Libertarian Viewpoints on Immigration, Gay Marriage and Abortion

now the culture wars immigration gay marriage abortion these are issues where many libertarians don't agree so let's start with immigration we libertarian libertarians tend to believe in open borders that is freedom except there's a problem there's Milton Friedman's it's Milton Friedman said in principle he ought to have completely open immigration but with the welfare state it's not possible to do that and that's clearly true with our welfare state people would come here just free love to get free stuff immigrants could bankrupt us I would also add you can't have open borders when there are fanatics who want to come here to kill us so immigration where's the line David Bose well I think this may be an area where there isn't a line this is a country built on immigrants my family was here before 1776 and we could and we could have said nobody can come in but for the first hundred or so years my ancestors and their neighbors didn't put any restrictions on immigration so when people say this is a country built on legal immigrants yeah because there was no such thing as an illegal immigrant if you could cross the border you were here so I'm in favor of the rule of law and you're right we have to worry about terrorists coming in so I'm not opposed to checking people who come in we are a country built on immigrants immigrants have always been part of this country they've been good for this country there were a lot of people who wanted to keep the Italians and the Jews out then some of the Italians and Jews wanted to keep the Hispanics out even before that my people wanted to keep the Germans out but they didn't and I think overall the country has been better off for it we could have more legal immigration than we do does that mean we have no controls at all no probably not but we could have more legal immigration than we do and we'd still be a healthy country – Roy murder my mom and dad came from Costa Rica in 1962 and the way they did is that with the United States Embassy filled out paperwork out their passport stamps stamping him and legally that's how I think people ought to come into this country I'm very much in favor of legal immigration I think immigrants add a lot to this country and have since we got here but there has to be some orderly way that people come in here rather than simply running across the border also think that people who come here for things like student visas and so on we have this very strange system where when you graduate you say okay thanks for coming get lost for two years we ought to have a green card attached to your diploma if you go to the trouble of coming this country and getting an education because people like that can add a lot more the United States so I'm all for an increase in legal immigration and we have to watch the illegal immigration issues upon Lindy McElroy I think you should either open the borders but you should give back the Statue of Liberty the overwhelming arguments I hear that have any merit against immigration free immigration are hinged upon all the entitlement programs that people take advantage of you should be attacking the entitlement programs and not these poor immigrants who are coming over here through the sweat of their brow to make a better life for their children frankly I think that would take about 90% of the arguments away from immigration and then the rest of the 10% I see a great deal of racism in if an if in fact you were to open the borders I don't think it would have any effect of terrorism at all the terrorists who came across came across legally right now you have laborers who have no education coming across in Mexico on mass don't you think a well-trained well-educated terrorist could come across any time he wanted if in fact we can't stop this for illegal immigrants I should add that Wendy's from Canada when she says you should States most of my adult life Jeffery I'm in favor of vastly expanded if not immigration if not open borders this is one area where I think Nolan Friedman got it backwards we should open the borders in order to eliminate the welfare state if lots more people are coming here the populace will start realizing that they don't want to spend tons and tons of money supporting people who may not be exactly like in the moment and they will vote to reduce welfare reduce Medicaid reduce Medicare and in addition to the fact that all those people will pay taxes all the evidence is that immigrants pay art not welfare Magnus they do not rely on the welfare system more than natives they do they do not okay and so the best way to reform the welfare state is actually to have many more immigrants it's good to have an active audience I can revive intent in here gay marriage the really ideal scenario is that there's no government defined or supported marriage at all but since it's very unlikely we're going to get rid of that it's a libertarian I'm strongly in favor of legal gay marriage the family says proponents of homosexual marriage have yet to prove that children families and society will benefit from redefining all this tradition I think it's all about the two people's happiness it's not about what society thinks now if we're talking about people under age that's one issue but if these are consenting adults I don't has anything to say about it President Obama not in favor of gay marriage strong civil unions that people draw lines supporting civil unions and not marriage is just a way of saying you can't have this this belongs to us it is exclusionary and I would just ask President Obama to think about how he would have felt if in 1965 the government had said a black man and a white woman can have a civil union but they can't be married that's different one of the problems is that there is by laud and entitlement programs that are embedded into businesses where if your spouses are entitled to health insurance and other venue drains others you get it too and the way business is right now it's just going to be another burden that's put on businesses I think you should eliminate those laws that mandate that marriages mean that that there are burdens placed on business and just privatize marriage I also hear a lot of people are talking about pending marriage the Defense of Marriage Act and so on you never you're very little from these folks who are defending marriage trishal marriage about divorce about all the problems heterosexuals have created in the marriage area and if you really want to defend marriage why not just have a constitutional amendment banning divorce take care of it let's move on to abortion should abortion be legal I think most libertarians think abortion should be legal but not all do and I think you have two views among libertarians some say the purpose of government is to protect life liberty and the pursuit of happiness life comes first other libertarians say but liberty it's about a woman's right to control her body and the most interesting thing I think about I don't lot sure libertarians about anything terribly original to say except that what I find is that libertarians on both sides of this issue respect the other position more than a lot of people in the pro-life and pro-choice camps because I think we can understand the case for life and the case for liberty Wendy I am pro-choice now it's very true that all libertarians are but as far as I'm concerned this is my skin everything beneath this skin belongs to me or I don't own anything if there's a living being inside me and I'm glad you use the word being rather than than individual with rights if there's a living being inside me it exists on my breath it exists by my blood pumping through my veins by the food I eat it is within my skin and if you say to me that there that I do not have jurisdiction over my own body that in fact society or some more someone else has jurisdiction the the word that describes someone else owning my body is slavery – Roy Murdock well I think the issue is that what women have their own bodies but there's something else in there we're talking about fetuses and it's either a human being or at least a potential human being there's a difference between an abortion and a pedicure this isn't just tissue if we're just tissue then fine no problem but as far as I've seen let me get pregnant they don't they don't deliver puppies or kittens they deliver human beings and I think the the fight for life is really about protecting either human life or potentially human life and I think a lot of this gets wrapped up with a lot of religious issues and we're saving the soul of the of the fetus I'm not a religious person I don't think this does anything with religion it has to do with defending what is essentially a human child just as you would if it were an hour to after it were born it would be the same thing an hour to before it's born this is one issue where libertarians disagree I would say the majority are pro-choice but not unanimity

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  1. "I'm glad you didn't call them an individual with rights".
    When has that statement ever worked out? Abortion is murder. Murder of 52 million people who should be walking this US soil right now!!!

  2. Should we have the choice as to whether our 2 year olds live or die? I may not be a genius, but my logic says every one of us was a 2 week old fetus, and a 2 year old baby. So when you say "I'm glad you didn't call them an individual with rights", you're saying YOU shouldn't have rights.Abortion is murdering the defenseless. 52 million have been murdered. It's the worst genocide ever.

  3. Do away with marriage licenses. Let religious institutions deal with marriages. Gov does not need involved

  4. 1. Immigration should be greatly expanded but the border should still continue to exist and some vetting of immigrants should take place. That said it shouldn’t be as hard as it is to come here.
    2. Gay marriage is not the business of the government to regulate however neither is religion. Gays should be allowed to marry and religious people should be free to refuse to bake gay wedding cakes.
    3. The constitution asserts the importance of Life. One of the few roles of the government is to protect the lives of its citizens including the unborn.

  5. As far as abortion, I am for birth control and sex ed to prevent those unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

    The CNS develops after two weeks, so I am against abortions after that point. There are some exceptions like rape, incest, health issues for the mother or fetus that I can understand. For non health related issues, I think adoptions should be encouraged.

    Most states are ok with 20 weeks, but think it should be sooner rather than later. But if you try to outlaw it people will get abortions illegally or try to have a miscarriage.

    Unpopular opinion: But I think it is actually more inhumane to force a mother to give birth to a child she doesn't want. What kind of life do you think that child will have?

  6. It has nothing to do that they are not like us. They refuse to assimilate and just milk the audience. Welfare state does not work with open borders!!!!!

  7. Athenian Oligarcy of 30. He, and his family, were part of the Oligarchy who ruled Athens for 30 punishing years (from Greek ὀλιγαρχία (oligarkhía); from ὀλίγος (olígos), meaning 'few', and ἄρχω (arkho), meaning 'to rule or to command') is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. Oligarchs are distinguished by nobility, wealth, family ties, education or corporate, religious, political, or military control. Such states are often controlled by families who typically pass their influence from one generation to the next, inheritance is not a necessary condition for the application of this term. Why don’t you explain his background to explain his words?

    My difficulty with your list of half-truths is that you are purposely distorting their meaning. And I quote”…some of the dumb ideas that underpin the whole ideology (of a progressive educated people) were floating around” I have read these philosophers, I know what their bodies of work say, you are completely distorting their meaning from good advise to being the basis for a regressive autocratic ideology that works for the wealthy not the whole nation.

    I believe you know what you are doing. I have seen years of intellectual bias; these quotes are NOT liberal or conservative, they were admonitions to all people on how to lead a good life. You weaponize these simple unambiguous very short quotes to attack, and demean liberals; those college educated people who have actually read the philosophers you list. You distort their purpose to promote your Dogma to uneducated people,the base voters for Trump. These are obviously distortions of positive quotes all people to lead a better life. You use a series of neutral sentences to“prove” that all liberals are bad people. I am saddened that you search out good advise to distort it for political purposes.

    These type of screeds are one of the reasons I find it difficult to have a conversation with MAGA people,
    they refuse to engage in thoughtful conversation. Instead they make Ad Hominem attacks on people, they repeat GOP Talking Points, they insert “What About”isms to change to a different accusation against us “libtarters”.  They cannot or will not engage in a fact based conversations. I personally have been attacked in almost every conversation I have tried to have with Trump supporters. You are arming people with misinformation, providing distortions to uneducated people, the only people who might believe the propaganda you provide.

  8. I have a question for the woman who believes in open border: does she sleep in a house without locks? Does she have a fence around her house?

    UPDATE: She's a Canadian? Who the hell cares what she thinks about borders around America!

  9. If I or you or anyone can sponsor a person, then they should have the right to immigrate to this country.

  10. If you care more about saving a foetus which takes a woman's blood, nutrient, everything it needs from her body, more than a sick person just needing some money to survive cuz it's 'your money' then there really is some cognitive dissonance going on.

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