Legit fetus singing "The Pantaloon" with other fetuses in a fetus band

Venus on the moon in the morning air how he used to us a lot the people I can do the bear cause you've been around so long she's meeting overshare now because it Sharon L is I can tiny island in the sea of all the people who provided customers we serve as the main as long people being a come to new to do soon either way he gets it on he is the Pantaloon Oh

42 Replies to “Legit fetus singing "The Pantaloon" with other fetuses in a fetus band”

  1. This is the same tyler joseph that people crowd over at airports. Same dude that pit a cheese hat on during a concert. Same dude that made i renew bracelets and tricks people to thinking that he's drinking tea when it's actually redbull. Same dude that won a grammy and took off his pants. Same.dude.

  2. I used to be scared of tyler when I first joined the clique 2 years ago and now I'm highly attracted to his energy what

  3. idk why but it made me sad for some reason.. i've never seen someone sing with so much passion, like his life depends on it.

  4. why do I always end up with these kind of vids when it's like 3 in the morning…Every night it's the same XD

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