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ladies so I'm gonna do a quick video really quick I won that I promised a while back and there's something that's waiting on this my husband's home sons here so hopefully we won't get interrupted okay so the first thing is that I'm gonna go to first of all say grab peon grab paper wrap your note pad your iPad your Android some people already know about some of these places that have IVF coverage or IUI to the fridge a PT coverage but some people don't and some people are trying to see how they can afford IVF and so forth and I mean this is not you know everything that's out there but it's stuff that I've ran across are things that have helped me with my idea or FPT in the past so anyway I have my phone for those of you that laugh at me every time I don't have my phone so anyway I've been saving this on my phone for a very long time because I haven't had the time to make a video cuz I myself have been just going through a lot it's been a very rough week and I guess I'll just make a separate video about what's been going on about me later who thought his hair ears might get on here that's like my hand just looks a hot mess calm but anyway so we're gonna go ahead and get started with the information that I have let me find it I hope you're grabbing paper and pen so what I'm gonna do is instead of listing every job that I know that has IVF I'll get the website link and I will post it below and I probably posted somewhere in the video or whatnot but I'm just gonna kind of let you know some of the quick jobs that I know of that we're familiar with and half those that have that coverage and then I'm going to leave the link that way you can go look at all the thousands and thousands of jobs that have the coverage now the listen I'm gonna give you is a pretty old list it has not been updated so there are some jobs that are that I know of that's not on this list as well and so I hope that this helps and I'll kind of go over a look at two of what to look for when you're looking for the idea of coverage and so forth so I'll go over there as well I made a video a while back about how to find on insurance but it has been a while and like myself I don't go and do everybody's of youtubes unless they tell me which one to look for so it's kind of hard to look you know for those so the first thing is I'm going to go over is this website that I happen to come upon you know searching about four or five months ago I was searching to see ways they can cover my lvt for the future whatever and I run across I was just searching and searching I'm running I'm searching people here and so we need anyway I ran across this this page the website is W me turn on my music I don't want try to say oh you music was too loud so anyway the website is w-w-w dot I in C I D dot org okay and I don't know how something you know up on this website but I did it and basically it says companies which may offer infertility benefits and it goes through a boozy companies and this is basically a list of yes LeBron I'm going a video no no I go finish training room it's very important okay pick your head up we don't put our heads down together give me just a moment he's like I want to get on video now when you try and put him on video here I wanna be on video okay so anyways I'm sorry about that companies which may offer infertility benefits basically it's about people that have had these jobs and had coverage so it's not like these businesses are saying hey I have coverage it's actual employers that are people that have been trying they've had these jobs and wanted to say hey this is the job that helped me so anyway like I said it's a through Z and I to add a couple of jobs to this list but for some reason the email is just not working like I tried through email to say the email is not valid to send information so I'll just leave it on here for y'all to to know those extra jobs but anyway like there are jobs such as let's say Ace Hardware pass the insurance let's see I'm just scrolling but like that website gives you a million let's see what else I can find that we are familiar with there were some others I know they're very few some Avon can't like the Avon company some of their insurance have the coverage we all know Bank of America because I used to work for Bank of America so Bank of America has a hundred percent coverage you pay a hundred percent coverage them as well as Kaplan College Kaplan College has a hundred percent coverage and IBM that's from my experiences so basically it's a long long list of companies CVS Pharmacy CVS it isn't gonna be the pharmacy department but CVS itself is called CVS Pharmacy but CBS has insurance walgreens has partial insurance of it as well pretty much all I've learned it pretty much all banks major banks so not like some of the small credit unions but like major banks has the coverage I found out like Chase Bank has it I believe Wells Fargo Capital One they all covered so majority of the banks have it you know so the secret's out today certain Children's Hospital I know Texas Children Hospital if you work for them they actually have coverage but the kind of catch I think I've read about it is that you have to use their facility they actually have a fertility fertility clinic within their hospital but not so them I mean the list goes on and on and so basically that website of comcast cable different airlines have it I mean just to list Dillard's have it it's like 15,000 lifetime coverage let's see Disney now some of these companies you have to be there at least 90 days some of them like let's say Bank of America my insurance started 30 days after so like some 30 days was done I was like pointing so anyway that website has not only that information has so much more there are loans out there there are grants out there for the coverage as well and so basically I would say just kind of look at that you know there's IVF scholarships but the scholarships it's kind of tricky because there are only certain times of the year so like when I was trying to apply for some it wasn't gonna benefit me because I was trying to get it done at a certain time this year and so a lot of most my own way and Chris was away and make sure you know spring and I'm like I don't wanna wait that long but you know I mean you can attempt you can try see what happens for you but anyway it has that on there it has a scholarships it has just different sponsors and professional services like guides different doctors that offer certain covers it's just a really good website to look over and search through so that's my first website another thing that I found was on a website that's called family building dot resolve dot org and basically I found out that a lot of companies do not know that there are so many women that suffer from infertility and what it is is that it's not so much that they don't want to cover it they just don't know that it doesn't cost them anything to add that to their coverage and so basically if they if if they find out that there's enough women or that there's you know Clements been working there all these years that need this coverage and you offer you know an agreement or a letter with them or whatnot then they can be in agreement to go ahead and add it to their insurance you know what it covers and so it does not cost and that's what so crazy does not cost the company just to add them so basically it's a letter that I found on there and it's called take action and basically it's a sample letter that basically says that following an infertility diagnosis that employer of accounting firm Grant Thornton persuaded the company to offer infertility coverage to approximately 5,000 employees and it's 50 offices nationwide and it says you can read the story behind them it says use the sample letter below to write your HR department or benefits manager this is a suggested template copy and paste it's copy and paste the text into a document and personalize it and kind of make it your own you know so basically it's a letter and the letter is pretty long I'm going to read the whole thing but in small it basically kind of says off the employees believe that adding infertility coverage benefits will increase health care costs however recent studies the Kate that including comprehensive infertility coverage in a health benefit package may actually reduce costs and improve outcomes just a short but basically this is a copy and paste you can make it your own you can leave it just as it is to some extent it tells you where to put in your company's name or what to put your name in it it also have documentation like like citation what is it called I'm out of school too long and said they provide it they provide it what is it called up shoot as much as I love English and I'm forgetting they basically included basically you know how what is it called could suck my tongue basically kind of like evidence are supporting detail they say they use supporting documents as in in this state it did this are for this person that did that so this would be a very good letter if you want a company and it stays a small company or say it's a big company know whichever say you've been there all these years and say you've been you know that you're an asset to the company or there's some type of you know women that's this asset to the company and they're like or even a man you don't be a woman but even the man it's an asset to the company a company needs that man well guess what how about they write a letter and say you know what would it really keep me at this company make me happiness I've been working here you would add this coverage BAM you know what I mean like there are some companies that will really honor this because they know that they have employees that work hard and they don't want to lose any of them you know and so anyway it's very informative now the the what does it called the what is it called the the survey they conducted is pretty old so this has been about 2003 I'm pretty sure that on your own you can go and find some different you can find some surveys and so forth that can support your your opinion or support your statement so it is a pretty old but still if it's 2003 bits show that it lowered the cost of their you know I'm sorry their coverage then I'm pretty sure now in 2015 that it really really you know saves them a lot of money and so forth you know so it doesn't hurt to do that again I'm gonna put that information down there below I know as women we love to write there are some of us that love to write and you know if we know that this is gonna help and we know that Department we know somebody that's higher you may have a hook up with somebody and say hey add this to the coverage use a very formal letter and you know millets at the end millets of HR department the president of the company CEO if you have that leeway I'm just saying let's see and I believe that was it so now that I went over there I'm trying to go as fast as I can with this video to be too long for y'all again like I said before when you're on a job and you call a lord it's gotta be fixes driving me crazy I'm sorry I can't you have a little puff puff if you caught I'm sorry if you get a job or before you can get a job look up that job online type it in and say let's say you and look for Walmart Walmart IVF coverage put that in the search menu see what it comes up with a lot of times they don't have the PDF of the exact coverage that they have whether they have it included or not you can get the PDF version you know find PDFs or you can just put in benefits for Walmart and sometimes it'll come up with the exact benefits the exact coverage that they have when I apply for jobs well back in the day when I applied for jobs the first thing I would do is look for insurance I was thinking what insurance are y'all with okay and I would ask the insurance information I go online I look at the benefits I'll study it now the one thing is when you call in to customer service out any benefits and you say I'm calling about my you know infertility coverage that I have they don't say you don't have any because the customer service department which is just the regular benefits line for a hilt benefits they do not talk about any kind of infertility coverage there's a certain department that you have to ask for normally that department is like infertility services on the actual document you want to go on video a shower okay shakin me and I see I've been trying to get rewriting guy writing cook breakfast I didn't got ready and I'm sitting here dressed and he didn't twist his hair he didn't get all this stuff now you gotta go take a shower let's go outside LeBron thank you I'm gonna put him on eBay both of them together too so I package know I'm picking up so anyway um the the coverage that you really want to look out for – it's gonna be called family planning you want to ask for the family planning department family planning is what you're gonna find with your coverage it's gonna you're gonna be able to find your coverage whether it's gonna be I UI FPT IP of coverage is gonna be included in there even if a company does not offer infertility coverage a lot of times they will take care of a lot of your medications as well there's a specialty pharmacy department so you really have to look in your you know your manual when you get hired all you can look online before you get hired and see what their with their insurance covers so it's very detailed I used to drive myself crazy looking for jobs with the insurance because I knew what to look for now I'm just regular for jobs you know which I'm working right now but I just I don't even look for the insurer smokey was driving me crazy but for those that you know they're trying to just get started and trying to have their first idea or first you know what not that's they'll be a very good start for them so I know he's been on my horse to make this video and I've been promising y'all you know this video so forth so I'm so sorry it's been so long but I've had a really rough couple of weeks a couple of months and so forth so I just want to come on and let y'all know about that if you have any questions any questions email me it's easier for me to respond by email then to respond by YouTube and it's only because it's I don't know it's like it's tight on my phone easier from the email I don't know versus on YouTube uh me too and that's gonna be more personal you know into so again my email I will put below as well but it's um our guy I'd be F dot journey 15 at gmail.com it's a you know pretty new of email I don't I don't use that often unless I get a response but if you have any questions any questions let me know if for some reason you have a job and you're not sure they have the insurance and you know you know within I mean given the name of the job I can try and help you look for that coverage there is a facebook friend of mine that reached out to me she's like are you sure this person has the insurance so I was at work while they work I'm throwing my phone I'm just tryna you know look for that coverage and I'm just like yeah here it goes I screenshot it to her and I let her know it has you know coverage yeah it has that covered and she goes yeah my husband is a pot at that place and you know got an interview and I'm like wow you know so soon she would be on her road to you know having it coverage all because her husband applied with one of the places cuz I gave her that that same iam that same website and they were looking on it and he applied to some of the jobs and at the coverage you know and bang he has none some had the insurance for them to proceed so it's a you know it's a blessing and and so forth to you know have found that website and to know about certain jobs again every there's not every job on there so it's wise to look up the coverage because some companies are a lot of companies that may be me and working like some of the refineries and so forth a lot of construction sites and a lot of times me and I know how to look into those kind of insurance things like this will dissected to the you know to the nitty-gritty so I would suggest you know getting your husband's on benefit book who's on their family planning if it says no coverage then you need to write that letter this is if they say no I'd be of coverage or know infertility coverage write their letter give to your husband or you know write it for yourself send it in you know send a certified copy of the letter or whatever and wait for the results you know and it's just as quick as them calling and it just that quick for you to have that coverage so I hope that this video finds you well and I hope that it you know hope it's a blessing to you I hope is you know I really do hope they open the door open doors for many of you I thought it was right and I was about to give me so anyway I gave you have any questions please let me know again follow me on Instagram as well I will post that as well Instagram name is our dot idea diagram I'll try and post as many things that I can't on Instagram and I hope you enjoyed this video I love y'all and bye

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  1. Hello
    I know this video is dated years ago but is there a better personal contact
    I can privately ask you questions

  2. I took your advice and I took a Job based out Arkansas and they cover IVF with health insurance.I used the relsove website. Thanks so much for your help. I am a RN so its a travel nurse company. You where such a blessing to me. Your help was a anwsered prayer.

  3. How did you decide which Re to use, looking for one in dallas or houston area, any recommendations

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