They don’t sell them off their website. They sell them to different retailers. You can get them at places like Nordstrom,
Babies “R” Us, Target, Amazon. I’ve got all the details on the full written
review. Just click the link in the description below,
and there’s a list of all the places you can buy them. That is important, because all of their return
policies, and warranties, and all that stuff are going to be a little bit different. There isn’t one set trial time. There’s not one set warranty for this pillow. Look at the retailer that you’re interested
in, and look at the price, and maybe price compare at that point, and you’ll find the
right one for you. One of the great features about the Snoogle
is that, not only can you use it while you’re pregnant, but you can use it after. There are six basic positions you can put
this pillow in, two for sleeping, and four for sitting or reclining. I want to go through and show you each one
and how they name them. There’s full details on exactly what they
do for you in terms of which areas they support. All of that is on the full written review. Just google Mattress Clarity Snoogle and they’ll
be the first thing that comes up. You’ll get more information, but for now,
let’s dive into the sleeping positions. [music] Katie: I
think there’s some big pros to this Snoogle and the reason why it’s so popular. Really, it does a good job of making you only
need to use one pillow, instead of three or four, when you sleep at night. Especially, when you get to the point in your
pregnancy where you’re primarily sleeping on your side. The two sleep positions that this really works
for, not only supports your knees to keep your hips aligned, but it helps curve around
your back or your bump, depending on where your symptoms are or your preferences, and
then curls all the way up. You’re really getting that full body experience
which I like. I also love that it comes in different varieties. I tried The Original which is this polyester/cotton
blend. I would say maybe next time I would go with
something along the lines of 100 percent cotton or a jersey knit, just for a little bit more
softness. I love that you can remove the covers and
wash them. I also want to mention again that they are
available at different retailers, so look at coupons, price compare, expect to pay around
$60 for this pillow, which when you think about full body pillows, it’s a pretty affordable
price. Things to think about with regards to this
Snoogle, if you haven’t already noticed, this is a large pillow. Think about who you are sleeping with and
think about the size of your bed. It’s almost the size of half of another person. If you’ve got a queen size bed and you sleep
with someone else it may take up a lot of room, make things a little bit tighter. Again, your comfort is top priority at this
point, so don’t necessarily rule it out because of that. Another thing I want to mention is that, especially
with this particular original Snoogle, the sham-style removable cover, while easy to
remove, it’s actually a little bit tricky to get back on, because you’re trying to stuff
the rest of this pillow back into this little section. If that’s already sounding annoying to you,
consider the options that have a full zip cover as well. Another thing is that you cannot throw the
whole pillow in the washing machine. You can only wash the cover. If spills happen, your water breaks, something
happens with this pillow, you’re not going to be able to wash the whole thing, and that’s
just worth thinking about as well. Leachco calls the Snoogle “the mother of all
pregnancy pillows.” I can understand why it’s so popular and comes
top of my want to talk about most comfortable pillows during pregnancy. It’s really, really nice if you are primarily
sleeping on your side. You are uncomfortable during the day. Maybe you have tailbone pain or heartburn. You can elevate yourself. You can sleep more comfortably. It’s all again, one pillow with removable
cover, different fabrics options, and just a lot of versatility in general. Again, check out different retailers. Look at return policies and trial periods
for them. Let me know if you have any questions. If you’re actually thinking that you might
want to lean more towards a regular pillow, we’ve got a lot of reviews there as well,
so just google Mattress Clarity pillow reviews to check those out. Thanks.

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  1. Great review! I am not pregnant, but am 71 years old and looking for something to support these creaky bones when I sleep. However, I have a twin size bed. I got one high end body pillow but have had to give it to a friend with a bigger bed. This looks flexible and that is what I was looking for. With a twin bed there is no room to roll over with a huge long straight pillow like the one I had. This one looks like I could put it in sort of a U shape around me and wouldn't have to roll the pillow over. Would this work for me?

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