Little Women Dallas – Caylea and Emily fight (S2E2)

Right there, there’s no flowers Turner I’ll take a picture. You’d lost and what’s that? It’s springtime right now in Texas so I decided to take a bud to the blue cottage to take pictures I asked Kaylie to come along so we can talk Hopefully the peaceful environment will help because the discussion could get heated Okay, you want to go up there and go take pictures of the flowers up there. Don’t drop it. Okay? I guess well She’s taking pictures. I guess I got I wanted to talk to you about the other night Not really like when you hit Amanda, but you know how I come here outside you tried to compare your situation With what I’ve been through. I really don’t think you understand the difference between the two I’ve been through a miscarriage I know what that is my son and losing him. It’s nowhere near comparable to a miscarriage I wasn’t like disrespecting like she would never just like say anything disrespectful towards you, but all they did you losing? Anybody’s yes, she has the courage to say it to me And I think I still understand why you did not want that pregnancy. No, I didn’t It’s like I don’t know you don’t understand Those types of experiences in life, but you shouldn’t be bringing up me losing my son Again I was just saying isn’t disrespectful like say anything in front of you that it would be disrespectful Because I thought but she won’t though. I’m so tired of everyone thinking that they can disrespect me I had a miscarriage and it was awful I don’t care. What anyone else says I still lost a child I would never say happens to anyone passing away I’m not saying it’s the same thing as JJ, but it’s similar You don’t know what I’ve been through you have no idea what you’ve been through the Because I lost my kid I lost my son my three-month-old son who had a name who I gave birth to Who I spent every single day of three months with I lost him He’s a person and you lost a pregnancy that you didn’t even want Gonna be you to speak on him is the most disrespectful in the entire world mm-hmm Yeah, I might have said you know said the wrong thing because I was mad at Amanda for saying such a terrible thing But, but what you are mad, that’s the same excuse Amanda just used I understand that But like someone’s telling somebody that Happens is a totally different thing to me at least I know what I went through and I know what happened so You clearly don’t like Comprehend the severity of what you’ve done You’re sitting here with a bitch you guys attitude not trying to sound like a bitch she has attitude But it’s just it’s just what I’m not being heartless you’re sitting you’re trying to make excuses Going on mean like that, but you know Like say sorry, but you just keep attacking me. It’s like cuz you don’t understand my son died I didn’t say they were the same dead you said I lost a child. No the mother you did it okay? Look what you want me to say. I can’t say anything else Diameters Emily stop walking no you cut me I didn’t say anything messed up. I wouldn’t really go Out I would deck you in your face I’ve been opening up to Kaylee about my son’s passing and she’s making it all about her if I don’t get the hell out of Here, I’m gonna do something that I regret hey. That’s here so I really have to keep it together I Don’t understand, but you keep attacking me, so how can I get attacked and apologize without? Getting bothered by it Just like you have emotions. I have emotions too Emily So in every respect well you what you think I’ll just respect will be with right now You attacking me on something that I went through that’s hard to you know Emily I’m done, but I’ve been facing I went

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  1. I don't think a lot of people in the comments understand what Emily has been through. She had to watch her baby die for three months. Caylea didn't have that same exact experience. I do agree they both lost a child however to watch one's child dying is entirely different.

  2. I don’t even watch these morons so no clue who anyone is or what their problems are, but to hear someone compare a miscarriage to losing a child, after it was born, is ridiculous.

  3. FUCK OFF EMILY!! How dare you tell a women the death of her child is invalid because she didn't want it. What a horrible horrible women.

  4. I understand a miscarriage yes it’s hard but what Emily went through is everyone who is a parent worse nightmare no it is not simpler your greaving a pregnancy not a child jj was here he had a name

  5. I had a miscarriage and it was 4 weeks big…this was 1 year after having my first son…..I can keep it real and say if I had lost my son at 3 months…its way diffrent than the miscarriage…its not the same because it's hard to get emotionally attached to an unborn baby…unless you found out it was a boy or girl and started buying stuff for it and thinking of names…then yes you are attached to some extent but if you dont even know the gender then no it's not as hurtfull….
    And especially if that girl Emily didnt even want the baby and she's saying she lost a baby…..that's just attention seeking…because it's not the same as actually meeting the person you made and creating a bond and feeding them and holding them and taking care if them……and then they pass away 3 months later….its just not the same ,as loosing a child,

  6. You guys are kind of slow. Kaylee lost a fetus she would not be able to take care of. Emily lost a child she let die for three months. No is not the same thing, but the whole time Kaylee was trying to apologize Emily kept jabbing and jabbing at Kaylee. Kaylee understands what she did was wrong, and Emily is sounding like she’s trying to make Kaylee feel her pain. But Kaylee can’t do anything else about it so she apologized and was trying to be sincere but Emily is ruthless so she couldn’t except it.

  7. She said she was done with the conversation but yet she was the one trying to keep Emily and she was the one who kept talking 💀😂

  8. Her losing her child is awful and its tragic. But saying someone else's pain aint nothing because of what happend to you isnt fair or right.

  9. I feel Emily went something more traumatic then Caylea. I do understand what Caylea went through was bad; but Emily’s was worse. Ps Eva is so adorable

  10. Loosing a pregnancy 🤰 that u don’t want is NOT THE FUCKIN SAME. Caeley having a miscarriage is not the same!!! Emily Gabe birth and held him, she had a bond with her son. And he lost his life

  11. Emily has been through so think that caylea is wrong because Emily baby she had to watch that caylea did not had to her baby dying for whole three months l am crying it hard for Emily

  12. Emily has a point because having a living child and a child that was not borth is different because Emily had to fight her baby life caylea did not want the baby

  13. I see where they both are coming from. It is most definatly not the same thing. And she tried to be and adult and tell her that it was hurting her and they clashed. They were both hurt.

  14. A miscarriage and a child that was born is way different miscarriages happens all the time and women don't even know it

  15. Look. Miscarriage is awful. But losing your child after giving birth is worse. I never went through losing a child but have suffered a miscarriage. Now, with my daughter, I couldn’t imagine losing her. I still mourn the loss of my pregnancy everyday. It was horrible. But I just can’t fathom losing my daughter. Completely different situations. And as a friend, to compare… that’s just wrong.

  16. Caylea was wrong for comparing the two but just because Emily’s situation was worse that doesn’t mean she has the right to downgrade cayleas situation. Yes Emily’s was worse because JJ was an actual baby but caylea still went through shit with that miscarriage. If someone told my sister “shit happens” about her miscarriage I’m fuckin em up so I see why caylea is fucked up over it.

  17. Emily had a miscarriage and lost her 3 month old son JJ. Yes she did come off as rude and selfish but, Caylea is the one who keeps bringing it up saying that it’s basically the same thing but it’s different. Yet she didn’t even want the baby, she still has the right to be upset.

  18. I feel like when she had the miscarriage she felt bad. You never know. She probably feels guilty for not wanting the baby and then the baby passes. I don’t think she meant it in a rude way. Emily is just too hurt to even talk about it because she was still hurt for her baby that passed as well. Yes, very different situations , but at the end of the day , both lost life.

  19. I get Emily. I don't like her, but I totally get her point. She delivered her kid, got to see his living body, got to see an actual face and hear his breathing. She had to watch him slowly die for months until he was gone. Caylea never even had a full grown fetus in her womb, so there IS a massive difference, especially since Caylea didn't even wanna be pregnant by Chase anyway!

  20. Emilys right cayle can’t compare herself to her ever different feeling a miscarriage is awful but loosing a baby after it’s born omg beyond horrible cayle can be a bit cold hearted at times

  21. I see where Emily is coming from and I understand Caylea. Emily lost a child not a fetus but caylea also lost something tht was a part of her and I think is was messed up tht Emily said she didn’t go through shit because she did but not worse than Emily. BUT caylea was saying that Amanda would never get mad at Emily and say “Oh I know your son died but shit happens” like she would never

  22. But I don’t like the fact that they are saying she didn’t want the baby 👶🏽🍼There are many women in this world who was gonna give their baby up for adoption but as soon as they saw it they decided to keep him/her that’s like telling tht woman .that’s any less of her baby because she didn’t want it

  23. Emily is a bully. She really thinks she’s the only one who is allowed to feel hurt about her kid. Yeah it’s sad but Caylea has a right to feel sad about her miscarriage too. Born or not, her child died inside of her before she got to meet him or her. Caylea shouldn’t have tried to compare the two situations yeah okay; but that doesn’t give Emily the right to just downright bully Caylea about it.

  24. But how the fuck can she tell her that her miscarriage don’t matter yes the fuck it does matter how would she feel if someone said that her son passing away didn’t matter I’m just saying

  25. It may be different but it's the exact same. Even though the baby wasn't fully developed, Caylea still lost a child.
    I think that's the part Emily don't understand.

  26. If life begins at conception; the loss is still the loss of a human being. Emily needs to see a therapist for her grief and loss issues.

  27. I don’t believe having a miscarriage is as bad as having a full grown baby, deliver it and everything and hold it, it look at you and then all of a sudden it passes away. I know a miscarriage is very sad and all but not the same. Emily had a right to be upset. Caylea is just ignorant when it comes to this situation…🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😢🙏🏻

  28. How come you guys d idnt just try to be there for each other and lift each other during your bad times instead of fighting?

  29. Caylea lost a baby. Her loss shouldn’t be discounted either. Of course it’s not the same thing but Emily took it to another level. Caylea should’ve apologized and left it at that.

  30. By Emily saying that cayelea didn't lose a child is messed up bc u can't say someone went thru less of pain just bc the baby wasn't born yet. And yea cayelea said she didn't want the baby, u never know if the baby would've changed her life for the better

  31. Caylea’s underbite is too much. I cringe every single time I have to watch her talk; it’s like listening to a bulldog…”woof, woof, woof”

  32. Yeah she definitley didn't have to even say anything about JJ. She could've kept her mouth closed on that one, emily has no right to say how caylea should feel and she needs to mind her business. Emily is a bully and i understand shes hurting and has alot of anger but stop being so heartless towards people!!

  33. Omg I hate Emily! Like stfu already dumb ass bitch. She thinks she is so bad! Her arm rolls freak me the fuck out 😂😂

  34. 3:32 she did lose a child a pregnancy is a child inside of you and she lost it 😒😒😒🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    2019 anyone

  35. At 6 weeks fetus isn’t a’s a fetus..I don’t think it even has legs at 6 weeks..I don’t like Emily but Caylea can stfu with her ugly ass mouth

  36. I swear to God Caylea is son of a bitch she is always talking about ppl's family members I mean get ur self together u don't know what Emily went through!!🤬

  37. You didn’t wanted the baby and you cried more when you realize that you were pregnant than when you found out you had a miscarriage, it’s not the same thing

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