44 Replies to “Lila Rose and Ilyse Hogue debate abortion on CNN Crossfire”

  1. Most abortions are performed at 8 weeks WHEN THE EMBRYO IS ONLY 1/2 INCH LONG and it in NO WAY resembles a human being. Look at this: @t

  2. Evil manifests in people's faces. Do you notice how you can see the dark soul witjin the pro choice people's faces?

  3. If you don't want a baby, either keep your legs together or use reliable birth control. Rape cases are a tiny percentage of overall abortion statistics.

  4. The pro choice side never has any new arguments .. the same old , my body my choice, it’s between a woman and her doctor , blah blah blah …… stop justifying the murder of children .
    If anything the left is trying to tell women what to do with their bodies – murder your baby cause it’s all about you

  5. All of you who are pro life better be vegetarians too or is a fetus who doesn’t even have a fully functioning brain or any type of consciousness more important than a fully conscious living animal? Haven’t we seen from history what banning abortion does it doesn’t work!

  6. What delusional warped reality are you living in where birth control and plan b are “abortifacients”??? Get a grip, lady.

  7. I'm so fucking sick of hearing these god hating conservatives pretend like they are anything but. They always focus on life in the womb, but ignore them as soon as they are born. They pay lip service to the sanctity of life, but their actions show everything but. SHUT THE HELL UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BODY. Or they should be forced to take in a minimum of 10 babies every 18 years. That way they dont have to suffer the loss of little babies and they get to express their unconditional love of life all at the same damn time.

  8. I honestly don’t care if your for Abortion or against, at the end of the day I could care less what u do with ur life; it doesn’t affect me or stop me from getting up and living my own life.

    Ex. Just because you believe women should have short hair doesn’t mean u have to enforce it; it doesn’t affect u personally so don’t pay it any mind. Let people make their own decisions and choices (if it’s a regret that’s on them)

  9. Why is Sally in on this discussion she has a brain of a moron she could care less about human life,if we all lived like her humans would end to exist

  10. you have womans rights lets have mens rights and let men decide what women are worth having,sounds alittle ignorant when you think about it,maybe Sally and Hogue would go for that

  11. What would be even more freighting if someone like HOGUE who wants to kill ,could make the choice of who lives and who dies,between her and Sally what an evil world we would have if it was up to people like them,both want to kill and one wants to stop haveing sex the way it was meant to be so we can have babys,both are sick females,Lila would be better to decide because she is for life,

  12. Sally Comb. This dude is way off! "Your right to NOT kill my baby restricts MY rights to kill my baby". B-o-o h-o-o! Yes, we're against killing of babies. So what that it has to grow inside you women? It can't grow in a bucket. You were born a carrier of babies, love yourself. Don't hate yourself and kill innocent lives because of your hate of womanhood!

  13. And what has LIla Rose done to improve the circumstances of these women. I have seen no policies that protect pregnant women from being discriminated? In fact, what I have seen is that so called pro life conservatives are pushing to have the ACA, which provides for free pregnancy prevention means, whether it's birth control pills, IUDs, Diaphragms, and even tubal ligations repealed. I see no policies that allows for affordable and accessible childcare. I also see that several republican led states have attempted to pass "bathroom bills" and other bills that define gender or make legal assumptions about gender, yet insist that a zygote, which is the phase of the first twelve weeks of gestation and does NOT have a GENDER, is a human baby. They want boys to be boys and girls to be girls and show skepticism with any other gender identity.

  14. Conservative women fighing for the life of innocent children gives me some faith in humanity until I hear a miserable, lonely hate filled progressive woman arguing that somehow murdering their own children empowers them. A small percentage of abortions are because of rape. Most are just screwed up women that don't want to take responsibility for their actions, yet if she has the baby then the man is responsible for child support.

  15. I love Lila Rose!!! So as a conservative I hate that pro choice advocates always say this is right vs. left. I got news for you, there are Democrats/liberals that are pro life. As I watch this, last week, governor of Lousiana John Bel Edwards(Democrat) signs pro life bill…….

  16. If you’re for pro life why r people allowed the right to have guns to kill or the death penalty. Maybe it’s just for the unborn.

  17. So now anti choice people want to stop birth control too? If you read the literature provided with your medication you are aware of the risks and can make your educated decision

  18. It just needs time and nourishment to grow= these cells require a host in order to develop to a point where the cells can survive without a host.

  19. The case Roe vs Wade truly made sense in 1973 when there was no support available to help those women got raped by strangers or family members. This explained why majority of Americans at the time ardently supported Roe vs Wade. However, things had changed gradually since science and technology stepped in to help. On August 24, 2009, approved by FDA, the emergency contraceptive pill (as known as the morning-after pill, which is NOT an abortion pill) was sold over the counter without prescriptions. Things then changed significantly when Democratic Governor of New York State – Andrew Cuomo lighted the One World Trade Center's Spire pink in early 2019, to celebrate his radical expansion of abortion with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi by passionately and enthusiastically legalizing the late term abortion law, which allows full term babies to be legally separated from their mothers' wombs and brutally murdered alive. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo's act in fact has seriously fueled the tension and turmoil of the abortion issues since then, which consequently led to anti-abortion laws in several states like Alabama. Many people are severely condemned or even put in jail for inhumanely and cruelly killing/hurting animals, and even killing baby animals is not the norm of our society, so the question is why it's ok to legally brutally kill helpless full term human babies ALIVE! Most surprisingly, nobody even opposed the Federal Animal Protection Laws known as Animal Welfare Act to protect animals. Why are many people challenging the laws that protect our full term babies? Is it Politics? Religion? Human rights? Or women’s rights? Did you know how they killed the full term babies under the late term abortion law? People nowadays most often talked how bad it was to separate illegal immigrant children from their parents at the border, but none even mentioned the brutal separation of full term babies from their mother wombs through abortions in America. After pulling those tiny babies alive out of their mothers' wombs, they twisted the babies' heads off, they stabbed the helpless babies through their stomachs, and they snipped the spinal cords of the innocent tiny babies until no sign of movement of the babies was clearly observed! The saddest part is that many of those babies used their tiny hands to hold the fingers of those who separated them from their mothers' wombs; it seemed those helpless babies were begging for their lives. We all deserve to live, so do those tiny babies who don’t have a voice for themselves. Many asked what about pregnancies that are the result of rape or incest! Unlike the "medieval times” when Roe v Wade ruled, our society nowadays with the help of technology and science, offers myriad ways to successfully help prevent pregnancies from happening in the first place. The over-the-counter morning-after pill (or Plan B pill), which is not an abortion pill, is effective even up to 3 days, but most effective if taken within 12 hours! Eventually, it's not about religion, it's not about politics, human rights or even women's rights. It's all about morality and responsibility, which made us human beings unique. Things happen unexpectedly, but there's always a way out. There's no valid excuse for murder, especially murder of the helpless full term babies alive.

  20. Lila Rose Is young and have no idea whats going on with her privilage ass! She is not intelligent nor understand what the fuck is really going on! Hope no one rape your ass, since you like carrying rapist babies. Fetal matter does not have a human right!


  22. Pro choice huh?well I guess I have a choice legally to shove a sawed off shotgun down your throat and blow your brains out lol

  23. Don't you feel that your EXTREME positions are forcing women toward more dangerous options?

    And killing a baby isn't extreme?

    Which ever side you fall, it's extreme.

  24. To the men in the comments section. Imagine this…..your 14 year old daughter gets raped. You are ardently pro-life and tell her to keep the baby. The rapist doesn’t get charged because your daughter was at a party and someone spiked her drink and her memory is hazy. The erstwhile ‘father’ now has parental rights. He’s the biological father and wants access. What do you do? Perhaps invite him over for Sunday lunch? When the child grows to love him, not knowing the circumstances of his birth, do you wreck his innocence because in your mind he’s a rapist and your daughter is struggling with her mental health because has to live the real world consequences of the decision she was pushed to make because of your beliefs? Please tell me you’d be accepting and tolerant because I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.

  25. The GOP keep stating that the pregnancy has to be carried to full term. That the unborn child is so important to them.( bullshit) The truth is that the only reason the Republicans keep fighting abortion is because they believe that it will help keep them in power. The truth of the matter is that the Republicans don't really care about the unborn child. Because everytime they fight abortion they are also fighting every government agency that would help the woman bring the baby to term such as medical insurance, government Aid and finance, maternity leave, child care assistance. Food stamps. Or any organization that helps the baby once it's born or the mother while she's pregnant. In all honesty if you were that worried about the unborn child you'd be a hundred times more worried about the child once it's born. But the Republican Party only uses it for a political platform they spend as much time Cudi benefits for parents after the child is born as they do fighting a abortion. I honestly if the Republican Party who believes that it's religiously-based that you shouldn't have abortion I know she says they believe that which they don't then you should make every allowance at every means to help take care of that baby medical and food at Healthcare at everything after the kid is born and while the mother is pregnant but instead they spend time cutting those but it fits and fighting abortion at the same time so they don't care about abortion they care about political power.

  26. "I'm surprised you didn't through global warming in there." That was pure gold. I can't talk stop laughing.

  27. Also men are to blame for the sperm give the women that's why abortions bette not give them sperm to women but they like to feel feel to not give sperm to women inside in them no!!! Abortion no no no aborton no abortion no no !!!!!!! Pass the word around the whole world please!!!!!

  28. We need more sex education so that women don't get pregnant as often? Is anyone so ignorant that they got pregnant and they weren't sure how? If so, they'll never figure out abortion anyway.

  29. Hey Lila…just answer the damn question!!!
    Also, let's say today abortion becomes illegal. All these babies are now being born. So, there will now be a minimum living wage, right? 100% safe and effective birth control will be created, right? Better and affordable daycare options, right? 100% (everybody covered) and affordable medical insurance, right? Instead of cutting education, more funds will be put into education/schools, right? 100% healthy school lunch options, right? Affordable and college or trade school for all, right?
    There's WAY MORE to take care of BEFORE we address zero or very limited abortion options.
    Why do these people that are anti-abortion only care about life from conception to birth, then after that, oh well? It just seems like that to me.
    Lila, what's insulting is that you think it's ok to force someone to carry a child to term after they are raped?! OMG

  30. Man people really out there telling us how to live. Its a woman's choice to decide if she wants to abort or not, not yours Lila. if she wants to abort the baby is her choice. they keeps saying murder is murder but we kill animals everyday, what about that. what about the children living unhappy in foster care, what about the children dying from starvation in poor countries why don't they do something against that.

  31. Bible aside. If a fetus can be legally a victim of a crime, why is it any different when a woman wants to abort? I feel for rape cases and frankly feel like it’s none of my business what they decide to do since I wasn’t the one that got raped and I don’t know how it feels. There are many exceptions out there. But most of the people that I know that want to abort were having sex without the intent to have a baby. WTF did you think was going to happen? This is all a product of people wanting to have their cake and eat too. If you have sex, you can get pregnant. What is so hard to understand about sex equals possible pregnancy. I don’t even know what side I’m on frankly, but stfu about how you can choose whatever you want with your body. You also chose to have sex, why didn’t you choose to take the precautions to not get pregnant?

  32. Good. Self-abort. That’ll fix everything. A) If they fail, they actually die, therefore dropping them out of evolutionary chain (as proposed by Darwinism). B) If they succeed, they have to feel the pain of the experience, clean the blood, dispose of the fetus. If they can’t handle doing that, perhaps they’ll take a moment to think about whether or not they should. C) They will truly understand what they’ve done and live with it. Forever.

    I’m angry. Sorry. I don’t want anyone to die, but that’s kind of why I’m upset.

    13:58 Oh, come on. The mortality rate? Trying to get the ratio of deaths involved? Is this… is this real life?

    “What you are saying is women (blah blah blah) don’t matter.” How myopic. Just because women have children doesn’t mean its suddenly a feminist cultural thing. We’d be getting along fine as a species if it weren’t for this $hit. What happened to families? Hmmm…

    Wait. Shouldn’t we pick our battles, here? Preventing a life isn’t the same as taking one. I don’t see what’s wrong with birth control.

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