Life after IVF: Another Weight Check For Brinley

good morning I just got out of the shower Ryan's feeding Brinley Ryan has off so I took advantage of getting in the shower real quick brynlee went through one bottle I don't know she's gonna take that one too but she had a good night she went down at 9:15 she woke up at 2:00 in the morning that is such a big deal what um so that was a good night's sleep for me and then I fed her till like 3:00 put her down at 3:00 she goes down really easily and then she just woke up at 6:15 usually like she'll get up at 1:00 a.m. and then get up at like 5:00 a.m. so this is like a treat so I feel refreshed right Brittany Buttercup let's see we could see your eyes actually we should show them how you smile now you've been so smiley hey Brinley oh she's gonna wake up no she's not we'll get you and you might awake so um she sucked ball on the night but her naps are awful the last two weeks oh my gosh something happened I don't know what happened she is not taking her two to three hour naps anymore she's taking like 30 minute naps and then she'll wake up and she's tired self so even if I got her up she would be super crabby so it's almost like I'm fighting her to be in her crib and staying in her crib and it's just a battle so I went out and got her one of those halo sleep sacks so we used it for the first time last night I'll show it to you when I go upstairs next and she did fine so I want to know if it does anything with her naps today so hopefully it'll be an experiment and then also we're gonna take you to her doctor's appointment today she's another weight check so she needs to gain a pound basically so we'll see what they say for that feeling heavier but who knows look at this girl no look at that girl typically in the morning I pump while I eat try to knock out two things at once Brenly is in if you've been fear she's in her mama Roo already passed out on a why she's so tired and then Ryan is making his breakfast and that's kind of what our morning is like here's what I pumped about six six and a half ounces my mornings are pretty good so I'm happy with that Brenly fell asleep a little earlier than she normally does she normally is awake in here until we grab her we haven't changed her diaper yet so that might wake her up but she is definitely a tired one today Oh why he don't hug it out to Halo sleep sack oh boy so what you saw me put brinly in is the halo sleep sex twaddle it is for ages three to six months I have the small I think it's like newborn and small so this is the one that fit her you can swaddle them in three ways you could do arms in hands to face or one or two arms out what you saw me doing with her was I was swaddling her with her arms in but I was kind of rushing so I didn't get a good tight fit on her so her arms are already out which I'll go show you in a second for the like last week we've been trying to swaddle her but keeping her arms out and it kind of worked and kind of didn't and then all of a sudden this whole I'm gonna sleep for 30 minutes started so then Ryan and I it was like let's just swaddle her in general and keep her tight fit and then we noticed that she was sleeping a little longer so I don't know if we rushed the transition I don't know but we want her to start having your arms out and then eventually getting rid of the swaddle in general but I was swaddling her and would you pie remember from my last video this was the swaddle me swaddle with the velcro I just think she's getting too big for it so this halo sleep sac is massive so she's got plenty of room to move around so let me go show you her she's always Houdini gets her arms out it's hilarious but she loves having her arms to her ears and her face another item I wanted to share with you guys is the Molly Ally memo caddy they were nice enough and set this to us as a gift if you remember in any of the other videos I had all over and they stuff on this table cluttered basically clutter cluttered everywhere I was excited to receive this because I'm just falling off the table actually was yeah I know done the ground in the back and so I basically just put all her stuff in here it's nice I got her wipes her diapers I always have extra clothes on hand because she spits up all the time and that way I just have them in this room instead of going in her room all the time one thing I like is that it's super soft it's got pockets on every side so you really have plenty of room to put any stuff that you have and then on this side right here it's got like these elastic bands to hold stuff so we use my LeConte quite often her little oogie-boogie i got her nail file isn't here you could put whatever you want but this is kind of like our go-to stuff very good quality also in here these are velcro so if you don't want these dividers the dividers come right out there just velcro it in adaptation and you don't have to you if you don't have a baby or if your baby's older you don't have to use it for all this stuff like I feel like when she gets older I would like to use it for like crayons and colored yeah coloring books or you would go on a picnic with this if you want and just throw stuff in here yeah so it's pretty you it's a multi-use thing it doesn't have to be strictly for babies so if you are interested in ordering the memo caddy from Molly Ally they are giving you a discount code so if you click on the link in the description below and type in ten jets Ryan they when you will get 10% off your a memo caddy brenly's left for 45 minutes yes you did thank you 45 minutes and then we had to keep putting you back in your crib baby suck on daddy for a little bit that's how it goes you think you're a little stinkpot are you a stinky you want to sing your new favorite song okay let's do it ready oh stop thinking ah five little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head mama called the doctor and the doctors jumping on the bed I'm in your mouth four four little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed how many are left three little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed how many are left two two little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed how many you're left one one little monkey jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed you like that song you hi are you at the doctor's say I couldn't even get to 11-pound no you're being so glad I was here I was there you heard it 10 15 and she is 24 and a quarter inches long girl he gained an earth girl grew a quarter of an inch oh that baby sounds like friendly crazy I bet my roomies cry baby we just left the pediatric appointment or weight check for brinly it was supposed to gain upon what level were a pound she went from ten six now she's at 10:15 so yeah moving that doctor wants her to be gaining about you know an ounce a day she's on track right now for a half ounce a day and I just realized I'm in the passenger seat this is scary and how is my driving so far probably just left so we'll see but yeah so a lot of information thrown at us nothing that we already didn't know so let me tell you why I'm irritated I'm irritated because we were there for two hours and if it was like an appointment for me fine but like for a baby who was on a schedule like I felt so bad for her because she hadn't slept into his her naptime and we're just sitting there for two hours that is ridiculous PD at pediatricians offices should not over well here we go so I told the lady when I made was I sub X and there we go until we're going through a red light guys it's her four-month appointment and I said you know is this typical to wait for two hours and oh no I'm so sorry I'll give you the first appointment okay last time we had the first appointment we waited 45 minutes I just don't like waiting and again here's the Nick perfectly simple I don't have patience but really it was known cause of her and I think that's not right she did good at her place she did very good but what if she was screaming the whole time I just passed out in back yeah she's tired that is my rant of the day okay I'm glad we're done with that random anyways we really didn't like discuss anything that we didn't know so we're just gonna keep doing what we're doing pretty much yeah she suggested possibly a slower flow for the bottle nipple bottle or whatever I don't know we're gonna do that she doesn't spit up to office sometimes the problem is just she falls asleep when she nurses that's really what it comes down to so what keep trying to feed our baby yeah but she's still on track right now the height went up a little bit she's 24 and a quarter inches or weights like I said was 1015 so yep that's the update on that all right Bentley doing tummy time see how she keeps her head up way longer you're getting so good baby yeah usually when friendly is done and we pick her up she's like all out of breath it's so so funny it's hard work mm-hmm I got on camera too you talking talk talk just like my life doctor never stops talking Oh update on brenly's doctor's appointment she the doctor called this morning she was looking at daddy right now the doctor called this morning and she got a swab of her eye because she's been having a lot of goo keys in her eye and so the preliminary result came back today saying it was like a bacteria we'll get confirmation for sure in a couple days so she prescribed her ointment to go in her eye three times a day so we just put her first dose in what do you make in that face for anyways so hopefully that gets better her I just like a little puffy in red oh you tired too um also I want to show another video of Brinley sneezing when she sneezes she does two or three sneezes at a time and they're normal for the most part which is Ryan sneeze but every now and then she will sneeze like mommy I have the most loud like obnoxious loud sneeze I can't really get out my sneezes most the time like it's like I'm screaming pretty much so we finally got her sneezing like me on camera so here it is [Laughter] [Laughter] all right this is that which one is this oh yeah all right so maybe we can get 15 minutes of peace and quiet no she's pretty good about going to bed at night no it's this yeah yeah that's true look at your big outfit what do you think of it you look like one of those skydivers is no squirrel outfit I was like hang glider people okay arms are wobbly wouldn't you some time to do mittens we're not doing that huh don't be shy come on all right should we end it here say good night to your friends say you can't come to my room and go to bed with me good night Billy mmm you

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  1. She is such a cutie! Since she likes her hands out Maybe try transitioning her to a sleep sack or wearable blanket. (Without the wings) she may not like the confinement of the swaddle anymore since she’s starting to move around more.

    The AAP actually recommends to stop all kinds of swaddling arms in our out by 8 weeks because baby has an increased chance of rolling even if they aren’t showing signs. The tightness in the chest can lessen their arousal. When we transitioned we had a few restless nights but by day 3 baby was sleeping through the night again. She loves her sleepsack and somehow moves all around in her crib even though she still hasn’t rolled over. I think she enjoys some freedom to move around in her sleep.

  2. I swear by swaddles and yes, tight is great. I would swaddle my son before nursing, would nurse while he was swaddled, hold him till he would go to sleep, and then put him down. Keep that swaddle as long as possible! Really the best, tightest swaddle you will laugh – take those blankets you got at the hospital, swaddle tight, and then duct tape it. It will keep! But its hard to do that : ) I liked halo too.

  3. She is growing so fast, can't believe how well she holds her head up now. Her smiles are so cute 🤗❤️

  4. awwwwww brinley is sooo cute talking to daddy ….and that sneeze so funny and her cute smiles when you sang to her ….shes such a cutie

  5. She is beautiful! I debated posting this but it might be worth asking the pediatrician about. We have sleep apnea in our family and was told one of the signs of a problem is when babies sleep with their mouths open. I've seen her sleeping like that often. It's probably nothing but I just felt I had to say something just in case.

  6. Do you pump and breastfeed? I’ve just started adding pumping to my schedule with my 8 week baby since she’s not gaining enough. How do you fit it all in for the day?

  7. There is a swaddle that sort of looks like a starfish where your baby can still get her hands to her head like she likes but still keep her a little confined for when you want to transition from the right swaddled. My son was a ninja and could get out of every swaddle 😑

  8. Brinley is so adorable. She looks tall. It's hard to believe how fast time is flying by. That sneeze is so cute. Have a wonderful day💗🤶

  9. I have a 7 year old boy who slept exactly like that as a baby and still does to this day…hands behind the head.

  10. She's getting so big already! Try not to focus too much on the "percentiles" every baby is different, everyone grows differently. Y'all look great!

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