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  1. My son was the same way! Cried so much the first few weeks, and after we got his reflux under control, he was like a totally different baby. And now with my second, I thought something was wrong because he hardly cries AT ALL — I was like, "are newborns supposed to be this chill?"
    So glad she's doing well! 🖤

  2. Your baby’s little noises while breastfeeding bring back all those memories when I fed mine… she is so sweet and precious!!! You’re doing such a great job showing up for yourself and your baby every day. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with us.

  3. You guys are very lucky to have the knowledge of PPD or any kinds of depression these days, back in our time, we did not know about depression and wondered why did we react how we reacted. Take good care 🤗

    By the way, would it be better for Kennedy to sit on a high chair with enough support to her back when you feed her food?

  4. I would be sooo happy if this is the way you make videos in the future! I love how real you were in this and the baby was so cute!

  5. Hi Carly! I am glad you are feeling Better. I live in sweden and in the nordics We Have higher despression and suicude rates in the winter because We Dont Have Any sunlight for almost four months. So i understand How you feel and you are not wrong. Lack of sun and vitamin d causes depression.
    I love How real you are in this video.

  6. After giving birth to my first child, what helped more than anything was realizing that, "life as I knew it was gone", becoming a mother changes your identity, your values, hopes and dreams. Once you become a mother you're a mother for the rest of your life, it's a new mindset. There's wonderful book every mom should read called, "A Mother is Born"

  7. https://youtu.be/QI5b__guGx8
    Hey Carly, Mayen this could help you with kennedies reflux problem. I Love you two and I Hope you are doing amazing!

  8. "Are you Aaron Burr?" CRYING with laughter. And thank you for opening up, PPD is rarely part of the stories about new moms you hear!

  9. wow what a horrible therapist. they should not be in that field if they straight up deny someone of their services!

  10. I've been following you for years, and I've always loved how real you are! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your family! xoxo from Texas! <3

  11. Am I the only one who heard that precious baby say 'yes' and then 'no' while trying the solid food!? And such an adorable and animated little voice!

    But just to echo so many of the comments…this is such an amazing vlog for how honest you are and committed to your own wellbeing as well as your family. Much appreciated x

  12. It's good to hear that things are improving for both you and Kennedy. I'm curious to know if you ever asked if your caffeine consumption could contribute to her digestive issues.

  13. Omg my baby is 7 months tomorrow and her scream sounds just like Kennedy! I honestly don’t mind the scream at all, to me it’s so cute and I love it! Besides that wow…. the way u feel, I pray that it only gets better because u and your family deserves happiness! Love u!

  14. I have a 6 month old boy and I totally feel you mama!!! Babies get so much easier when they get older! Kenny is so cute and I’m happy you are both doing better! Love you and your channel!

  15. What a sweet girl. She’s so happy! Love that she’s doing better. It’s so hard when your baby is having a tough time, combined with lack of sleep is a very tough road. Good for you for getting help, and finding a therapist that works for you. Here’s a tip – write 3 or more gratitudes each night to retrain your brain into happiness. That and eating more veggies which is scientifically proven to make you more happy the next day. I know it’s hard to take good care of yourself when you have a young baby, but it’s so crucial. Take care sweetie!

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