41 Replies to “Lil Xan Claims His GF LIED About Her Pregnancy & Miscarriage!”

  1. Billie Eilish was the breakout hit from 2019's Coachella! Find out all about the up and comer here: https://youtu.be/DpDQGjMgsR8

  2. colleen ballinger has done how many tours? both in country and international and she NEVER charged even close to that. also annie smith is a fucking liar, fuck her we been knew she was a sneaky bitch.

  3. lil xan was in it too, he wants to protect himself cause he doesn't want to lose his fans and since annie isnt too famous and doesnt have lots of her own actual fans, he's blaming it all on her

  4. Youtube “beauty gurus” are just greedy money grabbers!! They think they’re famous so are worth the higher prices, but nah you’re nothing love! And it was obvs Lil Xan’s missis was faking the pregnancy and miscarriage. She used an ultrasound off google ffs 😂😂. Fans found it and tweeted him so he should of seen she was a fake from then!

  5. He can’t control the ticket prices, he can only do so much, it’s his managers and the tour prices that are making the prices high, and if he makes them lower they’ll try and cancel him so… 🙁

  6. I love James but ….$500 dollars, no just no, who does he think he is!!!?🤦🏻‍♀️James we dont have the money u have😭

  7. I am so tired of hearing about how justin bieber and hailey problems. They got married they love each other they help each they defend each other they bought a home togeather. All marriages have problems specially when they are young because they have to learn how to be trustful. NOW salena had her chance bieber but she didnt want it ….so bieber you need to honor your wife because she is the one by you and helping you get thru your moment. And hailey loves you. You are growing up doing whats right . Be happy with your wife….

  8. Like he doesn’t have the money 🤢 If he would be nothing if it wasn’t for his Fanbase!, I highly doubt he’s been waiting to go on tour for two years because he just became relevant like less than a year ago. I am so sick of seeing his face and hearing his fucking voice he’s so obnoxious

  9. If Annie is refusing to show Lil Xan the hospital papers then he needs to leave her. Lying ass bitch.

  10. A part of me thinks he’s trolling. A part of me feels bad for him if his girl lied. A part of me is relieved cause he ain’t suit to be a father if you know what I mean…💉💊🍺🚬⚰️

  11. Has anyone else noticed that Nick's weird comments about ladies with cute feet have been missing lately?! Hollyscoop's comment section just doesn't feel the same…

  12. The Tana Snapchat thing was a lie. Clearly you guys don’t do any research towards the drama you’re trying to spread.
    I definitely now think half the shit you say is badly researched.

  13. Honestly the James Charles topic wasnt that bad but then again a lot of big youtubers go on tours for a lot cheaper but then again he's not just a youtuber anymore hes a mua but then again he's no jeffree star

    The Tana topic: i personally don't really like her but no one should go through being cheated on im glad the girl told i hope she recovers soon and stays single

    Lil Xan: stop dating

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