LIE DETECTOR TEST on Rebecca Zamolo find GAME MASTER! (Truth Revealed by RZ Twin)

– [Male] Sit there. – [Distorted Voice]
Rebecca I hope you’re ready for a face reveal, since
we have the same face. – Hey Zam Fam it’s Rebecca, and right now I am trapped in what I believe
is RZ twin’s safe house. She and Daniel are in the
other room right there. Right now she thinks I am asleep. In my last video you guys
saw that we made a plan to have Daniel pretend to
join RZ Twin and the quadrant. And when he met with RZ
Twin at a secret meeting, she said that she wanted
Daniel to trap me. So I decided to go along with
it, and here I am right now. Look at this you guys, three doors. Here’s a door, what does this go to. Looks like a empty closet. It’s locked. Okay so it looks like that
is the door that goes out. So I’m really nervous right now because we don’t really have a plan. Matt’s supposed to come
here, I just don’t know if he even knows where this is. As far as I know it’s just Daniel and I against RZ Twin, so
hopefully Matt joins us, and then it’s three against one. You guys smash the thumbs
up button, so we can escape. I’m gonna go outside
and see what’s going on since I’ve been in here for over 24 hours. okay so Daniel looks like he’s setting up a camera for something. And RZ Twin is on the phone. I think I can get over to the front door and escape without them noticing. Smash the thumbs up button
if you think I can do it. I think this is my only chance, and I need to escape right now. Okay, there it is. okay. Zam Fam did you see that? That was a quadrant member coming in! I thought the plan was supposed to be Daniel, Matt, and I against RZ Twin. But now she has a quadrant member. Wait, do you hear that? Someone’s coming. – Rebecca. – [Rebecca] Daniel. – Yeah. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh. – Are you okay? – [Rebecca] Yeah I’m okay. Did you see the quadrant
member just came in! – I know, I didn’t even know
he was supposed to be here. I thought it was just the RZ Twin, I thought we would be okay. – [Rebecca] Okay well, we
don’t even have a plan, and now, now it’s two against two. – Okay, okay so right
now, she’s setting up to do a lie detector test on you. – [Rebecca] A lie detector test. – Yeah, and somehow she has the mixture. – [Rebecca] She must’ve learned
it, in game master training. – Right, she did tell
me that in the meeting. How are we gonna get over that? But, anyways, so she’s setting that up, and I’m setting up a camera. I think I’m gonna film
the whole thing for them. They still believe that I’m like, I wanna work for the quadrant. – [Rebecca] Daniel if I
take a lie detector test I’m gonna reveal information, and give her information
that she can’t know! – Right, I know. – [Rebecca] Like about the
game master, and about you! – Okay, what do you think we could do? Uh – [Rebecca] Wait, do you have your phone? – Oh, yeah I do! – [Rebecca] Yeah? Here
here here, I have an idea. – Okay. – [Rebecca] Okay. Maybe the Zam Fam can help us. I’m gonna look on my last video and see if they commented anything. – [Daniel] That’s a really good idea. – So Daniel they said in
the game master video, – [Daniel] Uh huh. – That the game master put
something in your vest. – [Daniel] In my vest? – Yeah! – [Daniel] But I’ve had my
vest with me the whole time! – I don’t, I don’t know! That’s what the, the Zam Fam is saying it. There are a ton of comments and. Okay well let’s, let’s
just check it Daniel. – [Daniel] Okay here. I mean, I usually don’t keep, wait. – [Rebecca] What is it? – What’s this? – [Rebecca] Maybe the game
master put it in there when you guys switched clothes! – Whoa. – [Rebecca] What is it? – I don’t know, it’s
like, it’s got like a, it’s like a patch with, with wires? Here, look at, look at more
of the comments, maybe. – Okay. – [Daniel] Are they saying
anything else what it is? – It says, Daniel they’re saying it’s an anecdote for the
lie detector mixtures. So that means if I wear that,
then I’ll be able to lie. – [Daniel] Oh. – Yeah, I’ll be able to take the mixture and it won’t matter! – [Daniel] Wow! Man, I can’t believe the game master knew that we might run into this problem. – Okay, well here, here. – [Daniel] Yeah, here. Okay. – Okay so, maybe if I put it
under my shirt I can hide it. – [Daniel] Perfect. – Because if she asks me any questions about you or the game master, I would give away a lot of information. – [Daniel] Yeah, we can’t allow that. – I just like, put the wire going up. – [Daniel] Yeah. – She won’t even be able to know. – [Daniel] Oh, cool. – Zam Fam, if you’re one of the ones that told us about this
on the game master video, thank you so much. Let me know that you were one of the ones that saw that video. Now that I have that, what’s the plan? Where’s Matt? – [Daniel] Luckily, I dropped a pin for him once we got here. – Okay. – [Daniel] So hopefully he’s on is way. – Oh thank. – [Daniel] Once he gets in the vicinity, our comms should start working again, and we can talk to him but.
– Okay. – [Daniel] I’m gonna give him a call, ’cause I don’t, I’m
not sure where he’s at. – Okay perfect. – [Daniel] Okay hold on. – [Matt] Hello.
– [Daniel] Matt. – Yeah um, is Rebecca with you? Are you guys safe? – Yeah, yeah Matt I’m right here. I’m safe, I’m okay. But, the RZ Twin wants me
to take a lie detector test. – [Matt] Hey Daniel, did
you mean to drop me a pin? – Yeah, I dropped you a pin, are you, are you following that pin? – Yeah, I’m actually
almost there right now. You know what? I see the car, there’s a car. – Perfect.
– Okay, good. – Stay on the phone, stay on the phone. – Okay Matt, so there’s a
little wrinkle in this plan. There’s actually a quadrant
member here with RZ twin. So
– [Matt] What? – Yeah, so it’s not just three on one, it’s now three against two. – [Matt] I mean well, the
only thing I can think of, is that maybe I can
like just cut the power? And Daniel, could you help
like hack into the area. – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. – [Matt] To try to do that? – Yeah I could, I could probably pull up the schematics for this place, or try to like send you details on just generally what
you could do to hack in. – I did at the quadrant headquarters. – Oh, right! Okay. – And Matt, the Zam Fam
helped us find an anecdote. It was in Daniel’s vest
that the game master put so, I’m gonna be able to lie
and the RZ Twin won’t know. Even if I take the lie detector mixture. – [Matt] Amazing. – Okay. – [Matt] Okay, let me know
what you guys need from me. I’ll be downstairs. – Okay, so what I’m thinking Matt, is that when we find a good opportunity, you know when we said for
the meeting that we said something about my glasses. – Yes.
– For the key word. But we never used it. – Yeah, at the secret meeting.
– cause we didn’t have to. – [Matt] Yes. – But I think, that
during this questioning, I’ll say the word
something’s on my glasses. I’ll just say, I’ll say that phrase. – Okay. – Then, you can cut the power. And then Rebecca and I can escape. – Yeah, we can get out. – [Matt] Okay. Do you still have your, your comm device? – Yeah, I still have it in. – [Matt] Okay, I’ve got mine as well, they should be working now,
we’re in close proximity. – Oh, great! That’s how we’ll
speak to each other then. – [Matt] Rebecca, don’t forget. The whole point of this is
so that we get information. – Yes. – [Matt] So while she’s
asking you questions, make sure to ask her questions as well. She won’t expect it. – Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna ask her as many
questions as I can, definitely. – [Matt] Alright, alright, I’ll be listening on the comm, okay? – Okay, and don’t forget glasses Matt. Glasses
– [Matt] Glasses – is when you cut the power. – Thanks Matt. – Okay Matt, we’ll see you soon. Okay Zam Fam, so it looks like
the plan is in full effect. – Oh, wait! – What? – Also.
– Oh, they’re getting closer. – Okay okay. – Also, in the questioning room. – Yeah. – Next to a laptop that’s
right in that hacking system. – Yeah! – Yeah, there’s also a
little container device, – Okay. – That has Kurt’s initials on it KHS. – KHS! Awesome, did you grab it? – No, I haven’t had the chance yet! – Okay, well then, before we escape we need to grab that thing that says KHS because it might have something to do with operation listen. – You’re right. – Yeah! – Okay, alright, so the plan is, Matt will hit the power. – Okay. – We’ll grab that little container. – Yes.
– And then we’ll get out. – Okay. – We gotta go. – Okay Zam Fam, I’m about to take a lie detector test with RZ Twin. – Let’s go. – Okay. – [Daniel] Sit there. – Okay, okay, got it. I’m sitting. – [Daniel] Just, just sit there Rebecca. – Okay, yeah. – [RZ Twin] My how the
tables have turned, Rebecca. You know how to make the
lie detector mixture, but so do I. So drink up. – Uh, okay. Okay, I’m finished. Are you happy? – [RZ Twin] Daniel, go ahead
and film with both cameras, because this is gonna be entertaining. Rebecca I hope you’re
reading for a face reveal, since we have the same face. – You might’ve gotten me, but you’ll never get the game master. He’s bigger than all of us. – Getting you is easy. But tell me, why did you
help the game master escape? – So we could stop you and the quadrant. And stop E2.
– But where is he now? – I have no idea, we
never know his location. – Who is the game master? – Oh, you don’t know? – And tell me, did Daniel help you break out the game master
from the headquarters? – No, Daniel knew nothing about it. Matt and I decided to
do it ourselves because, we didn’t trust Daniel. And obviously we were right. – Where are the devices? – They’re in a secure location. – Oh? You mean your control room? I’ll ask it again. Are the devices in your control room? – Not anymore. – What do the devices do,
when put all together? – I don’t know. We’re honestly still
trying to figure it out. – This doesn’t seem to be working. – Daniel, can you hear me? – Okay well since I’m here, I
wanna ask you some questions. Like, what is that thing
on the table that says KHS? – It’s for operation listen. – Let me know, I’m ready
for whenever you say, I’ll cut the power, so it
it’s still glasses right? – And what happens when operation listen goes into full effect? – [Daniel] Uh, my glasses, uh. – Head up RZ Twin, I need to speak with you in the other room. – Daniel, they’re, they’re leaving. – [Daniel] Matt’s not
responding, what’s going on? – Do you hear the music? This is what happened before! – [Daniel] Oh it’s the same music? – Yeah, we need to hear
what they’re saying! – Okay, hold on.
– Come on. – You give out too much information. – What am I supposed to do? I promised you I will tell if she’s not telling the truth. Thomas! – [Daniel] Rebecca they’re
arguing out there right now. Now’s the chance for
us to get out of here. – Daniel listen to this sound. – [Daniel] Yeah? – This is the sound where
Matt went into the kitchen, do you remember that? – [Daniel] Right! – And then when I found him at three am. – [Daniel] And he was
acting strange right? – Yeah! The Zam Fam said mind control. I think that Matt is under mind control. – [Daniel] Oh, but he can
hear through the comm! – Yeah! Shut, I’m shutting it. – [Daniel] Matt, Matt, are come in. – [Matt] Hey guys. – Can you hear him, Matt! – [Daniel] Yeah. – Matt, Matt, okay. – [Daniel] Matt, shut the
power now. Shut the power now. It’s out, it’s out! – It’s worked, okay! – [Daniel] Okay.
– Okay, go! – [Daniel] Oh, grab this! We gotta grab this, right? Okay
– Yeah yeah yeah. – [Daniel] And then
let me get the SD card. – [Rebecca] Okay, hurry Daniel! – [Daniel] Okay, alright,
got it, alright let’s go! – Okay smash that thumbs up button so we can get out of here. Are you ready Daniel? – [Daniel] I’m ready. – If we see anyone we have
to use our ninja training. – [Daniel] Sounds good. – Yeah.
– Okay. Okay three two one, go, go! – [Daniel] Go, go! Get him, get him! – [RZ Twin] What are you doing! – Come on, Daniel! – [Daniel] Go, go! I think we lost them. – I think we lost them too. What is the device?
– [Daniel] Check it out, look. – Oh my gosh, KHS. Okay, so it looks like
we need a three digit oh! – [Daniel] Someone’s coming
– Someone’s coming. Go go go. Matt! – You guys. – [Rebecca] Matt! – Did it without me? You guys okay? – yeah yeah. – Look, this was KHS, and
it’s a three digit code. But I don’t know what the code is. – Maybe it’s on one of Kurt’s videos. – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right.
– Right. Zam Fam go to Kurt’s video, and see if there’s any
type of three digit code, that’s right, because RZ Twin was there. – Exactly! – [Daniel] Whoa! – There they are! – Go, go go! – They found us. – Hey, hey! – Where is it?
– Go go go! – [Matt] It’s up here, come on, come on! – They’re following us!

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