Lila Rose speaks at Young America’s Foundation 2019

It’s so good to be with you. I flew in
yesterday from California NE Californians have you been to the
Ragan ranch beautiful and I hear there’s some Irish here where the Irish
wonderful you guys are such an example your fight for life in Ireland thank you
you have inspired me for the last 15 years so thank you keep it up we need
you we need you okay and then are there any Virginia or Washington dc-based
students here all right props thanks for having me in your home thanks for having
me here I’m really excited about this morning because this is I believe the
greatest cause of our day the cause and the fight for life the fight for the
first human right which is life and I am privileged to get to lead live action
and I’ve got a great team back here Allison and Devin I think is somewhere
in the back and we get to lead the largest following online for the
pro-life movement so there it’s millions of people and there are millions of
people in our country who are pro-life in fact more people identify as pro-life
than pro-choice in America today according to Gallup and you know okay who watch the
democratic debate last night or the night before all right I’m sorry
I’m sorry you sat through that I was on the plane and I was like bouncing the
livestream but I was watching it and of course they eventually talked about
abortion they hardly talked about it in the night before which was really
disappointing but as you probably noticed every single Democratic
candidate running for president of the United States is not only out of touch
with the vast majority of Americans on abortion but they are right in line with
the most extreme position you could possibly have abortion up until birth
for any reason funded by the taxpayer that’s what we’re up against that’s the
political situation in our country today that that is the position at every
single candidate on that stage I’m like come on gang gang why why and he sat
down with Dave Rubin did anybody see that Dave Rubin interviewed Andrea gang
it was like you seem a little bit open-minded can’t you just be a little
bit teeny bit open-minded on abortion and no I go to his website and it’s the
same as every other candidate or Tulsi Gabbard I’m like come on you seem a
little bit open-minded you seem like you’re willing to buck the Orthodox the
Democratic orthodoxy but no abortion on demand for any reason so this is a
serious thing this is not just another issue amongst the you know tons of other
political issues that we care about and we should care we should care it’s
conservatives our country the very fiber of who we are as Americans what it means
to be American the values that we hold dear a lot of these things are under
attack that is the reality today but the reason I’ve dedicated my life to the
pro-life cause specifically when there are a lot of other causes and a lot of
other issues is because of this fact that if we don’t have the right to life
if we don’t have the right to live if we don’t make it to be born if we don’t get
that gift of our first birthday then all those other rights all those other
constitutional rights that we’ve been promised that we’re privileged with that
our country was founded on none of them matter none of them matter none of them
can be enjoyed and it’s not just the right to life for
us and that fight that we’re fighting from the moment of our beginning from
the moment of our conception or fertilization but it’s the fact that the
children the little ones the babies the the least of these the most vulnerable
those are the ones that are the most in danger and one more thing on the
Democrats and then I’ll stop being so partisan the Democrats are always
talking about the little guy have you noticed that it’s always about the poor
and the those in lower socioeconomic classes and the minority and those that
are disenfranchised and those that are in need of help I mean have you noticed
that right it’s all about like we care you’ve heard the phrase the bleeding
heart liberal we care well it’s like okay let’s care I agree by the way I
agree with caring absolutely I’m a Christian I care for the least of these
it’s what Jesus Christ asks of us that we see and love the least of these as if
we’re loving him himself he says whatever you do for the least of these
you do it for me and whatever you don’t do for the least of these you don’t do
it for me he’s very strong in his words about how we’re gonna treat those are
the most vulnerable but how can we see the most vulnerable not just as this
this inconvenience a child as an inconvenience but see them as somebody
that we the strong person the adult in the room the grown-up the one who is
alive has the right to kill how twisted and how perverted how distorted and
that’s why I’ve given my life to this cause and the team I’m working with and
many of you raise your hand if you’re involved in any pro-life work on campus
can we just clap for you guys thank you thank you and hey everybody else you can join the
pro-life Club I’m yeah that’s very pro-life so that’s kind of like being in
a purlin Club I’ll get I’ll give you a fat thank you yeah you’re very very
pro-life but what I want to do what I want to do this morning is I want to
first share the pro-life case point-blank why this is the case the
case for life why it is the truth why it is I believe the most compelling case
for human rights in our country today and why we should all be equipped to
make it then I want to share about empowerment versus real empowerment
versus false empowerment because these words about freedom empowerment are
thrown around right reproductive choice justice reproductive freedom you heard
in the democratic debate the last time Julian Castro saying we don’t just need
reproductive freedom we need reproductive justice
you probably heard do you remember guys you remember me laughs like wow what
does that even mean I mean when you’re pregnant reproduction has already taken
place you are already pregnant you are there’s
already a child there’s reproduction has already taken place abortion is not a
parenting decision that you then get to make abortion is a life-or-death
decision that no parent gets to make because there’s a human life involved
but I want to talk about this idea of true empowerment versus false
empowerment and then leave you guys with some I hope tools or tips for how we can
all be a part of this great cause for life and what we can all do together
because this is not just a cause for the pro-life clubs on campus or for myself
or for the Irish activists or for the folks who are in it this is a cause for
all of us every conservative this is a fundamental plank of what it means I
think to be American and so it’s up to all of us to do something about it
so I want to start I was actually at UCLA giving a similar presentation about
what why abortion is wrong why abortion is not just morally wrong but why it’s
indefensible why you can’t defend abortion and I want to present you guys
and this is I think the fundamental nutshell case for the pro-life movement
so this is a piece of what we call pro-life apologetics and I think it’s so
important that we’re all equipped to share this because we’re gonna have
conversations we’re gonna have conversations with other folks on campus
we’re gonna have conversations with friends with family we’re gonna have
conversate on social media and we need to be
prepared to present a compelling pro-life case the the compassion the
justice these things are on our side we need to be prepared to present it so I’m
going to present you a very simple logical syllogism first of all and I
hope you all agree with this first statement it is wrong it is always wrong
to intentionally take an innocent life do we agree all right it’s always wrong
to intentionally take it innocent human life okay the second one is the one that
gets controversial for some people which I don’t think it should be and I’ll
explain in a moment abortion intentionally takes an innocent
human life abortion intentionally we know that we know that abortion
intentionally takes an innocent human life and then the last the conclusion of
these two premises in this logical syllogism is therefore abortion is
always wrong if it is always wrong to intentionally take an innocent human
life an abortion intentionally takes an innocent human life then it’s always
wrong abortion is always wrong so what’s the controversial none of that should be
controversial by the way but in our country today because of lies because of
agendas because of a very dark history of eugenics in our country so Margaret
Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood which became the biggest abortion
advocacy group in our country and is now the biggest abortion chain in our
country they killed nine hundred children every single day every single
one with a beating heart up until 24 weeks six months when the baby some of
them are old enough to survive outside the womb that’s a third of abortions in
this country and they’re advocating every day for the right to kill babies
that are full-term babies for the sake of sex selection if the mother says I
just want a boy I don’t want a girl and sadly this happens not just in India and
China but it happens all over the world and in our country then it should be
totally legal and acceptable and by the way Planned Parenthood advocates for the
right of the abortion industry to not be regulated it’s kind of funny that the
the left is very Pro regulation right they want to regulate businesses
basically to death I mean Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are basically
waging a war in corporate America let’s regulate them to death or you know
they’re just destroying America but the abortion is if you’re an abortion if
you’re in the abortion business mmm we’re not going to even look at your
paperwork you are allowed to have your facility however you want it and that’s
how we get things like Kermit Gosnell does anybody remember Kermit Gosnell he
was the late term abortion in Philadelphia that was running a chop
shop with blood on the walls and baby parts in the refrigerator of his
abortion facility horrific killing women giving out antibiotics with zero
training butchering women in the process and killing born alive infants really
heartbreaking if you read the grand jury trial after 17 years they didn’t even
touch his clinic we investigate tanning salons and dental clinics and tattoo
parlors far more than we investigate or regulate the abortion industry in
America and after 17 years they finally investigated they did a raid after
getting a ton of tips women dying there and they discovered that he was
committing infanticide and to this day he’s the only u.s. abortionist in recent
history that has been convicted for murder but it was only because of the
murders of the babies that had just barely left their mother’s body so they
had just been born and then he killed them he massacred them I mean it’s
really horrific if you read about the grand jury trial their report and what
happened to these babies but that was what he got they got him for that’s what
they got him for he killed that infant seconds earlier when he or she that
little boy or girl was in his or her mother’s body then it would have been
totally fine totally legal no problem mr. Vaz now you are dr. Bosman and you
were deserve all the respect of the medical profession you were practicing
as a doctor to help in women’s health care but because he killed those
children and they could document it because they could see that the babies
had taken their first breath after they did autopsies because they’ve
documented that this baby these babies had died after they had been born they’d
been slaughtered after birth all of a sudden dr. Gause now this woman’s rights
advocate and health practitioner was now a convicted serial killer a murderer so
Planned Parenthood is behind the lack of regulation the complete lawlessness of
the abortion industry and Lobby in our country today this is a plan and a plot
and they have worked hard they have worked so hard and they have a lot of
friends in media they have a lot of friends in politics they have a lot of
friends at universities I don’t know about you I went to UCLA my school the
students will pretty open-minded on abortion a lot of them there was a small
vocal pro-abortion crowd you know that was very hostile then there were a lot
of probably students and then there were students who kind of like mmm I mean
maybe I’m personally pro-life they were open there at least open to having the
conversation but the faculty was hardcore pro-abortion have you noticed
that your schools is your faculty I mean I don’t know we might have some
Christian schools here conservative schools but if you’re at a more
mainstream school or public university often the faculty in the administration
is very hardcore proportion an entertainment media is very pro-abortion
today the whole Democratic Party very pro-abortion and soul eyes have been
told how is it that abortion intentionally takes an innocent human
life that that has been so not only misunderstood but completely disagreed
with by so many people they think abortion is actually a positive thing
it’s because of years and years and years of misinformation of really
marketing lies to cover up what abortion actually is and instead to call it
something positive that takes work so in way I respect the incredible work that
even though more Americans are pro-life and pro-choice today that there are so
many pro-choice Americans or they think that they’re pro-choice because it takes
work to take something so ugly and so painful and so dark that doesn’t empower
a woman the turns a woman against her own flesh and
blood that hurts women hurts families to take something so dark and turn it into
something so positive so how do we know that abortion takes an innocent human
life let’s walk through it really briefly first of all is that human in
the womb is that thing in the womb the fetus or the embryo or the zygote or the
blastocyst or whatever stage of development you want to name that child
at that thing at is that it’s a human well first of all we pretty much know
perfect they are of human species right I mean I don’t know about you but I’ve
never heard of a human father and human mother
creating a nonhuman species have you I mean I don’t know what climate schools
you go to and what they teach in your your biology classes but at least the
biology class I took in high school you have human parents and you get human
children correct we all agree okay let me read something to you guys from Peter
Singer has anyone heard of Peter Singer all right Princeton University people
have so Peters think who’s Peter Singer he’s an ethicist he’s you got it that’s
cool you think you know what you’re talking about over here he is an
ethicist who is pro infanticide I don’t call that an ethicist I call that a
crazy person but anyways he’s Pro infanticide so he’s very smart works at
Princeton is a philosopher and ethicist he’s pro-choice he’s so pro choice he
thinks infanticide is okay which by the way a lot of Democrats dick politicians
are effectively supporting infanticide you may have seen the governor of
Virginia say we should make the baby comfortable yes just be disgusting so
this is not unfortunately as crazy as Peter Singer should be because more and
more people you accept abortion you accept killing the baby before birth
what’s the difference eight inches of birth canal
why give the baby rights after birth that’s the question mark not now people
are even beginning to debate it’s disgusting
but anyways Peter Singer says this is really important this this guy is
basically saying what all the embryologists with all the the human
biologists have said for years you open any human biology
textbook and you’re gonna get this what he’s about to say he says there is no
doubt from the first moments of its existence an embryo an embryo conceived
from human sperm and eggs is in fact a human being he’s basically saying there
is no doubt that this it in the womb is a human being we know it’s a human being
human parents individual unique just needs time and nourishment to grow and
yes does he or she as a single cell Saigo look different than you or me
today yes right now let’s acknowledge that we look different at different
stages of development I mean a newborn baby has a head almost as big as his or
her body think about it I mean you look pretty adorably funny when you were a
newborn but you’re just as much human I’m very proud to say and happy that I’m
pregnant right now 19 you’re all invited to my baby shower in
California I’m also married that did happen first married and pregnant I’m a
great husband but my baby at 19 weeks doesn’t suddenly become a baby when
abortion is illegal Vaughn that baby in my state my baby at 19 weeks is just as
much a human being as he or she was at the moment of their fertilization the
moment they became that single-cell zygote that was unique an individual
human life complete DNA code and they were just as much a human being a few
weeks later when their little heart started beating at three-and-a-half
weeks and they were just as much as human being a few weeks after that when
their their first brain wave started to fire they were just as much a human
being at every single moment of their existence and I will fight for this
child’s right to live just like every other child’s right to live I feel good fighting with you guys
fighting together it is clear it is crystal clear that abortion takes the
life of innocent human being and it is crystal clear that we cannot accept it
that we have to reject it and that’s why I am so excited about transforming our
country our culture the minds of an art of art of our peers of Millennials and
Gen Z on this issue by simply telling them the truth simply telling them the
truth and being willing to engage respectfully I told you I wanted to talk
about true and false empowerment what I want to say about this is very important
because there is a lie today that women are benefited by abortion you’ve
probably heard this right that’s the whole pro-choice argument the whole
pro-choice argument is that women need abortion to be empowered because our
bodies should not have to be taken hostage by this new life what we forget
is that everybody begins their life this way everybody begins their life in
someone some needs to have a mother or father everybody begins their life
fragile and and weak and vulnerable that this is natural and that when a woman
becomes pregnant there’s not just her body involved but there’s another body
involved and that’s not a bad thing I think it’s essential that is part of our
pro-life fight that we also fight for mothers and that we fight for fathers
and that we say that to kill a child is not empowerment but instead to love and
to not just say to a mother to love your child as empowerment but to come
alongside her and to say I will help you love I will help you care I will help
you in what you are doing that that is true lifting up of one another that’s
what is at the heart of the pro-life movement is service and love for each
other true empowerment is never found on stepping on the bodies of others to get
higher to go higher that’s not true empowerment our country was founded on
service think about it the reason we have the empowerment of today which you
could say the opportunities the possibilities the prosperity of today we
are at universities or we can graduate we can get
so we can run for office we can start a business all of these amazing freedoms
and liberties that we have we have the freedom to speak the freedom to worship
the freedom to assembly the reason we have these amazing blessings is because
somebody served right because somebody served and some people even died for
these liberties service and it’s at the core of what it means to be American and
it’s at the core of what it means to be human being a parent being a mother
being a father I would even say that as people we don’t fully mature until we
live out some kind of motherhood or fatherhood what I mean by that is not
necessarily biological because not all of us in this room are going to get
married not all of us are called to get married some of us we may marry and not
be able to have children or conceived naturally but we’re all called to some
kind of motherhood or fatherhood some kind of self gift some kind of
mentorship some kind of spiritual coming alongside someone to help them grow as
we were once helped to grow that’s us passing on the gift of the service that
we were given by whether it was our parents or maybe our parents it wasn’t
so good you know maybe our parents were amazing maybe it wasn’t so good but
somebody came alongside us and helped us grow and that’s our true sign of
maturity do we then serve do we then turn around to lift others up false
empowerment dehumanizes the other it says you don’t matter it steps on the
bodies of others to get better to go higher true empowerment says I have been
served I have been loved I have been blessed and so I want to turn around and
do that in response even if it means sacrifice even if it means having to
give up having to give up some maybe opportunities or having to struggle or
work hard even if it means having to sacrifice it’s worth it that’s at the
heart of not just what it means to be American but what it means I think to be
human and to be fully alive as a human this is why rights are not just
important but responsibilities are important they teach us to become mature
to be in noble to have nobility they teach us what love is and love what is
life without love what is life without loving others and experiencing love in
return I want to finish with three things that I think we can all do tools
and I guess you could say admonishments for all of us in this fight for life and
then I’d love to hear questions if you got them number one we all need to be
100% pro-life no exceptions and be proud of it this is no time in a country where you
have an entire political party vying for the most powerful seat not only in our
nation but in the world who wants not only abortion through all nine months
but potentially to let the infant die if it’s the mother’s choice after birth as
governor Northam has said when we’re dealing with the extremism with the
complete reckless regard disregard for human life our 100% pro-life position is
essential it’s essential that we say no exceptions it is always wrong to
intentionally take the life of an innocent human being and our medical
system can care for both we know that because in Ireland they cared for both
for dozens of years until activists from across the world came in and tried to
rip and did rip pro-life from the constant Irish Constitution which was I
know a dark day that you guys just endured but keep fighting because it
will come around it will come around but we can love them both in fact the Dublin
declaration a thousand medical professionals in Ireland in the United
States across the world have said abortion is not medically necessary and
let me explain that really quick because this is one of the biggest lies that the
media tells it is one of the biggest lies and it’s this fear-mongering
that makes good people think oh I guess I have to be pro-choice oh I guess I’m
only personally pro-life I can’t be really a hundred percent because there’s
some cases where abortions necessary okay well I want to be a good person I
guess that’s what I have to believe no let me explain if you talk to a doctor
who is not indoctrinated by leftist talking points or the fact that they
were forced to perform abortions in medical school about what it actually
means to care for a pregnant mother you will discover that abortion which is
defined as the direct and intentional killing of an embryo a fetus a baby in
the womb is not a medical treatment and what I mean to say then is that when you
are treating a mother who has a high-risk pregnancy who has
complications going in there to directly kill that
child is not going to in any way solve her problems help her he’ll be a
treatment for what she’s experiencing now you could perhaps do an early
delivery if she’s experiencing preeclampsia or she has a very severe
condition that you need to deliver that baby early but in that situation you
don’t go in there with a needle or forceps to destroy that baby before
birth you give that baby a fighting chance and that is not abortion so do not do not let them lie to you
they will they are lying to the country do not let them lie the abortion is not
medical necessarily necessary the direct and intentional killing of a child in
the womb is not medically necessary it never has been it never will be
early delivery removing an ectopic pregnancy that’s when the babies in the
fallopian tube and they are gonna die because you can’t grow there and the
mother might die because that could rupture removing that child is not to
intentionally kill that child that’s not an abortion procedure that’s a medical
procedure because that babies in a hostile environment and that mother’s
life is in danger and I wish we had the medical technology to still save that
baby’s life but that is not an abortion you will always know an abortion by this
it is the direct and intentional destruction of an innocent human life
that is abortion and that is what we are fighting so let’s be 100% pro-life
number two we cannot be afraid to speak out on this listen they want to silence
us they want to say that we are crazy they want to say that we’re against
women they want to say that we’re bigots yes I’m against women very much so
clearly they want to say anything to make us shut up right but we have to
speak and be bold when we speak and be educated when we speak there’s a lot of
great resources on live actions website there’s a lot of great resources for the
pro-life that the product movement has to equip us but let’s be prepared and
never be afraid to speak it is amazing to me how many people are afraid to say
something because of their jobs their careers I mean I was just talking to a
med student recently who was gonna be asked to commit an abortion and he was
he was like I might lose my career I might lose this but he wasn’t gonna do
it because he’s pro-life he can’t do it but this fear because we’re afraid of
opportunities to a career were afraid of what people may think of us were afraid
that we will make people uncomfortable some of these things yes we might end up
making some people uncomfortable yes there might be career challenges yes
there could be challenges but also when we speak it is incredible to courage
then we give other people to believe what we believe
to finally be open-minded again and to think independently and not just with
the rest of the classroom or the school or the media or the political structure
Thanks when we have the courage to speak we
give other people courage even if they’re quiet themselves at first we
grow the courage and others it’s our responsibility I think when we’re given
the truth to then not be afraid to speak in the truth is a gift
and when we’re not afraid to speak it we help set other people free with that
same truth so we can’t be afraid to speak and the last thing I want to say
as I think it is so important for us as conservatives as Americans as human
beings as whatever your political party is actually if you’re a liberal here
welcome I don’t know if there are any but welcome thank you for being here it
doesn’t matter what your labels are at the end of the day I think what is
essential for all of us is that we change profoundly the way we look at
family life motherhood and fatherhood and children now you might be listen to
this and beat and think wow well I mean sure I guess I’m pro-life I’m against
abortion but it’s bigger than that it’s how we think about people who have kids
it’s how we think about that baby who’s crying on an airplane hey that could
have been you it probably was you at one point it’s how we think about marriage
by the way guys marriage is phenomenal I am so happy I married I like the guy standing for that that’s
good you’re gonna make good husbands one day that’s great marriage is awesome
it’s the way we think about sexuality and sex it’s the way that we take it
seriously as a responsibility as much as a gift and an amazing beautiful thing
it’s the way we look at each other we need to step up we need to see family
life marriage children as beautiful things that are foundational to to our
society we can’t exist without children children are the future we certainly
can’t exist without family and we should be dedicated you know we all come from
different families we all have dysfunction in our families we all have
blessings and our families some different very different than others but
I think part of again maturing and growing part of really living the truly
pro-life ethic is reading the book of our own lives our own childhoods is
coming to understand okay what does it really mean to be a mother or a father
what did my mother my father do right what did they maybe do wrong and what
was maybe missing in my childhood in the childhood of my siblings if I have
siblings what can I do better maybe if I’m blessed with the opportunity to be a
parent or do better and just how I treat others in the future and how has it
impacted me in the way that I see the world see other people see God these are
the kinds of questions and the kinds of journeys that people who want to mature
that want to be noble that want to be the people they were created to be this
is the kind of journey that we have to go through and I think it’s fundamental
to truly being human to being fully alive and I think fundamental to
preserving the beautiful values and the freedoms that we enjoy in our country so
we change our attitude and we change really we shift and we continue to focus
the lens of our life and how we live and what we’re living for because at the end
of the day the pro-life movement all of this is about loving others and
experiencing the love the love of God and the love that is all throughout our
world that’s at the heart of it all that is at the heart of our country and that
is the way I believe we’re gonna transform this country we’re gonna
restore this country thank you all so very much and I love question and answers it’s my
favorite part I’ve heard myself speak before but I haven’t heard your
questions before all right how does this work do I like call on
people or where are the bosses all right you just start please go for it
hi my name is crystal Aras I love currently attend Cal State Chico
so I’m from else in California I’m originally from El Centro California so
it’s down this south so I’m 15 minutes away from the border and I personally
know some girls that I’ve had abortions but they came from Mexico so they
crossed here and I’ve been in a few discussions about abortion and I’ve
always had other people basically attack on me that I should like go be
pro-choice because of girls being raped from there or like have cost and and it
should be the best reason to get it so my question is how can I respond to
people who use rape as an exception thank you and it’s crystal there yes
thanks crystal that’s a really good question and it’s one that we need to be
prepared to answer rape sexual assault is horrific if anyone here knows or in
themselves as a survivor it is it is horrific and our response needs to
immediately be one of compassion and an eagerness to support and advocacy for
anybody who goes through that or who has been hurt in any way though if a woman
gets pregnant because of an act of violence whether it’s incest or rape
that is also again horrific that she went through that but now we’re dealing
with a scenario where there is a new innocent third party involved there is a
a child involved and the the penalty for that rape should be a hundred percent on
the rapist should be a hundred percent on the
abuser they need to be held fully accountable for their crime but we don’t
even give the death penalty to rapists in this country in fact it’s a
prohibited by federal law so why do we give the death penalty or
why would we give the death penalty to that innocent third party to that little
child in the womb and when you actually and when you actually unpack what a rape
survivor goes through and we’ve done the studies that we had the few studies we
have because here’s the thing abortion advocates say well because of rape we
need abortion to be legal right well rape incest life health of the mother
issues is less than 1% but they try to justify all the abortions with this
right we need abortion to be legal because of this but you actually talked
to women who have been survivors of rape we interview them all the time at live
action women who are survived and girls who are survivors of rape and survivors
of incest and they say that abortion for those that have abortions it didn’t help
them heal it wasn’t a path of healing for them it was a second act of violence
and trauma against them and it didn’t undo the rape abortion doesn’t unwrap
the woman it’s just more trauma and more violence and the women that have chosen
life after right they weren’t pressured a lot of the times rape survivors are
pressured it’s like duh have an abortion it’s like maybe that’s not the best path
for her either and those that have had and chosen life many of them say God
brought something beautiful out of something so dark and so ugly so I think
we need to change our paradigm on this respecting the right to live of the
child but also not seeing abortion as some sort of peeling arch orb or path to
freedom from trauma for the woman instead it can add more trauma to her I
think that’s the compassionate thing to do we have a bunch of videos at live-action
org about this topic by the way please check them out actual rape survivors
telling their stories about this thank you so much for coming out and for the
work you do my name is John but I’m asking this question on behalf of a my
chapter friend who’s a little bit shy but she wants to know so many pro-choice
pro-choice individuals make the claim that you can’t be pro death penalty and
be pro-life what’s your opinion on this and your name is done yes a
representative for the chapter great question so many people say you can’t
make the case that you are Pro death penalty but also pro-life is that’s the
question yes so first of all I’m gonna say I’m actually personally against the
death penalty the reason for that is because some innocent people are killed
by the death penalty and it’s actually more expensive so from a pragmatic level
matter it’s actually more expensive to do the death penalty in this country
because of the appeals process and there’s not a lot of great evidence that
it’s actually a deterrent and I think in our civilized country we don’t need to
be executing people if you live in a small tribe in Africa and you didn’t
have a good jail system maybe it would be okay then so that’s my opinion on the
matter that being said that being said if you support the death penalty you can
absolutely be pro-life okay so you can absolutely be against abortion abortion
intentionally takes the life of an innocent human being right and that’s
why we know it’s always wrong well the death penalty is designed to do what to
punish someone who is not an innocent human being
so there are fundamentally different questions they’re connected yes in the
sense that we’re it’s involved human life and life or death and that’s where
I can understand the argument that if you’re pro-life you should be
anti-death-penalty but I think you can absolutely be
anti-abortion and per life and also in support of the death penalty I don’t
think that those two go against each other because we’re dealing with
innocent human life and we’re dealing and and and and we’re children and we’re
dealing with the state and punishing guilty human life so that’s
my response to that that being said again I’m personally opposed to fit up
to the death penalty thank you thank you so much my name is Kirstie Lake and I’m
a student from BYU Idaho my husband and I have been married for a year and this
is actually a really personal topic thank you this is a really personal
topic for us because we recently had a miscarriage and we are pregnant again
and so this is something really weak not being said going to a religious private
school most people agree with us on being pro-life so my question is I have
an opinion I have a voice on this but I don’t know where to where to express
that because I’m in a community that mostly agrees with me so my question to
you would be where can I stand up how can I make a stand where I feel like
most people around me are standing with me here and it was piercing what was the
name you see here see nice and thank you and congratulations where do you excuse me where do you live
what state Rexburg Idaho Idaho so first of all I would say that there are
pro-life activities and communities and everything in every single state and
almost every single city in this country and there’s a lot of ways to get
involved in the pro-life movement there is 40 days for life if you are a person
of faith praying for an end to abortion keeping vigil outside of abortion
clinics there’s sidewalk counseling outside of
abortion clinics even if you have to drive to another city it’s worth it to
be out there to be out there as a sign of hope to women going in and girls
going in there’s getting involved in politics that doesn’t matter elections
have consequences there’s getting involved in education you might be at a
Christian school but a lot of Christians are not educated on abortion they are
not educated on abortion so giving a presentation on what abortion is I
didn’t show it today live action has a phenomenal series
called abortion procedures it actually shows through medical animations what
happens during these procedures we have ways to share
with classmates or with young people youth groups so making sure your church
and your school has actual education they’re not just oh pro-life I’m
pro-life but they’re actually educated on this because I’m pro-life people get
abortions because they’re not educated or they’re not prepared with the
knowledge and then supporting women in need in every community in America there
are women getting pregnant and they’re not they weren’t expecting it they’re
scared they’re feeling alone so finding ways to support those women a lot of the
ways to do that is through the local Pregnancy Center there’s a pregnancy
center in virtually every city in America if there isn’t one in your
community you could start one so those are just some ideas finally live action
has an online ambassadors program with ways to get involved in the online
community and sharing the truth through media and we’d love for you to join that
so those are some ideas thank you very much

27 Replies to “Lila Rose speaks at Young America’s Foundation 2019”

  1. God bless yo Lila Rose. Great work you are doing! Young people will end abortion. This generation will prevail. Love from Ireland.πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  2. Congratulations on your baby news Lila. God bless you, your husband and your beautiful baby. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  3. As a pro-life Democrat, I don't think I can vote for any of the democratic candidates. I really wish some of them would take a more nuanced approach, but with the way things are I cannot vote to allow the murder of children. I believe abortion is the most important political issue of our day, more important than all the others combined. I don't like Trump and am disturbed by his other policies, but as terrible as many of them are, they are not as terrible as the murder of a million preborn babies in America every year.

  4. Please dont poison your baby with vaccinations. 36 CDC vaccination doses by age 5. No "vitamin" k, shot, an no eye goop, and no heel prick, and absolutely no hepatitis B shot.

  5. First they wanted to take the father out of the home and put women on welfare. Now they are trying to take the fact that you should choose a career or whatever else over having a child. I thank God for Lila Rose. I would love to be just partly as brave as she is. Please pray for her and her growing family. I want to talk to my granddaughter and tell her (she is 10) that this woman would be a lovely roll model for anyone to look up to. I just hate to talk to her about abortion when she's so young. The sad thing is we are living in a time where, unfortunately, we have to tell young people about these things because the leftists are pushing it down our throats. It's a sad time for America. God will not be mocked. He is protecting the lives of those little ones.

  6. This is an incredible woman. It seems like conservatism makes women naturally more classy and beautiful, while progressivism makes them annoying and weird. I believe liberal women that still conserve some care about their beauty, are just not as ugly, because they didn't embrace this "liberalism" as a whole, but only specific parts of it. Actually if any person, including men, adopted all the liberal ideologies, it would be impossible for them not to look and sound weird and annoying.

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