Life after IVF: Lactation Cookies Experiment

I completed eating the oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies there were ten small packages in a box and I ate one per day in the morning I am showing you pictures from day one to day ten of my milk supply the whole reason for me taking these cookies was to try to increase my milk supply as you can see the left side pretty much stays consistent as the right side it kind of increases a little bit overall I was pumping about one and a half to two ounces combined do I think that the lactation cookies helped me possibly maybe slightly but definitely not enough to continue taking just to keep in mind I was doing the cookies as well as taking fenugreek so I don't know if any Greek head a little bit to do with it as well as the cookies but again it was worth a try I don't think that it helped me enough to keep taking them since lactation cookies did not work for me I have met with a lactation consultant two times two different consultants and the last consultant that I met with I felt like her recommendations have really helped me she's basically told me to compress as I pump to get a kind of like a nursing bra to hold the pump in place so that I can do that and she also told me to pump seven times in a day I have not been able to pump seven times in a day but I've been doing about five or six which has been good enough being a mom is busy in itself so pumping that many times it just makes everything more hips more difficult so I wanted to show you they gave me this log for the week just to see if this method was gonna work for me and as you can see in the morning I definitely pump at my greatest I pump about anywhere from two and a half to three ounces both sides combined in the middle I do about one to one and a half ounce and then on at the end of the day typically around two ounces I started on a Wednesday so as you could see I had seven and a half ounces that I overall did for the day and it slowly increased the circled numbers are how many times I pumped so I typically pumped about five or six this was the only day I pumped for but I still got nine ounces which I was happy with so I'm going to continue doing this because I am able to have I mean it not a crazy amount of milk but I'm proud of it I always tell Ryan like oh how many ounces yeah and he just doesn't care like oh I got three ounces today and he's like cool so these bottles I've been doing four ounces because brinly typically eats three to four ounces and so Ryan does one feeding at night and so he'll I always want to have a bottle ready for him and then I've been able to top her off with my breast milk and I've only been using formula one time so before if you guys remember I was supplementing with formula every single time but now I'm able to supplement with breast milk so I am excited about that and I'm just gonna continue doing this method no more cookies before lactation anything at this point yes which I said yeah I saw on fenugreek I don't know if that's really doing much but I'm still gonna just finish off the bottle and see where that takes me so again this is just from my personal experience I'm sure people have their own where the lactation cookies may work for them but this is just how it happened for me you

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  1. Try out the HAAKAA. It really helped me pump more milk, and it’s very gentle. And drink lots and lots of water!!!!

  2. Fenugreek is great to increase milk supply…carom seed and ginger soup also helped me a lot…good luck…

  3. Great work Jessica! Same was in my case for both of my kids sometimes 2oz or 3oz or 5 oz and lactation consultant said pump 8 times which was hard to do so i stick to 5 to 6 times only…For me Indian traditional methods (food wise) helped to increase milk supply and so did fenugreek tablets… Continue with them…

  4. Hi, I just want to share with you guys, that I had the same problem as you, I did my first fresh transfer last month and failed, and this month was my frozen transfer and got my positive, thank you for Sharing everything with us… I wish you guys the best… ♥

  5. Hi Jessica, this was interesting to see and how it worked for you. Thank you so much for sharing this. Have a beautiful day.💗🤶

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