21 Replies to “Lila Rose SHREDS abortion defender: "Abortion is the number one killer of black people today"”

  1. Ginsberg is already dead. She just sits there because she is too stupid to fall out of her chair…

  2. If anyone owes a debt of responsibility to the child born to a mother prevented from aborting that child. it is the people who actively participated in the break-up generally of the family unit, and, the devaluation of fatherhood in family life. Is someone who saves another's life, the custodian of that life? If yes, then by Mr. Fowler's own bent rationalizations, the life saver may decide to have the child adopted by more responsible parents. As he well knows, the list of worthy parents eager to adopt a newborn of any race or background is a very long one indeed. Fowler's attempt at a species of moral extortion over the act of preventing a murder is the worst justification imaginable.

  3. The left and democrats still want there to be no consequences for freedom to have sex whenever and with whomever you want. It's the message of the drug-filled 60s, and the left will defend it to the death (no pun intended. They're introducing sex education to kindergarten children. Why does a 5-year old need sex education? Maybe to eventually introduce pedophilia. They already want to decriminalize that.

  4. You know, I’m not a fan of fowler and I think gives very hollow and skeptical views when they put him on, but that has to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard him say. ‘Roe v. Wade makes women as equal a citizen as a man’? Does he actually believe that?

    Seriously, I’ve held some stupid views in my life, I’ve never thought that pre-birth murder made women and men equal.

  5. Pro abortionist always claim a woman owns her body & can do with it what she wants but until she can control her next heartbeat or breath it’s not her body!!! We’re created by God & only He controls all life!!! Even the innocent baby belongs to God & it’s nothing but murder if it’s aborted!!! Hands that shed innocent blood will pay a horrendous price one day if there’s no repentance. God save the children 🙏🏽

  6. Just like Leftist to change the focus when he's not getting his way.
    Health care and education aren't available if you've already killed the baby.

  7. Oh yeah blacks have access to public education and public healthcare! Just like any other American ciitizen! Allow me to be very clear!

  8. Why dosen't anyone expect the movement on cancer to be concerned with diabetes? ohhh yes because their focused on cancer! So why does the pro life have to fix all of societies ills when their focus is abortion?… this is a fallacious talking point.

  9. Amazing Richard a black guy wants to see black babies murdered. I'm a white guy and I don't want to see black babies murdered. Every babies life is precious no matter what color, or what gender, or what nationality. What's next murdering old people? It's okay because you talked it over with your doctor "bullshit."

  10. The argument that Richard is living on, that the pro-life community isn't doing anything or isn't doing enough after the baby is born is first blatantly false. Most programs supporting those in poverty, adoption, healthcare, education, etc. are initiated and operated by conservatives (usually religious). But, more importantly, the argument is a red herring. It's completely irrelevant in the abortion debate. There are only two questions of relevance. 1. Is the baby a person? (A question which is biologically and medically pretty well settled.) And 2. Is it okay for a person to kill an innocent person for any (or no) reason?

  11. Can we just take a moment and appreciate this comment section?

    Very sincere applause to all my fellow pro-lifers! You all are beautifully amazing! Kudos ❤❤

  12. Richard couldn't debate if his life depended on it, he's to emotional and doesn't listen to the other point of view.

  13. The proabortionist there denies approving of abortion on demand and then says that abortion is between a woman and her doctor. These people are so disgustingly hypocritical.

  14. DEMON-RATS CHANT….NO UTERUS…NO OPINION. So shut up Richard. Would you want your child murdered by a woman you had sex with?? I guess you should NEVER reproduce. Young girls make HUGE mistakes having abortions and then suffer from that choice mentally and sometimes physically for the rest of their lives. Many are pushed into it by the MEN who get them pregnant

  15. The "right to choose" happens when you choose to have sex or not. It does not extend to choosing to murder your child afterwards because you were irresponsible and had a natural consequence of making the choice to have sex. Choices have consequences. A pregnancy is a consequence of sex. If you aren't ready for the consequences, make better choices.
    It is NOT a woman's body. It is the body of her offspring. She had full bodily autonomy to choose not have sex in the first place and not place herself in a position of getting pregnant with another human being. Once she gave up that autonomy by choosing to have sex, she gave up the right to murder the unborn child she now carries because it is NOT her body. It is a separate body with unique DNA, fingerprints and a heartbeat. Not your body, not your choice.
    There are more than an adequate number of birth control options available to circumvent pregnancy. However, making the choice to have sex is to make the choice to accept the responsibility of your actions.
    Life begins at conception as science has proven. Life is protected under the Constitution. Therefore, LIFE is a Constitutional right these women are keeping from another human being.

  16. Some people are just stuck on stupid and that is why when I am confronted with these people I tune them out and completely ignore them. The guy will never get past stupid.

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