7 Replies to “Letter 49: Storytime: My Preeclampsia Story”

  1. I am having symptoms of preeclampsia
    But the doctors won’t believe that I am even pregnant 🤰 because I am 55 and the urine test won’t show I have swelling in the face legs arms puffy eyes 👀 flashes of lights in the eyes 👀 floaters eyes blood pressure fluctuates. I am 37 weeks I have a appointment with ob Gyn in two weeks
    But I didn’t tell them anything about pregnancy 🤰

  2. Im so sorry you had to go through this, but I’m glad you turned out ok! What a traumatic experience!

  3. I had a mild case of preeclampsia. High bp, extreme swelling in my legs and feet, and fetal growth restriction. They never found protein in my urine when they tested, but I had three other symptoms. Luckily it wasn't bad and didn't become apparent till about 37 weeks when i was measuring 3 weeks behind and my bp was elevated. The main reason they induced was my son's measurements and they didn't want my bp or swelling to worsen. I had him the day before my due date and he was less than 6ilbs. That swelling was killer though… I remember waddling till about a month post partum. They don't tell you how uncomfortable (pins and needles) that can be. Considering what you went though I'm sure that was the least of your worries. I'm sorry your doctor was a negligent ass. I would've sued him for medical negligence. Preeclampsia is an easily diagnosed condition and you had obvious signs early on. I'm glad you're still here and can't imagine what you went through. Follow your heart with another pregnancy. At least they'll be on the lookout for it next time and deliver before it gets that bad. You might have another premie, but who knows, you might not.

  4. Omggg I can't even get through the whole video without wanting to slap your doctor! So sorry you had to go through that

  5. Your doctor should have listen to your concerns instead of dismissing your concerns. Congrats on your new bundle of joy!

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