Let’s Play Shelter 2 – Part 1 – BIRTH ★ Shelter 2 Gameplay / Walkthrough

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to let’s play Shelter – my name is weasel and this is the sequel [to] shelter where we were playing as a badger mom raising and protecting our little Badger cubs right now. I’m a pregnant mother Lynx and Fearsome Predators Namely wolves are after me. We’re just jumping right into the game it was no intro or anything just that [short] notification that hey these bulbs are trying to kill you and your potential offspring that you’re carrying So we’re trying to get through the forest here this game is developed by Mike and delights is available March 9th on steam if You want that game for yourself? I? Would recommend it shelter 1 was a great experience? But let’s see how this goes [alright] so Space to jump up and this game is going to offer [quite] a few new GamePlay mechanics from what it says a bigger environment, and it just in general a bigger Experience, and I think we made it. [I] think [we] escaped successfully from the wolves and are now looking For a place to stay for [a] place for [a] little well To give birth to [our] little cubs that night the stars whispered to Modeling’s Well, what did they have a whisper I? Don’t know But I think we’re supposed to follow them [I] played the first few minutes of the [game] to see if everything is working properly [and] Now we’re following these beautiful stars [on] the ground for the forest and Yeah, you might notice the very unique graphical style It’s not that visible yet, but trust me this game is pretty breathtaking From the screenshots and it just looks great it has [a] very unique style, just like Shelter one where you played as a badger mom it just looks fantastic in Its own way, it’s definitely not your typical video game. It’s certainly an experience and I guess yeah definitely a unique one All right, there are some constellations on the sky that I don’t recognize and I don’t think they are Any that I know I think yeah, we found shelter all this big big tree Where we’re going to now give birth to our cubs, and yes, there’s a shelter, too I’ve been excited for this game since they [announced] it That it would make a sequel to the first one And I really like these loading screens. They’re simple yet effective that’s me another a tree in a little cave and We’re not getting introduced to the family Can you hear it – oh? This is adorable Mmm, my only weakness little kittens or links in this case still there Mmm. That is so adorable He’s yawning. [oh] There she is modeling’s with her cubs. Oh they are Super Cute [I] Know I say that word a lot, but I think right now. [I] don’t know what to say that they’re super cute all right It suggests a few names for me [inna] is my name I think and these are this is my offspring [I] can give them some names and That’s going to be a little bit tricky to remember those here bova Vavi [Solder] [I] Am just going to Go ahead and call you Hmm I’m going to call you orange. I’m going to call you snow, you’re gonna be Mmm, something that I can remember [I] think chocolate is too long [choke] oh, I’m Gonna meet Coco because why not [and] you’re going to be hMM? good question I’m Gonna call you spend why not Rowan’s Gonna be [sweats] [man] Orange is a weird name, [but] then again the other ones no idea At least now. I will be able to remember the names that was my problem [I] did not I wasn’t able to remember the names of my little badger cups after a while She ventures into the vast open world a land full of prey to feed her starving Family who are not yet strong enough to leave their warmth and shelter All right here. We are it’s winter and we’re gonna. Go out and probably find some food [I] Guess we’re Gonna have to feed our little family [or] little guys look at those Clouds [I] Really like this this graphical song I don’t think I’ve ever seen that somewhere else In any other game, this is very unique [alright] [alright]. Here’s our little cave full of cute Pubs Look at that tree. How they how they show the leaves moving actually the whole Didn’t even notice that the first time [alright] here’s here’s a little cave our Cave full of Cuteness yes, I’m gonna get you some food [alright], so Here’s how you hunt we right-click you go into pretty much. It’s like an assassin mode from AsSassin’s [creed] You just see the prey close by [Bears] [at] first our first victim a white bunny White rabbit and I got a very good, we’re gonna take this Licious meal back to our cup, so I’m gonna have to do that a few times to feed our little cups here feast feast pong The food that I brought you um feast on it not a pawn [ok] Another one he’s between [oh], there’s a hole. I want to say flock Heard I don’t know what you call a group of bunnies Feel free to let me know. I think I got two of them free and You can pretty much just break their little necks. I believe and then just pick him up later Gimme come here very good um I Picked up two at the same time nay. I don’t think so. That’s okay. Oh and it’s getting spring [ah] It’s getting warm Where’s where’s the cave? Where’s the entry point? Where my little cubs waiting? Okay, [uh] on the wait am I on the right spot. [oh]? Yes, I am. It’s just incredibly big hey guys here is your food just drop that Very good. Oh, and I think there’s some remains left, and you can pick that up This game is collectible some pressing C now, and you can kill a select plants and animal skulls Okay, let’s see other yeah, there’s there’s the corpses corpses left. Let’s just grab those and bring them back Add a lower a little left corner is [stem] [enough]. So you want to make [sure] that you don’t run out to hunt [just] [drop] it for them. [I] want to run out before what there oh We progress yes, they had enough food now. They’re coming with me which makes hunting a little bit easier alright guys So let’s go to the corpse over here, and you guys just you know nom on it enjoy Yes hMM Okay, where the oh yeah right [two] per bunny? So they have to share they can’t all eat on one Just let them eat look at their little red faces and paws full of blood Kind adorable [lotty], but adorable Alright. Yeah, we just selected a skull [they’re] collectible I Don’t know what these symbols all mean, and there’s a lot of collectibles in this game, so I Have to look out for those is that this that is the sun up there? Wow Looks really good Right so right click also shows us different destinations to go, and I think I’m just gonna head for The star [I] think that’s a month not the worst idea and also I should eat something myself [or] maybe drink something as well before I completely up bunny let’s Snatch that one come on come on. Ha got one and there’s more I’m running out of Stamina worst timing for that my mom. No, I’m all grey and exhausted Okay let’s see where’s the corpse that we just Where where’s where’s the bunny? Where’s the river that? I just caught you can’t see it alright doesn’t matter let’s get another one Alright can I eat it myself or or do you need to eat? It myself right now, I think [no] right click yep I’m eating it myself and as you can see my stamina boss going really high up You want to make sure you hunt for yourself because if you’re out of energy, and [you] can’t hunt [I]? Got another one. Enjoy Enjoy it here. Here you go guys. [I] think [I] need more. [oh], [no]. They’re all eating it now [ok] [I] thought they would share Probably depends how many corpses are how many food sauces are on then they split up evenly it’s good like brothers they should Share I Don’t have a brother so I never I don’t know I fought with my grandma over the food portions [whew] Ok [I] don’t know how many I have to kill but I think a few bonnie’s a few meals, not a bad idea all right, here you go just eat that No, no, I’m not eating this [I] could also just take it with me come on um. What was your name? who’s fen I think yeah the the [light] Brown one the sven orange snow and cocoa yes a very weird selection of names oh Here’s he’s um. He’s more food guys eat eat up. It’s gonna be [a] long long trip [a] long long Journey ahead of us I’m Gonna know Okay, very good Just heading this way. I don’t even know if I have one of them. Well. I got one might as well bring him with us Yeah, we can carry The food with us in case they get hungry or so, I don’t know if it indicates it. I haven’t seen that Am I on the right path? [I] think [I] am Yes, this looks good. I Think we’re on the right spot just You know what I’m gonna eat this guys. I’m gonna eat this I ran out of stamina We’re going to find you something. Don’t you worry you all look well-fed. I’m not worried All right, we got to some water no mouse left to drink There you go. No everyone drink up. Don’t drown What are you doing? One just walked Straight into the water straight into it [I] Don’t [I] don’t think you’re supposed to oh, no, I fell into water yeah It’s like GtA4 all over again. Don’t go into the water You’re gonna regret it all right. No problem, though Nobody got hurt. We just got a little wet and it’s gonna spawn you out of the water again close. Where you you know filling? Where am I heading? Oh yeah also tells you if you lost a cub it’s Gonna show you this little symbol I think we’re gonna walk around this little Well, it’s not a little pond. It’s a big pond Yeah, I Think we can go over this giant tree log The world is much more [open] than it has been in shelter one. There’s not only one there’s several. Paths actually to a destination And this looks good. Where’s this? Yeah, okay. I think I think we finished the first zone with this and are making our way into the next one Good all right So the game is going to release on March [9] it’s going [to] be available for PC on steam and you’re going to It’s [going] to get ported to other platforms. [I] don’t know when they said they’re going to do that in any case I hope you guys enjoyed this little preview I’m gonna play more of this game And I hope to see you in the next one see this is the first part of a series it’s always important to share this one and You know if you have a friend who you think might? Enjoy this oh is that a feather? Yeah, it is who might enjoy this send it to them in any case. I’m weasel. I’m out, and I hope to see you around Bye, bye

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  1. Hey Andres – YouTube takes a bit to render all the resolutions – also I recorded this game in 1080p with 60fps rather than 1440p.

  2. Accompanying the cutest game ever, I think you made your cutest "bye bye" at the end of the video xD!
    Great game, can't wait to see more from this series 😀

  3. what do you mean it comes out of march 9th? i looked it up on steam and it says its 13$, also will you be playing more escapist? i really enjoyed watching you play that game 🙂

  4. This game is awesome but,

    Do you plan to make another THE ESCAPISTS part? Cause i think i'm not the only one when i say, that this a great SERIES of a game was. Even if there were just 4 Parts ^^!

  5. Looking at my newsfeed on youtube… and yay! I didn't know they made a sequel C: thank you for playing it!

    Funny thing is, I actually subscribed you because you played shelter 1 :3 ♡

  6. Look at those little womb nuggets, they are so cute! I'll watch only the first part for the moment, because I want to play the game myself when it'll be released. You're lucky to have it earlier 😉

  7. 10:30 When you killed that white rabbit I thought you killed Snow. I was like D: how dare a mother kill his own offspring. 

  8. Haven't played Shelter, but the sequal is great I've already completed two playthroughs already. First go I lost one cub to evil wolves and two in the next one to starvation (one died as I was running to it with a rabbit to eat :(). Hope to see more of these!

  9. I honestly don't get the point of this game. Got bored after ramming rabbits for 30 minutes without any payoff.

  10. I came for the Shelter 2, and I stayed for the @WeaselZone commentary. You seem to like the same genres of games that are my favourite. You just earned a new subscriber. <3 I'll definitely be checking out more of your videos.

  11. Interesting Fact, you can die in the "intro" i tried it. The Screen gets black and you just hear the wolfs… creeeepy. I dont know how you do this with the hunting, the rabbits seem to notice me from miles away eaven if i walk. I am so bad at hunting^^'' Lost 2 Puppies in the first try, because they were to weak to walk on their own. I went hunting and could not finde them again. ): Second start is better now. (sorry for the bad english)

  12. I have some advice for anyone playing this game. Wolves will kill your cubs when they are little, not big. So stay in your birth habitat until they get older. I always finish with 4 cubs this way!

  13. Please stop trying to be like total biscuit its painfully obvious you are trying to sound like him and it reeks of desperation

  14. A group of bunnies is simply called a group or herd, while a group OF herds of bunnies that share the same burrowing system is called a warren :3

    The more you know 😀

  15. Just don't tell the devs that mammals only drink milk during their first weeks…
    They may have dropped out of biology class.

  16. U idiot u said that it was a badger but u are a linx I'm not going to sub because u r idiotic and terrible if u call ur self a youtuber I'm captain America

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