LIFE AS A MOTHER; Marriage, Pregnancy, Miscarriage, and children

[Applause] [Applause] hey guys this is a character in my video so I'm going somewhere soon and I'm actually going to have dinner with our friends like a family friend and I'm gonna be doing my makeup earth with my hair and I can show you guys how I did my hair so my hair it's actually very very easy to do it's like very quick still so just in case you wanna just something like disability you want I did so it's a ponytail I bought in one of my kids I price the same from one cake I got 500 there 500 naira and it has this pins like right here guys I just packed my hair and then I had a little bit of I'm going to show you what I used I had a little bit of edge control and I didn't pull my hand and just rub it into my hair so my hair is already relaxed and it was would try it and I just that any want so much once again anyone so much gel on my hair so I used the edge control I just applied very nice and then I need my edges will eat as well so yeah I got this for 500 there I have to part I ever listen who would one yeah for those who wanna buy this so yeah this is how I came but this full 500 naira you can see the ponytail so long man hey he has just so synthetic feeling just fine I'm just even if I'm evening out it and I think it's perfect so yeah I it has this stuff with the comes and I would just read in click click click and can we go we can't go so yeah I'm just gonna click the top hat from the front ok today right thing and then the back pad to come out this and I'm just gonna clip it into from the back and I will tighten this I hope you can see this and just tuck that in somewhere so I'm just gonna take this round and tuck it in here we go honey chill is ready and that was how I got my money get done I love it see guys is this – so I've been very big like I've not done my head this year I'm gonna buy hair this hair like I don't meet any I love me Danny hey this year I've been on read from your big numbers have been on my week from the beginning of this year I think I have a losing my hair so we were considering doing the big chop and cutting my hair something really nice and dilation sassy and sexy so I'm still thinking about doing that I will be on my wig and then just switch it up with one ponytail and then just different stuff to my it's my hair oh come think about you I thought my hair just once and I was a great year that wasn't my hair wants to see it and it was a break my nose cuckoo and I really like does only have something to say yeah who other my head just wants to say which is she cool yeah guys and since I'm in the week we king yes I was just broken he like that hey guys I'm about to do my makeup well why I can't really do my makeup I'm doing the answering the question that was left on my previous chit chat get to know me video it was led by a team boy Devorah time they were up a stopping by my page and thank you for what she subscribing and leaving a comment and ask my question soon so yeah I'm gonna answer your question now on the board her question says question how have you dealt to life as a mother hmm and how you switched from being so used to your own space and having two kings in each life as a mother alright not just like my some other life as a mother of toddlers supercool estándares yeah so why I do my makeup I would be string your question libera yes let's get tonight see a guy's life as a mother I got married in 2015 at 2015 I was four into the I was 23 years old when I became married i I partly consider that I'm married to that I might my own husband I might – men to me man that God had set for me I mean it was beautiful and then you know I was totally unsure about what life would be like what's what next like okay now you get to marry into what next absolutely rich a pile of things but then you just you just get into it I just you know trusting gonna eat and please not be fine it's Rivera Hannes Cohen has kinda has been amazing to me but has been coming true and anything has really really believe me being fine so yeah like as a mother after I married you know most times you're like oh that's a marriage next thing is you know try behaving and everything and trust me I as a child very early but certainly my first my first pregnancy did not sleep you know in a couple good should be cycle of kaku have experienced miscarriage but people don't talk about it it's not something that people talk about right because obviously you talk talk about your pregnancy or a topic or a challenge though it's like speeches which I think attach to ease but when I have the experience and then I would story kind of like a short story about it on my Instagram having I'd love people that restarts a man like oh this has happened this has happened but a lot of people don't talk about this any I am any carpools any mind young people trying to you know have kids actually facing up so like a llama spits miscarriages even our parents don't talk about it on today's they need to do something I don't know why such topics are not discussed when I had my first miscarriage I cried my eyes out and then it was that bad that it needed to be evacuated Susan just like it was kind of flu that all is one of something I said a spot since button means bleeding I said I'm bleeding and then I had to go see a doctor so I do other than everything and everything and it discovered that it was a comes there's no heart beats in my sutures those are hot beats so they said this pregnancy was no mystery so because so if I don't know how it had gone I don't I really don't know why did through that option now I know the better like the other options us to taken out a non-viable pregnancy but then the optional give me a nice facility leaders signal like any kind clinic or something abortion I was given is to have an if I question that's a DNC the answer the precious Guardian see and so they needed the entity and then matsuki out he was was numbing my life but I cried like so big it was so painful you know friends I lose children that this pregnancy it's actually really take like you know how when you must find out got my apron area pregnant and ASI namely turn now we do start right yeah it's not even see my two kids and I was like Tammy Tammy Tammy Tammy they would have been sown before Sammy maybe one Savini and I got into video to mediate ambient any or something but yeah then I cry hi like ah my baby over like a pregnant ain't good and your stomach pregnancy three weeks you for my Twitter foots pasty and I was low gold mine to the fourth Brady a lot maybe I had don't mind if I question like in the DVD it but Christian like two weeks two weeks before that D and then I steal the interest my husband tried to make me feel better having like uh listen ever ethically are trying to hew to everything let's go out another we had a lovely hang out at the hotel for my baby and a nice give that you guys check out that video and yes I feel like okay time to heal a little bit and Muslims I'm sorry process her and she advice to wait for like three months before you try to consider that you want to just relax your balloons relax and they been many many many many many things you know said to wiki I shall change it to my my setting I'm not doing so much makeup like this is very easy cuz just an Iran evening enough easy look because I just have my foundation under Section I'm not using concealed Aksum highlights I'm just going to highlight a big it's I'm using was his quote Sasha what's up hope setting powder just fit me very very sup to look why we have this chance makeup gary defense so yeah i actually healed and then we say train again note that i was i was in foster I need to know rush the movie was have a China just something I will be wonderful myself you know and I think we go to habits in a plane I took in again and then there was tally and I got pregnant I was like the most fit quotes time ever of everything people who cuts the kids people don't tell you about pregnancy not a lot of people share their experiences a pregnancy was was horrible I was vomiting I was throwing up I was an admission in and and I could be discharged today and I get home in the bunny and then in the evening and back to the hospital it was not terrible like the cold did high power promises something's up to substances so I would show up like II was so terrible I was an admission constantly and then I was roommates my exams so coming will light up as a mom and having kids little stuff for coping with being pregnant how do you manage being pregnant and then I had eczema seemed a masters as well name example its Union like they don't care you if the pills go on yeah you will definitely mean so the weapons are so we'll go for exam it's not syringes my handle drip for line and everything and guys believe you mean it was such a moment but paying young struggles that past and then I have I mean now I used to walk I snow full-time nine-to-five when I just was when I was about to get married my resigned when I I got married now it wasn't such a fabulous job to start sweets and then it was student manager has a peach I struggled and I was a trainee 16 and I did my makeup trainee and then I said every makeup resist to make up to choose makeover something I was interested in and they know something that was easy maybe just from home so on call people to makeup or something sorry and I've tried to work with other people sometimes book he didn't enough so we're working on that somebody didn't go makeup line cuz it was then there's not so much income to make her financially or so it was just so there's a whole lot and then so that was beginning of my it happiness she pretty I do away anybody's like isn't it time as a mother and then you keep started coming so this was me coming from I'm so good to go in light of the question white on my story so this would be coming phone so this is me coming from Yasim back Chinese my bra this was me coming from you know being alone and say answering line of the questions were guys been alone and then having to do with pregnancy and exam nobody prepares it for some health means that pregnancy and I was in mind man faces you it's and in those are time when you know there was a time also where Tommy came and after Tommy came I thought the whole period of you not doing anything you feel less of you you feel unaccomplished if you actually have nothing to do so yeah I had so you know I had seduced oh and then I say my photographic thing because I actually have that's my photography business I said photography and then a lot of many other things in between like you got a mini like this between I do so so I drew themselves to meet so yeah it's amazing so you know it's actually not easy but then I thought saw me and now you realize I can't little do no but I have my mom around I mostly do me for most six months when I had Tommy and she still be making unless six months of enough nothing okay it's cuz I'm gonna cure it as like it is so lucky but I'm still me but that alone I really helping me out so yes it's not to be easy but get help like get her welcome and be help it so far to you and you know it takes a village to train a child actually takes a village is who build village to raise a child it's not easy so actually I have nannies and then my mom always helps me out at the beginning of everything and then I always ask for help like when I was getting to above I mean I had to ask my husband first I can't do this alone no helped me I need somebody and thank God for him he is very understanding and they know here is the snow and snow but it wasn't it wasn't such an easy thing to get like the perfect nanny I just made a mistake there it's not be easy and like it's not really really easy to get the confident Annie I will sleep with anybody I just you know initially try and then crack you need to look inside a lot of things before my knowledge do anything evil I'm Doug dreamt about since and then I always tell her see what I saw you do don't do it and then so she has this this thing that I admit I need loved in a neocon from prayer you know so all that really helps me to trust me to be honest is not easy but asks for help gets him and then try to make time for yourself try to do the things you would love to do if those kids are not there now if you actually really really enjoy what's your student I hope I make you fish I hope I'm making sense guys but trust me if I didn't have the help of like comfy and then other people around me fighting able have the help of hobby my mom my nannies I probably would not be able to do a lot of things I dunno so it's okay to ask for help it's okay to get help you can grab it today I would ask for help get help and then split responsibilities god bless you we'll partner down the sons that helps you an order you can switch unsplit responsibilities or we do these out do that I you know he forgets going to smooth faster things work better around for you guys so yeah that is how I have been trained and then having truly to whom ends call my children in my space has not been so bad because I enjoy a company like without them I probably be bored or something I'm trying to culture this bro guys I'll try not to reveal restaurant today it's a buffet stuff in a coop motel and we'll try as much as possible to blog about that so you guys who wanna renew go hang out sometime can check house a kid so try to get ready and you know good play Wow I'll do that I I say it myself when I took I said myself before listening to my voice mom we need to get used to it like a stop vlogging and Anila looks yeah so you guys this is how I do it very quick bro ain't nobody got time for perfection right now I know be pretty fancy yeah I'm using the phone concealer and your phone but those of you I'm using the elegant phone for this would wonder why and shout out mutant article to clean up the brown line just to highlight earning clean it up make it look a bit better and professionally done I'm just using my hand that's my plane that to blend the edges this is not to make up to three guys this is not make up there I am just doing my makeup and I'm like hey let's judge I hope it turns out well because I want to look nice under I will not only pay party I shall want to look nice every day of my life cuz Jesus dies for me it's look good I think that's fine what'd you guys think I think that is super high it's perfect super perfect I'm just gonna clean the top of it with my foundation I'm isn't a fancy beauty foundation my shade is the protective review that so guys I went to see Lion King cos they would be and it was really really nice I was singing it I was singing in the cinema room like I'm gonna be a mighty king all the cigarettes out I'm sure those people have know what Lion King before with the right bones in this one I will is that what you look like ah this is my hip right excuse me for my money to be a blessing is beyond see I'm a die-hard Beyonce fan as a friend or mothers God knows OBS is descender I'm not so crazy about beyond see my life huh but like not like what does thy heart I wouldn't eat I'll drink baby sa with being friends by like apologies to any being super nice what you might not see what yes I am not to die husband I'm peeing myself guys I am feeling myself undefined you [Applause] so guys it's like the you know actual butcher and it wasn't easy getting for me to cooperate to mean everything I was doing what he did he took my pictures my husband's my food took up a dedicated photographer and he did the job so of course I paid for weeks you know but you didn't jobs overall of my own entity versus layers layers layers layers you

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