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This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Lebron v. James.
Yeah, Mr. Cutler.
Wait, wait.
When I saw that, when I first looked at this, I thought, “LeBron James
inCouples Court?”But then I was like, “Oh, it’s Lebron v. James.” Yeah. Yes, you’re right. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) This is the case
ofLebron v. James.You all have been
together for five years, you’re engaged, you have
one child together, and you’re trying
to start your family, but allegations of cheating have put everything
on hold right now. Mmm-hmm. Ms. Lebron, you’ve opened
this case inCouples Court.Tell us why you’re here. I’m here because I think
Aaron James has been
cheating on me, or has cheated on me before. Um, we’ve been together
for five years, and, um… I just…
We have a child together, and he’s done things
that have been suspicious. He asked me to marry him, but I just…
I can’t do that yet if I have, um,
all these trust issues. You just can’t
take that step
until you know, until you
get that resolved. For sure. For sure,
because I’ve always been
a very independent person, and I don’t play games. If you’re messing
around with me, like,
I will get up and leave, because there’s…
I’m not gonna stick around to be played,
and look like a fool. Especially when
I have a son that… I mean, he’s gotta
look up to his father. I want him to be
a better man in all this, and I just… I don’t think
that he can instill that
into my son unless I know that
he’s been completely faithful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Wait. So, your… What you’re
saying to this court is your new family
is on the line. It is. Everything is
on the line. Like, our whole relationship,
our family, and, I just…
I need to know. I need to get the truth. Mr. James, she says
she doesn’t play games. Mmm-mmm. Are you playing games? No, sir. I, uh… I love my fiancee. I’m here to just prove it
that I haven’t done anything. I’m no cheat. So, I wanna be there
for my son. JUDGE DANA: But you under… But you understand,
based on what she said, that everything’s
on the line. Yes, ma’am. Okay, so, Ms. Lebron,
how did you two meet? Well, we met, um,
in high school. JUDGE DANA: Aww. Actually, he was in
eighth grade at the time, and I was a freshman,
um, in high school. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) JUDGE DANA: Aww, y’all
were so cute! Yeah, and… (JAMES CHUCKLES) Yeah, his brother wanted
to hook us up together, but I was like, “No, he’s
not even in high school yet,
like, I can’t.” So, yum… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) …and whenever…
(CHUCKLES) Whenever we
first saw each other, it was just like
love at first sight, like, we didn’t even
know each other, but we just stared
at each other. We couldn’t get
our eyes off. Um… I like that hair
you were workin’ on,
Mr. James. LEBRON: Yes. JUDGE DANA:Look at you.JAMES: Yeah. JUDGE DANA:Whoo-woo!JAMES:Thank you, thank you.LEBRON:Totally.So, whenever
he got to high school, he was super shy, like, he couldn’t even speak to me, and that took all the way
to our senior year
in high school. JUDGE DANA:That’s so sweet.LEBRON:Yeah.JUDGE KEITH:And so
you started dating.
Mr. James,
what was it about her
that made you say, “You know,
I’m gonna overcome this shyness
and start a relationship”? JAMES: Well, when we
first met each other, when I was at
the volleyball game, she… I just know she kept
coming around and around and around and around. (ALL CHUCKLING) So, at first I was like,
“All right, she…
I think she likes me, but I’m too shy
to even talk to her.” So when it came around school, passed up freshman year, passed it up. Too shy. Sophomore year,
passed it up. Too shy. When I was a junior
and she was senior, I was like, “You know what?
She’s about to leave. Let me give it a shot.” She asked me to go
to the movies with her, I said… (STUTTERING)
“I’m gonna go.” (ALL LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: You went! That’s exactly how I said it. LEBRON: Stuttering, just like
he did now. (LAUGHTER) And the rest is history. I’ve never felt this way
about anybody else. Like, I feel this is my person, and I want to be with him
for the rest of my life. Yep. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JAMES: She makes me laugh
every day. Um, she…
She’s very outgoing, like, she’ll talk non-stop,
and I love it. (LEBRON CHUCKLES) So, I… Reminds me of
another young couple that I used to know… Uh-huh. …many moons ago. Uh-huh. Tell me
about this couple. Oh, they enjoyed
each other’s company, they used to hang out, and… Mmm-hmm. …uh, one was
more talkative
than the other. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLES) JUDGE KEITH: In a good way. JUDGE DANA: Uh-huh. Why don’t you introduce me
to ’em after court one day. I will. I’ll do that. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Okay. All right,
you do that. So, the sad part,
though, Mr. Cutler, is, as cute as they are,
and as lovely as this sounds, why do you believe
that he’s a cheater? LEBRON: ‘Cause he was
texting these girls, and my friend and I
came up with this idea to, um, Catfish him. JUDGE DANA: Okay. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) And so, she, like,
downloaded this
fake texting app, and she pretended to be
a girl that he was
familiar with. At first, it was just flirting, we were like,
“Hey, you’re so cute,” and he would, like… He would eat it up. Like, he would respond to it, and I was just like,
“Okay, so let’s go
a little further,” and we started saying, like,
“Hey, I wanna mess with you,”
and everything, and he definitely
went along with it. He was just like,
“I don’t have a car, like, you can come
pick me up…” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) or, “Maybe…”
Yeah, and… And… He was like, um, “And if you can’t pick me up,
like, your mom can come
pick me up,” and all this,
“So that we can…” (LAUGHTER) LEBRON: Yeah. And you’re watching this
in real time? LEBRON: In real time, yeah. It was Father’s Day,
so I’m like, I’m… I’m at dinner
with my family, he’s there, too, and I’m…
I’m just looking at him,
watching him text back. JUDGE DANA: Oh, wait. What? Oh! Oh! So… LEBRON: And my friend
is texting him. So your friend is texting him
from somewhere else, and you’re sitting there,
watching him respond to this. And I’m like… Well, I’m getting heated.
Like, you could tell. Like, I was sitting
at the table, and I…
I was pissed. I wasn’t looking at him,
I wasn’t talking to him at all, and, um, he could tell. You know? JUDGE KEITH: Mmm-hmm. He said that,
“Oh, he knew it was me
the whole time.” JUDGE DANA:
All right, Mr. James, some hottie starts texting you and saying, “You’re cute,
and I like you,” you didn’t shut that down? JAMES: I mean,
at first, I tried to. At that point,
it started getting fishy, and I was like, “You know what?
I’m just gonna keep going
along with it.” So the Catfish
started getting fishy? Catfish started getting fishy? JAMES: Yeah. So, were you
playing Ms. Lebron? I, at… At the, uh,
the dinner table… JUDGE DANA: Uh-huh. …I looked at her
while I was texting… JUDGE DANA: Uh-huh. …to see if she would
text back, ’cause I thought it was her
messing with me. JUDGE DANA: Uh-huh. But she didn’t look
at her phone. Not one bit. So, I was like, all right,
well then… This has gotta be
somebody else. So, then you just
continued to talk to her. JAMES: Yeah. In a flirty manner? LEBRON: The whole time. Yeah. But I… But you believed
more was going on. Yeah, for sure. ‘Cause I
was like, if he could talk
to my friend like this, and not even
know who it is, like, who… He’s probably doing
the same thing
with other girls. Ya know? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) What else makes you
believe he’s cheating? His sister actually texted me. Um, and I have
the evidence right here. Okay. LEBRON: She had messaged me… Ron, would you please
get that document? Yes, Your Honor. And, uh, she told me that
she had seen something
fishy on his phone, she’d seen messages
from other girls, and then, he, um… She told me that she saw him
delete them right away, and, uh… I… I was pregnant
at the time. She felt extremely bad,
that’s why she took
the initiative to text me. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. James’ sister wrote,
“I accidentally clicked
on a message.
“I was just curious
and saw it was another female.”
And you responded,
“Another female? He’s talking to someone else?” Mr. James’ sister responded, “And I want to tell you because
I don’t think it’s right.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) My sister, when she went
through my phone, I’m pretty sure she
just saw the female’s name.
That was it. ‘Cause it wasn’t nothing…
It wasn’t serious, at all, with this girl. Well, why would your sister say this? I mean,
she’s supposed
to have your back when nobody else does. I guess she just felt
bad for her ’cause
she was pregnant, but… So, his sister wasn’t
the only person messaging me. I had, like, some of his
co-workers calling me and telling me about the same girl
that his sister told me about. Okay, wait a minute. So, his co-workers
are calling me saying
that he’s being deceitful, and he’s out this, um,
other girl, he’s been
texting her for awhile, they’ve been flirting, back, ’cause he worked
in the deli, that they…
She would go and flirt with him,
and they would spend
time together… JAMES: I was
on the clock working, and whenever I had to go
get the chicken, pick it up, if it was, uh, at a time,
like it had been out too long, and she’d be walking next to me
while I go pick it up, and just talking to me. And so, I, of course, like,
I’m six months pregnant
at the time,I started freaking out,’cause I’m like,
“Okay, he should
be talking to me.
I’m the only female
he should be talking to
while I’m pregnant.”
JAMES:I had been
messaging you.
So, um, I, I literally,
I woke up another
family member, this was at about
nine o’clock at night, and I was like,
“We’re going to his job.” Like, we’re gonna… So, you went up to his job? And what did that look like? LEBRON: Yeah. What happened on the job? Well, on the job, he…
He was supposed to
be on the clock, and so when I get there… I called off that day. Yeah. He’s not there.
So, it just… (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) It looks… It looked funny. It looked like maybe
he was with that other girl, especially since the
co-worker’s sitting here telling me that
he’s with her, and partying with her. Mr. James, this looks bad. JAMES: It does look bad. The one day… The very one day. The one day your fiancee
goes up to your job to look for you, you’re not there. I was home. I called off. I didn’t want to
go to work that day. MAN: Come on, man. But isn’t that the same day…
Isn’t that the same day that she finds out that your…
That your co-workers are saying you’re with this other girl? Well, she had been calling me. Like, I… My phone
was on the charger, and I was hanging out
with my dad. Yeah, so when he’s not at work, I’m obviously
blowing up his phone… JUDGE DANA: Right. …and he’s not answering. S if he’s not at work,
and he’s not
answering the phone, he must be with somebody else. Yeah, that’s waiting. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) That’s waiting. Do you have any other,
uh, evidence? Yeah, I actually do. Um, so, I start getting, like,
I’m an FBI agent, so I start to get
as much as I can. JUDGE DANA: Okay. Um, and, I actually ended up texting the girl
that he was talking to, and I said, “Hey, ya know, like,
I’m six months pregnant. If, um, Aaron’s
being deceitful, or he’s being unfaithful,
or y’all are seeing each other, just let me know now,
and I’ll cut the ties. Like, you can have him,
just, like, let me…” Just let me know. Let me know, so I’m not gonna
sit around and look stupid. JUDGE DANA: All right. And you communicated
via text? LEBRON: Yeah. And do you have
those text messages? Yeah, she ended up
sending me screenshots of their conversation. JUDGE KEITH: Okay… And it really
didn’t look good for him. So these…
She sent you screenshots of her conversation
with Mr. James. LEBRON: Yes. The other woman. The other woman. Okay. So, Mr. James writes… JUDGE KEITH:“Like you weren’t
lookin’ for a relationship.”
The other woman responds,
“Relationships are
cool and all.
“I don’t care about titles.“I just wanna be happy.”JUDGE KEITH:
And Mr. James responds,
“I wanna blank with you.”(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Mr. James? Yeah, that may have looked bad, but, it was just… JUDGE DANA: No, it…
No, no, no, no, no. It does look bad. It may have looked bad,
it does look bad, it’s gonna look bad tomorrow… It’s bad. Yes. But I just wanted
to hang out with her. That was all. JUDGE DANA: Well, that’s not
what you said, because we had
to blank that out. It wasn’t “hang out,” it was
something else with her. I mean, you know,
it is what it is.
That’s what you wrote. I had no intentions
on messing around
with her at all. I promise. So, after you get
this text message, what do you do? I cried. JUDGE DANA: Right. Like, honestly, I just, um… Because somebody
that is your best friend
of five years, like, I… You wouldn’t think that
they would even think about doing something
like this to you, so, like, I continued texting,
um, the girl, and she ends up telling me
that she’s not the only one. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Like, yeah, I have evidence. JUDGE KEITH: So you got more? Yeah, um, she had texted me saying that he had zero remorse
for what he was doing to me. Especially, like,
while pregnant. And so, um… JUDGE DANA: And she says, “This man is bad news.” LEBRON:Mmm-hmm.JUDGE DANA:“Aaron shows
zero remorse
“for what he’s doing
with other girls
“while having a baby.“I’m sorry again.”(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) So, it’s not just her, she’s saying there are
other women that
he’s involved with, while you’re
expecting his child. LEBRON: Mmm-hmm. Yeah. Come on, Mr. James. JAMES: The other girl
she was talking about are the people
I have lunch with when I’m on my lunch break. Well, what are you doing
on you lunch break with these other women that’s making
this other woman say you’re bad news? I don’t know
what she was thinking, but with the other women,
I honestly just
talked about her. About the baby. So when you say
you’re having lunch, are you having lunch… JAMES: Yeah, I’m having lunch. …or are you having sex? JAMES: Having lunch. I… Mr. Cutler, I think
we have enough
information today. I think we do, too. And, Mr. James,
everything is on the line, because you’ve heard clearly
from your fiancee, if you’re found
to be cheating, the Lebron-James wedding
You understand that? Yes, Your Honor. History. JUDGE KEITH: Right. Well, this court has done a full and complete
investigation. At this time, the court
would like to call cyber-security expert
Patrick Siewert to determine is he cheating? (AUDIENCE CHEERING
AND APPLAUDING) Ron, please escort
Mr. Siewert
into the courtroom. Good day, sir, how are you? Good day, Your Honors,
I’m well. How are you? It is good to see you. SIEWERT: Good to see you. The court ordered
Mr. James to submit his phonefor a forensic examination,
SIEWERT:Yes, correct.When you conducted
your forensic examination
of Mr. James’ phone, did you find anything
interesting in his messages? Yes, I did. Uh, I recovered 14 photos
of Mr. James in various poses
and states of undress. A few of them,
I brought with me today. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH:
So, these are pictures of him
standing nude.So, the first picture
is just of him from the
abdomen up nude, and then full body cam. JUDGE KEITH:
Yeah, I’m calling it nude.
You’re calling it nude.
I’m calling it nude.
Look at you! (LEBRON CHUCKLES) JUDGE DANA: Who did you
send these photos to? Probably her. JUDGE DANA AND LEBRON:
Probably? No, for sure her.
If they haven’t been sent, they’re in my photo library.
That’s it. So you didn’t send these to this young woman
we keep hearing about? JAMES: No. No, ma’am. You didn’t just send them
to somebody else? No, Your Honor. Ms. Lebron, have you
seen these photos? I’ve seen that one, but… JUDGE DANA: Ah. …the other ones… (ALL LAUGHING) I don’t know about
the first one of these. JAMES: Thank you. JUDGE DANA:
You got the money shot.
LEBRON:I got the money shot.JUDGE DANA:Okay.I remember that one. JUDGE DANA: All right. To further investigate
this case, we would like to call
certified polygraph examiner
Michael Williams to determine is he cheating? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE KEITH: All right. Mr. Williams,
for the court record, please tell us
your credentials. For the record, I am a retired federal agent, I’ve been doing
polygraph examinations for the last 25 years, I’m currently
a private investigator in the state of Georgia. So, you asked Mr. James, “Did you ever have
physical sexual contact with the co-worker,
your fiancee,
Ms. Lebron, texted?” What was his response? Your Honor, he said, “No.” What did the
lie detector determine? Regarding this question
on physical sexual contact
with the co-worker… He was being truthful. JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Lebron,
how does that make you feel? Better. I saw a smile, yeah. Yeah, I gotta wait
for the other questions. (LAUGHTER) Mr. James was asked,
“Have you had
sexual intercourse with any other woman during your five-year
relationship with Ms. Lebron?” What was his response
to that question? Your Honor,
he said “No.” What did the
lie detector determine? I detected
no physiological changes, which indicated to me, he was being truthful. BOTH: I love you. JUDGE DANA: Aww. I love you. I love you. You got a little lipstick
on your face. LEBRON: So, that makes
me feel good. You got a big smile. We can move on. Yeah. JUDGE DANA:
He’s wearing your lipstick. Yeah, he is. It looks like, Mr. Cutler,
the Lebron-James wedding is on! (ALL CHEERING) LEBRON: Yes.
Yeah, definitely. You guys are such a cute
and handsome couple. Uh, we wish you all the best
as you all move forward, so we’ll give you
a little bit of advice. JUDGE DANA: Yeah. JUDGE KEITH: Okay? Treat her like
the queen that she is, don’t give her
any reasons to doubt
how you feel about her, and your intentions
toward her. Okay? JAMES: Yes, Your Honor. So, here’s what I, uh,
here’s my request. That when this Lebron-James
wedding takes place, I want an invitation. LEBRON: Okay. All right. LEBRON: Okay. You’re invited. As we say in this courtroom, “Don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance for a great,
happy relationship.” Court is adjourned. (APPLAUSE)

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