26 Replies to “Let Our IVF Journey Begin! | Good News, Explaining the Process, & Magic Kingdom”

  1. I struggled with infertility issues myself, and I’m so happy you guys get to start this process!

  2. So, so happy for you, this news made us both smile so much. Sending all our love and positivity your way. Xx

  3. I will echo everyone else in saying YAYYYYY!!!!!! So ding dang excited for you both!! Also – is the picture behind Sarah (timestamp 8:09) one of Judy Garland in Meet Me In St. Louis?! That's one of my favorite films, and it looks like the scene where she's singing "The Boy Next Door" – a true classic. Sending you both SO much love!

  4. That is awesome news. Good luck! Doctors told us they were not sure how we were able to have our two kids with my wife having POS and Endo really bad. They told us after my daughter we would probably never have kids again, we tried for about 8 years and finally gave up. Now here we are 11 years later and found out we are expecting.

  5. So thrilled for both of you!! It was a pleasure to run in to you at the Polynesian last week. My daughter and I really enjoyed meeting you at the gift shop.

  6. ok wait LOL Peter all excited about 20 shots in 4 days remember this Sarah LOL Love to both of you your going to do great!!!!

  7. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! Stalked your IG all morning on Friday – is that crazy? Probably but I dealt with some IF too and know how sucky it can be. Fingers and toes crossed for this
    IVF cycle

  8. So happy for the both of you. This is beautiful news. Seeing your journey to this point…. You guys will be ok and will be awesome parents!

  9. First off, this makes us so very, very happy! ❤️

    Second, we IMMEDIATELY pulled out yelp, and are currently considering going to Market on South for dessert… or, maybe brunch tomorrow 🤤

    i'm so happy for youuu <3
    how to treat yourself after a freaking good news! X

    plus, agreed, you can't eat anything after going to ohana dinner x)

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